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It’s cool walker I’m just profoundly burned out and everything is a facade, no one has any answers I’m exhausted and I truly am just struck dumb at the impasse of myself and the world I seriously don’t know what the fuck we are doing and yet we have all our creature comforts met I’m blaming myself but I’m also offering a warning for people which I think should be taken seriously. I’ve gained nothing from philosophy, critical theory, comparative religion, cybernetics, Marxism etc other than achieving a calculated distance from myself and others and learned how to take things apart and identify exploits in the world that I’m too ethical to employ myself yet I am locked in the sway of the zoo parade of exploited dopes everywhere I go and I just want some gawdamn rest and I don’t know where to get it. Idiots like aminom are fed by places like this and 4chan and telegram and it’s the net gain seems to be dissociation and now I feel deeply dissociated and I recognize it in most everyone around me but look at all the stuff we have and look how pretty and cool and free we are and so on. It’s just like being slapped in the face I guess. To realize that I’ve gained nothing of value from any of it not just this subreddit the entire so called knowledge economy. It’s all atomistic isolation and narcissism and mania. Anyways peace I’m tired I’m just burned out on all of it. Telegram too. For a long time I thought I was going somewhere getting something done and I didn’t. People like aminom creep me out and places like this are not necessarily part of the problem it’s just that the mania and schizo stuff gets to me. Mostly Becuase at one point I thought I had answers to those issues for myself and by extension for others I don’t. I wasted my time I think. I could’ve done something else. I’m not claiming superiority I’m saying I’m a failure my life has been made worse by the thing that I was doing that I thought would make it better. You can say whatever you want to me about me about whatever it’s what you seem to do best anyways is complain. This isn’t a community telegrams not a community the internet is not a community quoting Zizek paraphrasing Lacan is not impressive etc. I don’t sit around and complain like you Walker I don’t normally spend my time focusing on the negative and anyone on the Telegram or reading my post history will show that. I’m simply publicly venting for having been so foolish and wasted so much effort for nothing. Not Becuase I didn’t save someone’s soul or anything else other than I wanted to say I’m wrong I’ve made a mistake and I don’t know how to correct for it. I have a world I “see” with my ideas and notions and the world I live in and they don’t actually correlate or rather knowing that the spectacle Is real there is some kind of paranoia-animism generating a devolutionary global current and then having that constantly reinforced gives me no satisfaction. There is no solution. That’s all. I am not a professor or An academic nor a clinician so I’m free to have disorganized ideas. Ebert is right though mass media is an extinction level event and I think that’s what I wanted to inoculate myself (and others against) and I just don’t think it’s possible. There is nothing more humbling than this. I think more than anything I’m simply sad and jealous that I can no longer muster the delusional mania to pretend that everything is ok. So maybe I shoild espouse your notions of operationalizing suicidal ideation and illness perhaps that will give me some juice to get out of bed. I’m Surrounded by sick manic neurotic drugged narcissistic delusional dopes and I’m burned out. Online it’s one kind and irl it’s another and I had put a lot of hope in this paradigm and it didn’t work out and that’s what I’m sharing with the 7000 morons who think there might be something here of value. Not Becuase I made it but Becuase I repped it and touted it and encouraged such a worldview. You and aminom are great examples of the kind of people who “benefit” from Such notions touted here, at critical theory sub, sls and so on. It’s sll been a waste of time. I regret to admit this obviously and this public display is part of purging myself of poisons I created, sought out and freely imbibed. I’m giving you and anyone else ample source material to lambast me with. I’m not stupid. You simply took the bait. Good for you. I think that those magical ideas are very real not merely cool or psychological and I also think that 99% of people that fuck with it make their life worse and have no clue how to properly engage it.I’m sure it feels good to finally say something like that to me after I was hard on you for your attempt to operarionalize illness as a … whatever. I think my point here is, I don’t habe a clue and my life has been made generally worse and this place holds no solutions to any real life issues that I am aware of. If I can’t get any use out of this stuff I seriously doubt a bunch of snowflakes can. Caveat emptor.I am confident only in the knowledge that I have said something that everyone no matter how varied, will find something I’ve said wrong and upsetting. If you do not believe I am a Christian then I am a Christian. If you believe I am a Christian I can assure I am most certainly only a charlatan seeking access to the purse. I feel a little better now. For instance this should be eye opening and profound to most but almost no one commented on it. The phenomenon that is explained in that video is something I call “post-advertising” and that means that the cognitive extrapolations of Madison Avenue and laboratories like SRI are employing neuro-physiological unconscious mechanisms that are not merely embedded but predicate the very structure of social media. We are, those who actively participate in the multi social media universe, embedded into, Embodied into a dopamine rat maze. This system thrives on divisive manipulation and drives every single institution on this planet and it is a willful political and economic extraction system based on conscious manipulation and the willful employment of the maximization of suffering and discomfort and hyper self awareness to the point of body disphoria, hyper mania and so on and then you have these glitchy broken freaks like aminom who have been totally decimated by this reality hyping their symptom as solution to the problem. It is places like this and schemes like Sots that advertise a solution via the mediated platform which is in reality part of the problem. When people like aminom show up on telegram or used to show up on here it pains me deeply. Of course I see some of my hypo-manicness in them. It is the schism created by anonymity and the inhuman/superhuman amplification of the perception of the agency granting use of this kind of technology, the internet and social media, that make our lives worse. Instead of working on the basics of life, paying our bills, “cleaning our room” and so on we retreat into the only thing we are capable of which is fantasy about change and fantasy about possessing the power to “do something” in the world. The shooter at YouTube and john David eberts recent post coupled with the re-arrival of aminom on telegram a few days ago has made me feel really really creeped out. I am surrounded by children who walk around with their face glued to a screen and their imagination is totally colonized and I’m surrounded by self serving narcisstic judgemental asshole adults who appreciate the quit and hassle free home of a social media placated child. Our entire political environment is a result of the extreme bifurcation between real life and the corporate news ideologies which are nurtured and amplified by convenience and anonymity and the “privacy of the home”.

In reality we are capable of very little and what we are capable of can only come with the loss of innocence and privileged naivety which is discovered at the hard limits of our egregious, lazy and compulsion driven lives. Places like this and Facebook and so on only encourage us to unconsciously play with the tools of our disenfranchisement and our disenchantment and utter total utilitarian separation and isolation.

The only solution I have found for me is re-engagement with simple things. Hobbies, art, crafts, working with ones hands, playing with children, enjoying the space created by the convenience we are petrified in. Wanting less. Speaking less. Keeping my opinion to myself to gain the perpetuation of the peace of the moment. We are devolving and we are being swallowed whole by matter- redintegration as Crowley called it. My only conclusion is that this planet is a school, a prison or a hospital and it seems as though the three options are imploding into one. I apologize for my misanthropy but I can’t quite find a footing for anything else right now. I see morning but run away narcissism and devolution and at every turn the most egregious of us the ones that suffer the most from these sicknesses will proclaim the loudest that they are the healthiest. I could be accused of that in the past but not anymore. Were it a fact That this planet is hell, our lives would be made better. Even the church itself is unfortunately the first and perhaps still the best and archetypal totalitarian regime yet only a Christ can save us but we have been short of even faith. I am drug and alcohol free and other than an adhd diagnosis in early childhood, I have been blessed with good health and stable disposition (for the most part) yet I can’t help but feel as though I suffer needlessly by not seeking an opiate or ssri type of medication. again I’m sorry but I feel like places like this are really doing a disservice to those most desperately seeking an answer similar to the Democratic Party who though neutered and impotent through its entire existence has done damage far aworse than the Republican Party which at least tells the truth about what it stands for.

I am a philosopher in that I am a broken freak, a glitch insane having seen the object that looms over all. An anomaly stricken into babbling about the simple life which I can never hope to lead by virtue of the need to profess it’s necessity standing alongside it wishing to be absolved into pure experience of it. And a believer only in that this is a gnostic world and there is no escaping the inevitability of that revelation. I think my frustration for many years with this place was that no one other than the usual few ever caught on to the philosophy or worldview. I wanted desperately not to be (one of) the one/s laying it all out. The hope was that there would be enough of a map for it to be self completing. In hindsight it’s obvious from my conclusions that no one would have come to this conclusion but me. So what is it?

The gist of it is that our body spontaneously generates mythology. It is my suspicion that there is a literal body model in our cognitive apparatus (after all Jung said at its core the soul is image based) and we couple ourselves to that model body through memory, language, culture, experience.

Part of that coupling is the modeling of spatial relations of our body to the world and another big purpose of this cognitive double is to be a sort of scout or envoy whomstve job it is to be cast out into space with the sole/soul purpose of exploring the landscape, looking for resources, friends, foes, dangers and areas/communities of respite. That is to say our very being casts a projection of an archetypal body (which is perhaps hermaphroditic) out into space and without this relation we could not know ahead of time where to stand or orient to err on the side of survival.

I have also come to the conclusion that mythology is prior to language. It is indeed something like “image” based as Jung surmised. In other words, the most primal form of communication is not primarily actually language based, it is “doing” based and language aided only to the degree that a story is a re-presentation or the core experience of doing, exploring, speculative experimentation with resources and landscape and groups etc.

Language has a structure. The phonetic, atomistic, alphabetic language manifests a structure that Becuase of its compression of information, impeccable accuracy and ability to translate any language into itself- never goes away. The first opportunity for information in the technical scientific sense begins when the vowels are extracted and the syllabary, the “abcderium” is completed. Once the “sufficiently complex” standardized representation system is extant, this allows the benefits and problems (infinity, timelessness as a standard of measure, incommensurability, gödels theorem, the liars paradox, etc) of mathematics to invade layman culture. This spilling over or “surplus” (recall capital means surplus) of mathematical utility lends itself to the accuracy of communication in the realms of architecture, law, religion and economics such that ideas don’t die with the generation that beget them the ideas instead accrue through “culture” and transfer beyond the limits of biological memory. This is called “externalized memory”. Externalized memory IS CULTURE.

The premier icon of postmodernity is not merely the self but the self reflective self. Recursivity as a structure to reflect, adorn and amplify the self.

the paradox of this is that while the idol of the self is meant to the be the primeval atom of progressive history, it in fact becomes a mechanism of capture for the Marxist, materialist nature of the “species being” of Marx. What does this mean? It means that we become overly seduced by the recursive self then”author” of poststructuralism. the “discourse of the self” ends up inverting the ostensive function of the self which is to transform nature and matter and culture and ends up being sucked into a reified loop of ever more self-referential behavior which has the effect of withdrawing the “libidinal” (or alchemical, magical, ideological) charging power of cathexis to alight on material objects and thus anchor the self and transform the world. History comes to an end through the primary atomistic “consonant” of the progressive force. An enantiodromia.

So what’s so interesting about the idea that the body IS mythology and prior to standardized language and correlate with image (perception actually, but intutively such as the tarot) is that until recently we continued merely to adorn the self with more and more social identity amplifying signifiers but now we have begun to not merely adorn the self but attract self referential landscapes. We are trading foreground for landscape. Another inversion of enantiodromia. Yet As our primary theater of expression dematerializes, we seek more and more to transform Our surroundings as we see that it’s not transforming. Recursion ensues, madness, isolation. Maurice Nicoll has a good one I forget what it’s called. There is a book called “times arrow” which is about time generally and will give you a good outline but most decent work on time is done in physics. There is a book about Atlantis by Jocelyn Godwin that deals with occult aspects of time in some detail and that bibliography might be helpful in further research. ALSO TIME MASONSHey that’s fantastic. Really. Thank youI’m sorry I drank almost two bottle of wine yesterday evening. This question has vexed me for a year or so. I am not asking a straight forward question which is why I oversplained and resplained. You can all see how difficult framing the question is, I have no time to explain it or engage it wih people who don’t understand but I needlessly complicated that by having lots of wine first. I did get precisely the response I was seeking so I do thank the community for being a consummate and professional resource. Looks good I will print it off st the hotel office center tonight Ty. I knew someone at some point would understand. I know I’m compressing a lot into myth including some what would seem like cosmopolitan assumptions. It’s not if it exists:)

Your right the Hayles book isn’t horrible at all And closest to a general summation Dekerckhoves “skin of culture” runs a distant second but I still feel like the direct anthropological bearings post-Bateson is underexplored and the bibliography alone of ONE good book that did this digging would be worth 100$ to me.

Thank you for your reply it’s SERIOUSLY EXACTLY THE ONE I HOPED to get. Plenty here to keep me busy for months. Thanks again for your PROFESSIONAL REPLYI knew this would be difficult. Ok affect theory isn’t quite what I’m looking for but I guess I’ll have to start there.I actually have not too much a clue what I am asking actually. I’m simply curious if we carry a tadpole people on a carrot stick pole way out in front at all times or not. I am convinced your right it’s “not”. Never mind.Ok that helps thanks. Read what I said again and read what I said again. It is pre-cognitive and that is the point. Not to put toonfine a pointnonnit, Sheltered, yet sophisticated obviously. Yes this is the problem. I mentioned this. It’s not humanist. It’s oxygen. My point is what if this limit is irreducible. The problem here is that what I am asking is very very simple and of the highest genera as it were. Were it true, what would this mean? It is in one sense the most generic question in anthropology possible. HAVE YOUR EVER ASKED YOURSELF THIS QUESTION IN ALL UR BRILLIANS?Please show us the jargon of my own making. Is it perhaps I’ve broached liminal regions your not yet aware of? have you actually read what I’ve asked? I made the second part quite plain. It was my intent to stress the avatar. Is my thesis merely insultingly, stupefyingly simple? And the problem is probably most people will respond like ^ and handwave and eagerly dismiss my questions. I ASK ONLT YOU READ MY POST ONCE AGAIN. My query goes to the heart of what your precious anthropology purports to be aboot.Yes Thank you Yah that’s not even close I mean right of course now but at the same time it’s chewier thwnnthwtn. I mean we all hopensoWow this is some heavy stuff. It’s like an x files. So you just have these nightmares literally every night? Maybe you have a tumor in your brain? Have you been checked for that?Ok I understand. can you send me a link to an older comment that dealt with that?Oh wow that’s intense. What about the chip? And the place where they control people. Can you talk more about that?In Buddhism in the abhidamma there are “51 mental formations” here is a decent summary. In certain schools of tantra I believe there are 58-60. Making your own outline of the 51 mental formations is a great way to map this out for yourself becuase you may disagree with some of it and find more and so on but it’s the most thorough layout that one can start from. The idea that we are born with a chip in our brain, being controlled like a remote control object and so on. There’s some definite overlap but I was doing some research today and it turns out the recordings are not him it’s a radio dj reading the flyers of Dec which were distributed anonymously apparently no one ever met Dec. this changes my original implied premise which is they both may share the same psychological “disposition” but it could very well be that Decs work was perhaps “satirical”. Of course this is Reddit so redheadedkoi could be satirical on some level as well. Can you share some YouTube links of the redheadedkoi please?Enantiodromia is a powerful force. It arises from the creation of difference and exists to insure that difference does not become cancerous. The author of the arch Druid report has taken the arch Druid report down but I’m sure there is someone who has an archive somewhere. In this url I’ve linked to, someone has copy and pasted the entire original arch Druid report from December 2013 intonthe body of a forum post. The gist of the arch Druid report post is that mainstream xianity has transmogrified not merely into Satanists but Laveyan Satanists Which are essentially “shock and awe” Satanists whom are mostly atheistic and materialistic. Further expanding the absurdity, the influence of Ayn Rands philosophy as the main inspiration driving Anton Lavey’s creation of the church of Satan is also explored.

Cybernetics runs alongside the sixties and laveyan satanism as an unconscious rediscovery of the body and it’s professong power in western culture. Well that and I did not frame my statement in the form of a question.unphilosophical Most of the advice and ideas in this thread are horrible. What’s are the origins of philosophy? Etymologically it is the “love of wisdom”. What is wisdom? Well it is not an easy idea to understand. It’s scrually easier to get literature on the “history of the concept of the soul” than to find a straightforward presentation of what wisdom means. Well I can tell you what it means in a colloquial way, it means turning towards your suffering to understand the source of suffering and discomfort. I believe (as does u/raisondecalcul) that philosophy is no different from magic, occultism, mathematics, science, alchemy, practice and ideology. Indeed we believe it is inseparable. The mainline marrow dogmatic academic view of philosophy is just that. LIFE is the teacher and source of philosophy and you my friend are living it. Just do your thing. You will be given plateau shattering advances just when you think you are destined to be stuck thinking the same things forever. One of the best ways to get stuck I that predicament is actually to go to college and study philosophy!

Now as a disclaimer I did go to college and spent many years in academic pursuit of both philosophy and sociology but my views on philosophy now is antagonistic at best towards what academic “philosophy” is “doing”. Hey friend! This thread tho… muh academia!Nope it was youSo my research on gnosticism (aka radical christianity) consciousness, plato, the vowels/alphabet, the occult and so on led me in the last couple months to a cultural anthropological survey of Christianity’s influence on consciousness and evolution. Recently I found Catherine Pickstocks “after writing” and it is basically exactly my conclusions thus far although I Disagree obviously on much of the apologetics, Nonetheless xianity has played probably the primary role in advancing consciousness and evolution of culture until the post world war 2 era. TLDR I’m becoming a Christian of some sort. if any of this interests you please join the telegram channel.Hello please join this telegram channel if you wish to discuss the implications of cognitive anthropology as applied to the evolution of Christianity and the literary phenomeon of the Bible.

The death of god is the moment that human evolution begins. I am not a tech person so please don’t ask me questions about telegram, either join or don’t.

Christianity is the single largest vessel of human evolution yet to grace recorded history, at least until the last 75 years or so. This is not your pastors Christianity and some tenant of my position is sure to upset everyone!Let me qualify all of this. You’ve probably heard me say that “cybernetics is the opposite of apocalypse”. Ok so that is effectively a “theological” statement. My outlook or experience of my perspective is rooted in a kind of “faith” that basically states that the conveniences of modern life such that they are cannot go away and will only continue to accrue as creature comforts because they are also the chains of our subjugation. If the creature comforts and their cocimtant institutional arbiters are complicit in our subjugation as equally as they are a means to “convenience” then we need not fight to protect them or keep them in our life. On the contrary we have to be emboldened to disabuse ourselves as much as possible from as many obligations and conveniences as we can. The Midas’ gift of convenience is the greatest tragedy humanity as ever known. There is nothing more luciferian than utilitarianism. The fight that most think is a pomeicks one therefore is a market driven one just as I think there can be a stronger argument made against transgender from a Marxist perspctive than a moral one because it isn’t fundamentally not a moral issue. The argument can be made asbut this doesn’t mean I’m interested in this it’s simplt an example of the profundity of nuance avaialable when one attempts to escape the ideological. Cybernetics is the opposite of apocalypse” is also what “abc = 666” means as well. We are doomed not to freedom but ever increasing auto-telic self-selecting complexity.

People often rant indiscriminately about “materialism” and “scientifism” But “ideological” thinking is just as pervasive and destructive and inhuman and that is what politics thought has become - inhuman. Therefore I am against politics in the sense that it serves no real practical or even humanistic/pragmatic end.

What I conceive of (half-jokingly) as “spectrology” is actually very nuanced and as my position gets more subtle and let’s say “complex”, I have less time or patience to entertain the essentially egregiously “sinful” (missing the mark) summations of what “I” am doing. Ideological thinking is very difficult to escape and I’m not claiming to have done so. But I am claiming that I think it’s on par with all other projects as absolutely essential to the surgical of the “good” and the human experience as we know it or wish to have known it thus far. Now I have said something ideological according to some.

As my ideas become more ethereal, they become more difficult to hold reflexively and thus it becomes more and more likely that I can “lose” where I am and be unable to return to something that I barely grasp as it is.>everything you said…


His name is Robert Paulson.It’s not a cop out. This sub and the content that informs it is basically for lack of a better term, a hobby. I no longer feel like my hobby can be pursued in this environment since A. I basically built this place and don’t want to tip toe around all the xian/alt-right-fascist turds all over everything pretending I don’t smell anything and 2. I indeed wish to continue to pursue this hobby and have precious little time to dedicate to explaining the basics over and over again. Those who know what I am talking about and wish to continue to engage this conversation will be there and that’s all I’m concerned with. I’m not proselytizing and I’m not forming a political party so I don’t care how many people are here other than the fact that the sheer number Let’s Good content lay fallow while knee jerky trepanned reactionary content (of all ideological stripes) tends to be engaged and all the while there is a third chorus of what is going on here what is this about? I actually feel like something creepy could come of this sub and that’s the other reason why I’m publicly disavowing and denouncing this place. I am a real person with a real life and family and I don’t want to be caught in some bizarre scenario where I am blamed for some psycho being “inspired” by this place. I stepped away from moderation with the idea that when it was too big to self-moderate then it was dead. It’s dead to me.Attention REDDIT

BOIL WATER ORDERIN IN EFFECT ASAP FOR ALL OF REDDIT PLEASE DO NOT DRINK THE WATER EVEN KOOLAID IS SUSPECT. Check back for updates. No prob I will probably find them. Brb have to throw some jerks out lolBigotry and Christian fascism is worse than suicide.I tried listening to this at the suggested time. It was insufferable. These people are wanna be -martyrs and have no love or compassion or grace in their heart. They are miserable sounding people and their horrible disposition should be an obvious sign that their ideas and philosophy are a failure. I’m jus asking what the relevance is Why in the fuck did you post this here?The problem is it’s on mysterium fasces. I listened to one that somebody linked on here and it was actually really good about users and Protestantism but their worldview is cringy af. That shit is a dead end. Yeah I mentioned Eliade I thought. Yeah your right DeBord does a decent summation towards the end of Sots Vico was also one of the only westerners aside from Joyce (and Mcluhan) that believed in cyclical timeNever have. I have been meaning to but his books are never cheap. I lurk amazon hard and wait till the books I want show up for 5$ then I swoop in I don’t care if the are “acceptable”. I usually don’t spend more than 10-15$ on a book unless I really really want it and I don’t read pdf/screens.Who is the speaker?Why don’t you delete all these except the chapter 1 and let’s have a discussion about it. If you can post one section of that horrible book and leave them sit for a week it’s the least you could do for the TTC. I am actually part of an irl TTC discussion with a Taoist qi Gong sorceress and it’s awesome. In many many ways the tao is the antidote of the spectacle because the Tao together with the Logos completes the system of all magic, philosophy and theory. Not in theory but in practice.That’s a great way to put it.That was a good threadIconoclasm serves the most divine function of the Logos because it demands inner vision. In a cognitive sense this is true as well, see Derrick dekerckhoves masterwork “the alphabet and the brain” as well as his essay on tragedy. It is not a lack of visual evidence in culture rather it is an over abundance of inner-light essence which is the basis of “knowledge” in the archaic sense. Plato was not only at war with the mimesis of Homeric pedagogy but the rhetoricians as well. The nascent “Science” as we know it which plato was struggling to articulate would not be established for hundreds of years so platos attack on the soma/senses was most vitriolic when focused on vision and sight for the western ancient wisdom seekers. This inner vision is the mosaic and platonic dictate par excellence.Just want to make the disclaimer that I cannot be responsible for good or bad ideas that arise from this subreddit thats why I quit moderating. BUY N’ LARGE!That’s a great post except it’s on MDE. Really great post though Maybe but not an uhh lifestyle or “philosophy”. For the record I don’t think this is healthy.^lolThe body metaphor is so powerful and more true than most know or intuit. GER Lloyd has written a few books on the progress from Magic to science in the Greek tradition. Yeah I would set the scene then have guests on after a couple intro shows. I’m pretty sure Raison and I are going to do one and he is going to edit it in Scotland. Fingers crossed.I’m giving you a hard time ok I know it will be a good book I’m just not a Marxist anymore (except if I am paid)cool well I really would love to I just don’t have a reliable laptop and I don’t know much about tech and podcast platforms but yeah I’m interested in doing it I’ve had this conversation with a few people and some people have sent me mics and a laptop that unfortunately was used and I think got damaged in shipment but yes I would love to I’m just going to put resources into it other than time. I’m not like dying to be podcast guy but it seems the most efficient way to get a convo going and perhaps get some tickets to some rad/weird expo/consI don’t watch tv so I don’t know who those people are Ok I’m ordering it tomorrow when I get a draw form this trim job and I’m gonna read it and I’m Gonna say how shit it is fair warning :)Raisin is supposed to be sending me a laptop because the one another kind telegram/Sots friend sent me died. I’m poor and I simply can’t afford to set up and provide the technical end. That’s my main issue. I’m actually super ready to start doing a podcast I finally got my technique down and everything. When y’all give me some money! YROTSIH NI ESREVER AND THE ENANTIODROMIA OF PROGRESSOk something we have to remember about sophists Versus philosophers is that this was the premier antagonism until science is established far later and if one were to take the position of the philosopher it is doubly difficult because there is no REAL way to differentiate between rhetoric and wisdom or Truth. “Science” was in its nascent form for hundreds of years and wished to distinguish itself from rhetoric yet had to basically use the mechanisms of rhetoric to do so. Poetry used to be equated with myth and magic as we recall Plato was in opposition to the mimesis of Homeric mythology-as-pedagogy and the poets were the arbiters of truth and pedagogy and science and the carriers of the lore. But distinction is death. To give a name to magic or religion is to ultimately place it under the purview and finally authority of something greater than it. As late as the 1940s many groups in Africa has no direct name for magic, religion or ritual and yet they were steeped in it.Irony and cynicism are two powerful ways that we can express the semiotic failure and semantic limitations of language with language. it’s not necessarily completely relevant but it relates.This breaks my heart ((Wtf)))No but I know what your talking about he wrote that 3 volume thing on gnosticism. Those volumes used to cheap I shoulda snatched me up a few years ago. Have you? Does he talk about Girard in a gnostic framework?Exactly. Get with the times folks. Xenoplatonism is the future, today..Right. Well it’s not refutable so that’s not the issue. Or is quite a fascinating claim though. Philosophers, many of them materialist or atheist, are arguing with a remnant affect of Judaism.It makes me so happy that this was downvoted and yet no one refuted it.It’s too bad Jordan Peterson can’t engage Derrida like this.yeah ughJust to make sure I wasn’t totally bs-ing I googled Girard and gnosticism and found thisMaybe/only if the church adopted an evolutionary position. Girards work cannot but upend traditional theology. If the church adopts information theory and evolution as it’s supreme driving force (which is true) then he will be bigger than Augustine.“Tetrahedrons dancing…” he will dissolve into a cloud of memes a memegasOh I don’t know. You mean sarcasm as in I picked fairly Difficult dialogues? Maybe but that was my beginning with plato. I came to plato through hermeticism and Neoplatonism and the Parmenides and Timaeus are a big deal in those circles. However I do think the Parmenides is a great synecdoche of his work overall. If you want to fully engage with what is going on with the beginnings of philosophy, those are the dialogues that will help you understand it. IN THE BEGINNING THE WAY WE WROTE WAS LIKE THISI know a guy named chad and I aware to god it’s true.DeBord was an artist for sure and I’ve said as much in a long post a year or so ago. It was about Deleuze and his relevance to the sub. DeBord made an amazing work of art. I simply downplay him because he took himself so seriously and that whole may 68’ bullshit is tiresome but it’s undeniably a powerful work. I just reread it a couple months ago and the chapters on time towards the end are fantastic. The whole text is a lot of fun. Sadly I do think it is somewhat dated and hysterical as well. For instance the cognitive/connectionist aspect plays a huge role on the affect of spectacle. Essentially it is inverted Cartesianism. There is a demon trying to convince me that Everything Is True.Symposium, Parmenides, Sophist And Timaeus. Start with Parmenides dialogue and read commentaries on it until you understand it. Then proceed to any dialogue you wish.It is a problem of language. Just as the rational scholastic advance of monotheism creates the problem of evil. Great post. I forget sometimes where it all started. When I discovered hyperstition I was like oh shiiiiit And sure enough, oh shit.I say…nonsense!Oh funny. That makes more sense though. I checked the bibliography of Schlains a few weeks ago out of curiosity. Now that you mention it though Mcluhans family publishing is notoriously impossible to clear. And maybe I missed it but I thought there was no Mcluhan in the biblio. NthbggnngthwywwrtwslkthsThe book is a really good summary of the general ideas but there is one very curious omission, he doesn’t mention ANY of the pioneers of this theory such as Mcluhan for instance. That always bothered me about Schlain.No one gives a fuck about a Pythagorean comma This isn’t the final version (the final version is in color crayon) but this version has most of the key points on it. This is from about a year and a half ago. here is a drawing that deals with similar territory though it’s not the UMMMI should have that laying around here somewhere if it didn’t burn in the dumpster fire He is from Canada No Ketchup, straight sauceon the crest of the wave of the completion of all theory and philosophy really makes the burdens lightI’ll look into that I read some Heidegger but never got super into the crossover stuff. I’m getting into Quine and Searle and a guy named Jerrold Katz but mostly It’s just biosemiotics and spook stuff for meNo. It is also a MERELY literary approach. Have you read Derridas intro to Husserls Geometry? Have you spent a few months with grammatology as contrasted to Mcluhan? Derrida and Foucault both were pointing at yes “Straussian”/Neoplatonist insights.No.Maybe I’m ghost banned but no Heidegger gets it from Nietzsche I think more so than Luther. Nietzsches campaign against (platonic) metaphysics is the same as tragedy. Mimesis, altering, Nietzsche. I would be interested in reading something cogent on heidegger getting this from (((Luther)))…*dabsRusselll r/sorceryofthespectacle is the completion of all philosophy and all theory. Isn’t that amazing?!!

Don’t you see! You don’t have to pre-occupy yourself with these things anymore. this is what we have done for everyone. we offer this wisdom freely without asking anything in return. such a gift cannot be rejected nor given back. Ever. It is impossible. Russell you do understand the implications such a gift?The other whoOk so what’s the point of all this? I guess what I have been expressing is the loss of our more playful nature. No one seems to have a space of humor anymore. I have interacted with pedantic people and I’m behind on some bills and I’m tired from working some long days in the heat. Anyway THE POINT is idkwtfigo but everything is political and I don’t find that very fun but I do like to talk about history and science and alchemy and idk great people and great events but I’m having difficulty as of late finding much now that is inspiring other than the schizoidal aping to/with technology which inspired bemused chagrin of the sci-if-myopia rush that can be fun. Honestly I just don’t keep up with current events and I have been clueless as to how much tension and ambient trauma there seems to be right now so I do apologize in that regard. I was simply making a point that I find a lot of this shit seriously borrring and depressing so I wanted to make light and no one seems to be laughing so I will just stop. it’s not how I normally do things obviously but I just was trying to raise some money for mygofundme so the point of life is to have an impact on society? Will you be my charlatan?Kinderdemon as in kindergarten? I’m not going to make s list of things I’m not but the point of this thread is basically to make fun of dumbfuck reactionaries like yourself. You’ve been lampooned tank. I do take enjoyment in the fact that people have to have everything spelled out for them which is the point of never mind >To start with plato…

Well the reason why is that The pre-Socratic weren’t philosophers strictly speaking. As I mentioned in the now legendary r/askphilosophy thread, philosophy begins with Difference. You can’t have philosophy without that strict demarcation. There isn’t a system as such if that demarcation until plato. Thanks for clarifying yourself a bit because I am not in any way condoning fascism and my starting this thread was an attempt to recuse myself moreso than this sub. I can’t control 5200 anonymous people in the internet and will not be made to stand for them nor any supposed unitary “philosophy”. I am not a fascist nor am I a leftist nor am I a ___. I know you understand that and I truly appreciate you taking the time for further clarification. Yes Strauss saw the “pragmatic” aspect of the hidden that begins in earnest with plato. The (western) occult begins with plato this was one of my main research vectors that begin a few years ago. “Where does western occultism begin?” “Where does the western soul come from?” I started an occult philosophy sub a couple years ago OK OMG how could I forget Max Weber Protestant ethic Don’t forget Joshua Ramey’s book on divinationalso relevantoh here’s one tooYeah it’s stickied I just checked Oh shit I got it right! Ok so in the thread look for “make announcement” at top somewhere in one of the little linky clickers like “formatting help” etcI don’t watch new tv sorry. Maybe I am thinking of Lamar Burton. Is that the guy from reading rainbow?Is levar that guy from police academy that did all the sound effects?Was going to link this in the capitalism and theology thread but wanted to post it too since it’s never seen light of day on here before maybe relatedOh yeah! So cool. practically free!REPORTEDOh I want to be a panelist!! We could you know… we could start a Pynchonesque Rosicrucian sub of endless toroidal asymptotic striving towards ceaseless bureaucratic verticalityThe only real question to ask anyways is: “when will the spectacle give us Running Man?”Well also Schmitt said that the left is a/technology. Which is interesting though it’s been years since I read it or gave a shit about any of that shit. But it’s an interesting claim. What does that mean? Humanism is technology. Wtf. “UNIVERSAL LOVE” SAID JONThe answer is AgambenAnd also he endorsed uh Kanye too didn’t he? So it’s going to be rap battles vs the dude from Facebook 2020. Good news everybody! It is not! Ask your doctor about Sots thoughts remover. May cause diabetes, dhiarhea, discomfort, propaganda or liberalism.Your ideology ends begins where my lifestyle begins!Predicationalism- The opposite of Wittgenstein tractatus.Btw I want to just mention that philosophy is completely treatable now though there was no cure even in the time of Wittgenstein. Rejoice and seek your freedom from thoughts through Sots^tm!To be fair to anyone interested in the subject matter, my above post is my conclusion On the subject. Obviously I did not start from the position of the completion/inoculation of philosophy. We started with much more focused and deliberate vectors of exploration. Which is where all of you are stuck. Philosophy is a disease and degradation of lived life. Repent neow.Yeah reading the comments those folk are definitely authorities on something. Definitely a waste of time explainfon the nuance of non-explanation. Once again we are ahead of the curve. Congratulations Sots, really!Hey guess how many people from r/askphil will migrate to r/sots? It’s going to be a lot more than the zero that migrate to r/askphil.The life of a living specialist? It’s amazing!~Sots Se SingWe don’t have time to read theory. We live it chief lol they will never ask that again.absolutely. Lots of “theology of money” type books. Get that one and check out the bibliography it’s a good place to start.Permission to speak freely As a founder of the sub…

Ok so basically as the completion of all philosophy, sorcery of the spectacle subreddit is roughly what you might call an “epidemiological model of philosophy”. In other words philosophy- the science of difference and enumeration- is a disease and we can look at the “progress” of philosophy as a viral contagion. As we all know, Philosophy begins in earnest with Plato. The central concern of the dialogues (themselves a capture mechanism whereby the “oral” tradition is contained within what would become the first widespread standardized writing model) is “what is x in and of itself?”.

This archetypal question is advanced with much rigor and is indeed the archetypal question. This question gives rise to what I call “the problem of meaning”. Meaning is a new category arising in ancient thought and meaning itself arises with its necessary (ananke) organ- the soul. This archetypal questioning can be seen as “symptomatic” of exposure to something, thus it is a problem to be solved not by advancing the cause of philosophy but by seeking a cure. The Pharmakos, Logos and the Savior are all attempts at various times answers stages to contain and or cure philosophy. As a side note, Hegel is the AIDS of philosophy. The arising of what is x for itself is what I call the “birth of the problem of meaning”. I have in the past explained all this diagram form in the model called UMMM or the Ultimate Madman’s Map.

Debord was a voyeurs voyeur and thus a radically incomplete thinker. Trapped within the completion phase of Cartesian/Newtonian/materialist voyeurism, Debord was unable to see the “sorcerous” aspect of his own compulsions. In other words he didn’t go far enough, deep enough, surreal enough.

There is a reason why the logos and light and vision and linear time and Utopianism and industrialism and Cartesianism And vouwurism reign supreme in the west. I have answered this question with some help from people such as Bob Dobbs, Derrick Dekerckhove, Marshall mcluhan and Friedrich Kittler as well as Julia Kristeva, Judith Butler and Katherine Hayles among others. Debord was not the expositor of the spectacle, merely symptomatic of its affect.

What is r/askphilosophy?Oh yeah “impersonal memory”. I call that “externalized memory”, when the biological memory of orality is standardized. Effectively this means that culture is our collective memory.Literally the first 3 or 4 sentences of the opening paragraph. If she would have just mentioned red lips too she would have totally done a peterson inversion pshaw and that’s not easy to do It looks like she might be attacking Jordan Peterson’s ideas a bit here. Which is fine. 4. SotsWow this is really good. Have you joined the telegram channel yst?Jesus. It’s worse than an episode of black mirror for sure.fuck you man he was the original labowskippffft. It’s the SAMEI would say it’s more like the year the cheap seats stormed the stage. Magic has always been. It is simply more visible now that The Newtonian/Cartesian voyeuristic isolation of the bougois individual has collapsed, imploded. The exploded diagram of enlightenment scientism becomes a flip book cartoon.Yeah good point. I actually really enjoyed this conversation between these two but Peterson’s absolute mania towards critical theory and (neo) Marxism is both entertaining and strawmanned.What’s the time stamp in that? Is this guy who was the assasin that worked at bell laboratories with Oswald?I didn’t do things like that and I know your not, neiener.This was funny. It’s weird how social media/internet whatever has become a hyperobject smearing it’s way backwards in time… “…Adorno basically believed in reality television all the way back in the 40s”. Nietzsche is also in many ways the Hermès pappymammy of aps. Just as you are an agent of the Swarthywhiggood stuff. Your aware that aps is an epidemiological model of philosophy?>…Why this should be a bananable offense Can you link the quoted I like that ONCE A MONTH IS NOT ENOUGHYou want to destroy spectacular society. How do you propose going about that?Wow thanks for that. That is intense but insightful.

RK, What is it you want? Are you engaged in a battle? With whom or what? For whom or what outcome?Cannibalism, vampirism, zombies, werewolves oh my! The spectacular lends itself to what I would cede is something like “primitive accumulation”. But it can’t be modestly deemed actively malefic, cannibalistic, murderous for the simple fact that ignorance plays such a huge role in all this.

Anthropomorphically painting the ennui we sometimes experience to willful “cannibal” actors is misplacing both agency and source of the problem. Politicizing this paradoxically tends to (IMO) neuter possible avenues of amelioration and solution simply because will tends to be subservient to language in the political sphere. I would define politics as essentially “making others do what I do not want to do”. It is intensely negative in both restraint and agency. But to ascribe cannibalism to the consumer sphere is ultimately not going to be helpful or liberating Im afraid.

The sorcerous aspect of all this that most people simply don’t know wtf they are doing most of the time. How then can they be cannibals?

Prior to our desacralized, disenchanted era there were notions of experience described by terms like “mana” and so on. If anything the cannibalistic aspect of consumer culture relates to the needle throated demons of Buddhism.

As labor is displaced for machines, we are less and less spiritually, culturally, anthropologically directly connected to the wares of our labor. If culture wishes to “cannibalize”, appropriate or hoard the “mana” that is embued onto cultural artifacts, that mana or energy is there because a human made it. So if we are no longer making most of our baubles and trinkets then there is paradoxically less and less magical essence to be gleaned, grifted, extracted and cannibalized the further we lurch into 3D printing, wholesale salvage emporiums, mega-thrift stores and so on. Pshaw who doesn’t.

Teleoplexic is appropriatableSimply add one more This quote is my number one “Marksism in a nutshell from Marks mouth”inertia of what? To what? From what ?Mourning, sobbing, singing and cursing are all handled roughly by the same circuit of the right hemisphere of the brain. FUCK is a gestalt of sorts. An intuition. What does it mean interesting! Have you heard of zipfs law? Have you heard of “orality and literacy”? Thanks for sharing your research It’s always been here. It’s called the demiurge and it is what is between ideas and matter. we have served it knowingly for 2700 years or so. Ok there is some good stuff on what capitalism is. Check out “Sohn Rethol”s work on money. Also check out Seafords book “money and the Ancient Greek Mind” I believe it’s called. Capitalism is essentially an “equivocation matrix”. It dissolves the essence of value into and out of specific objects and focii of experience. Legalism is another equivocation Matrix, religion can be and language and mathematics still another. These equivocation systems have their own logic but they are not completely congruent they are heterologous as opposed to homogenous. Capitalisms reliance on a 2500 year old notion of value is being eclipsed by information which is the arithmetic fundament beneath all calculation, appraisal, assignation and so on. Capitalism does seem to rule more so than the other heterologies but its not a thing it’s a process. Look at any basic tree diagram. There are always short lines connecting one idea to another. Capitalism Is the lines not the concepts. Syntax not symbol. This is the curse of the west we cannot see a “functional ecology” we instead freak out scream and yell about THE THING. Capitalism requires always privileging one of the extremes in a dichotomy over another. This process, what selects for the “always selected”? It i ls not information nor desire but something similar to both. This is what Nick Lands work points at. What is doing the self-selecting and as I’ve said before I will say again many times, utilitarianism is luciferian. Platos “Good” (his “highest” Form) has d/evolved from good to useful to convenient. We are transitioning however out of the “convenient”. What is next?This book sounds really amazing actually. The three volume book Kajimeiko mentions runs a similar path.

He calls Zizek the “Diogenes of Ljubljana”. That is lolI do remember you linking it I guess I never read the comments and instead followed the ccru link perhaps. Thank you! It’s interesting that they had the same reaction as I did. And think about it, the unpacking from lexicon to grammar to syntax to logic. It’s a fucking virus colonizing and expanding within a host. Entropy, decadence…statistics.Yeah I realized last week aps is an epidemiological study of philosophy as exposure to what I refer to as a “fully-articulate representational model”. Standardized vowels. A political virus. A modest appraisal. agreedHoly shit Ders do you realize I was reading fanged noumena and havelocks preface to Plato when I started this sub. This thing that Walker linked to is 90% APS what they are missing is the epidemiological paradigm which models exposure- BOTPOM.WHRTTH FCK THIS IS APS!!!!!I heard Sojourn Nixon did some of the soundtrack from logos from bios: Hellenic philosophy and evolutionary biologyThis is a very interesting thread your pulling. The soul lies dormant in the myth of Persephone and Demeter and this is also to do with grain and seasons. Yes also there is a very virtual-esque aspect to western religion which is better expressed in Gnosticism and especially hermeticism. I can explain it in detail but it would take many many pages but needless to say your hit on the trail. Imo what it comes down to is that the matrix is the “Logos” de-sacralized. The inability of religion to contain the power of the “word” is itself a sort of guarantor of the virtual just as the short sided legalism and humbling bureaucracy are also both guarantors and and amplifications of the virtual nature of the logos itself. our bass playerI can’t speak for everyone but personally I’m a charlatan/alchemistThey were surrealists, Dadaists, modernists in the original sense of the term. Debord was actually a sort of Protestant outlier of the surrealist group as he was atheist and supposedly little interested in “metaphysics”. That’s always a tip off trust me. “I’m not into “”(((metaphysics)))””


sureThat’s true he was IRONY OF IRONY paid/conscripted to write the communist manifesto.That main currents of Marxism is SO fine. Mmm. Hey girl you like all 3 volumes and then some. Also Kojevés lecture notes on phenomenology of spirit believe it or not. Yeah I remember studying grad level sociology years ago and one of the things I took away from my German sociology professor who spent years at the new school and Chicago is that Marx actually expanded theoretical economic thought and he was considered a consonant economic paradigm so much so that the switch from the name of “political economy” to “economics” was largely to leave Marx in the “political economy” category which became short Hand for “not legit luminarty”No but I would probably be a Marxist for money. What you want?Again I can’t really discuss this with people like you by definition. The left are being fed into the gears of culture like idiot taffy and their cries of horror and bewilderment are misinterpreted as political rancor. The right has no enemy to its left. The left does have an enemy to its right but I’m not defending the left I’m Just saying sorry pal it’s not what you think it is and it’s just pathetic the way the right is im sorry. There’s no solution at this point except be happy and be a good person if you want to find something to fucking throw a fit about you won’t have any problems. The right is being punished by its analytical and ego focused nature. Your not going to get AMY of the things you want, other than self-righteous sufferering and the same goes (really it’s double) for the left. I’ve got ZERO time for this shot and I wanted to basically yell at someone for continuing to be so stupid. Sorry. I mean I sort of see why people think the way you do but all I can say is, your going to live a long miserable life with that worldview. It’s self-selects for failure and neurosis imo. But whatever. Your what 25? If you think the way you think now when you are 35+, you will be filled with rage, you’ll be single, and you’ll see bad people everywhere. Maybe you’ll have lots of money too! Don’t take it too personal I just am disappointed in these shallow discussions and want to signal “wink wink” I think it’s stupid Ted Hand has some good talks on PKD and Gnosticism etc he and Erik Davis both We should write a book called “The Completion of Reality”Another interesting thing about Norse myth is the gods are tied to the fragility of nature. In reality the Norse gods we come to know from the Edda etc and most likely all the Rune stuff too is a couple hundred years or in most cases more than that after the time of Christ. However this doesn’t invalidate “newer” gods and mythologies in the contrary in a cognitive scientific evolution of religion argument it makes their more recent manufacture beneficient solutions taylor-made for problems of culture as they arise from culture in history. So in Norse myth it could be argued that we see the beginnings of an ecological view arising.The will exists because it is the thing that demands free will versus determinist arguments!The answer is something something marxistsWhat the fuck have I tried to say the last two days??!! I watch the first three minutes I’m like oh this fucker This is uh

Profound shit man Ha ha lol

>Does what I’m saying make sense…?

Now you’ve seen the problem in its entirety.

If “knowledge” arises via something like intuition or “gnosis” then it means that logic and mathematics isn’t just an ontological problem since it arises irrationally-its theological.

This is the bedrock problem of not just western philosophy but Gnosticism as well. I can’t fully explain this unless You are neck deep in the same shit but join the telegram alphabetica channel. This is the singular focus we explore.the short answer Is there is a sort of “polytheism” of “if/then” questions which arise simply fractally/asymptotically at the same Time. I have no definitive Answers. I will say it seems absolutely undeniable that the “atomistic” genuflection of the alphabet sort of Guarantees basically sight-rooted metaphors and “debt” Based experience.What your talking about is essentially populism. I am not defending the left or communism or any of that shit. But the critics of the left and communism are trying to magically invoke a “traditional” enemy because the critics are seeking traditional solutions to their perceived problems which themselves are basically what? An attack on tradition. The left and all the bizarre cultural expressions of confusion that emit from the left are nothing more than immense confusion that arises more than anything from the market and how the self and image and fashion and “expression” are packaged and sold. It’s the Coca Cola revolution.

The bizarre identity politics of the left I would place squarely within the machinations of the market primarily which then is coopted by political entrepreneurs or want to be political figures. The critics of the left however are in their own Jenkum huffing theater where accusations and reality in no way align. The left are obnoxious and retarded but not a threat. The threat is the thing that is melting down humanity into a pink/grey goo and that is imo completely prior to politics and this goes double for the left. Their politics are more commodity/fetish based I think than the right so the problem is the right wants to have an essentially traditional political enemy and a traditional pat argument with highly fetishized people who are by-products of identity branding before they are advocates for identity politics. Of course one feeds into the other but as I see it they are products more than they are advocates.

The right has the upper hand I suppose but they are too high on jenkum to pull it off. I feel sorry for the left that’s all. Their views of self and leisure and privilege are the result of living in the most successful commodity culture era of all times. Their views of what they want access to for free at all times are nothing more than an extended take on consumer freedom. Ironies and paradox abound and are woven into all possible positions. It’s pointless pointless pointless to get involved in this shit. Live your life. Stop picking on retards. Help somebody and do some good in the world.I want to get his notes/commentary on TheateatusThat’s not what I said and you know it. There is no communist threat. Just because a bunch of weirdos claim socialism etc doesn’t mean we are getting gulags and if we do IT WILL BE RIGHT WINGERS STAFFING ITTHEY ARENT ARMED. there is no communism until there is a communist army. Show me a group of armed antifaDo what? can’t wait to read thisAm I defending communism?

Show me the communist threat in the US. Show me that in Europe. The only military mobilization I see in the US is right wing. The right doesn’t have a traditional enemy in this country that they can “fight” and attempting over and over and over again to paint the generally fey left as somehow “mobilizing” toward some kind of “armed” group is fucking pathetic.Omg is that a joke? Are you stupid?Evola was a sci-fi writer.The left don’t join the military. The left don’t join the police force. The left don’t hoard bullets and assault rifles. I don’t understand how anyone on the left could be fascist or authoritarian. Here’s what people don’t get about the dialectic of government and culture. The left may write or demand some of the agenda but who are the boots on the ground when it’s time to enforce this stuff? It’s never the left.SupernoHe and I exchanged several emails and he invited me but fundamentally I don’t like his perspective or approach. I haven’t listened to his show in a long time but he did have some really good episodes. Do you suggest any episode of his in particular?May the real gods of Tantra delete your venis’ and sublet all hell realms at ridiculous free market collusion commercial rates to ur kinky unabomber godNice helicopter broJust to be clear, this is a joke. As far as I know, Carl is most definitely not an NSA agent. I’m sorry if there was any confusion A possible joke beyond your intention when you say “I believe I agree with the majority of Carl’s accounts…” that’s funny. It is my suspicion that Carl actually owns and operates the majority of accounts that post on this subreddit.No no your fine. The entire sub has to post all replies from hereforthwith in video format or GET BANNED. Thank you for your insightful post it was enjoyable I’m gonna let you finish but first all posters to r/sots from now on have to do video recordings on YouTubes to post on here AS RESPONSES or YOU WILL BE BANNED. And I would already be doing it but my tape recorder is brokeLol. I’m trying. Probably gonna be on some other shows before mine rolls out thoBecause there is a similar trump link already on the front page. These guys are from Nashville and have a good podcast with good content most of the time.anti-dialecticsKrissy kissed a corpse UH!Lol nice postThe short answer is it’s in the language. Literacy, remember is a key aspect of the missionary focus. Conversion=translation. The long answer (not unpacked of course) is “APS”, which stands for abstract phase space. Colloquially, the intimations of a certain spatio-temporal gravitas in language which ultimately manifests as essentially a proprioceptive tendency to experience space in a certain way. This leads towards proclivities of navigating space consistently in a generally certain way, though this conflated experience of space, light and meaning are not actually “in” language, they are of it.

The limits of a language’s grammar are the actions and genuflection of its very metaphysics. To wit: our general monotheistic experience is one of “debt”, “failure”, ““privation”, “dualism” and so on. It is an energy deficit model. Why did we get nuclear fission though fusion is also possible? Our view of energy as cost has a big effect here.

These neurotic gifts of the demiurge-the demiurge being language of course- are the manifest logistics of the very “organizational” aspect of language at its very atomistic core. Instilling/installing this seems to unfortunately be as simple as flipping a switch.

Tribal cultures -let’s say animistic cultures- generally will experience memory and “soul” outside in the world (this is really what “world soul” means) and in a sense the somatic, proprioceptive experience of those memories will be triggered in the right hemisphere via music, myth, dance, group mimesis generally.

When one is made “literate” via the alphabetic, atomistic, phonemic system, the brain “lateralizes” a groupings of previously disparate functions which now utilizes roughly 50% of your total sensory capacity as a sort of quasi-unilateral circuit which happens to also be sight oriented. Hence the “spectacular” core of western culture.

The Vedic and tantric aspect of the Pythagorean ideas of sound and harmony, lateralize into the visual when the alphabet gains permanent stand alone symbols for vowels. This happened only once in history in one place at one time as far as we know. It was when Plato was a young man that the extracted vowel-manifest east ionic alphabet was adopted by Athens and sent forth on imperial decree to the satellite regions of Athens.

This begins a conversion of sound into vision but purely through symbolic abstraction. This conversion is part of what I call the “technological unconscious” and bleeds off of the “representational model” of the “voweled” alphabetic syllabary-The “fully-articulated” syllabary-exposure and this exposure leads to a spontaneous genuflection towards dialectically discovering “the thing for itself” which is the genera-seeking enterprise of the majority of the impetus of platos dialogues. Universals, ideals. The conversion of sound into sight is the ballet/battle of orality versus literary.

So, and this may be upsetting to some or determinist-seeming, but when you get a culture to “resonate” literacy especially let’s say for a couple generations until the essentially “bureaucratic”-like mechanisms of the grammatical and metaphysical privileging (the Logos) begin to embody themselves in the legalism, temple worship and city planning- the effects of literacy seem to permanent and irreversible, following something like an epidemiological model. A type of “exposure” as it were. For instance a banal example I have given of this in our era is how accounting principles inform the very logistic layout of the majority of big box retail design stores. Accounting rules and lords over architecture.

We are now in the age of post-literacy which simply means that the grammatical mechanisms that used to be executed through “biological computation” are now simply mathematically executed in the network somewhere on software indistinguishable from network-itself.

The truly bizarre aspect of this dipole privileging tendency of the Logos (as opposed to the Tao) is that it has a tendency towards what is called “enantiodromia” which means it returns us the origins of the original privileging. It collapses things into their opposites. The colloquial experience os beginning to be sensed in this weird skewing and morphing of our culture via materialist attitudes towards “eras” of style.

We are now in a sort of salvage-phase of commodity culture. we are collapsing the delicate, voyeiristic and impossibly “exploded” nature of western culture back into the categories that were “standardized” in order for us to have “democracy”, “journalism”, “history”, “equality” and so on. We are beginning to veer towards a reversal of history. Such that the notions we hold of democracy will blink out randomly in random places in regional isometric patterning. We are returning to savage impulses as a result of hyper-domesticization.

Please do not misunderstand me. I am not making some kind of political invocation or saying this should (or shouldn’t) happen. I’m saying it seems to be systematically built into the logos. Into meta-culture itself. It is a built-in guarantor of what seems to be at least implied here- cyclical time.

Why cyclical? I’m not certain of course, but the way that sight, meaning, light, literacy and proprioception conflate so readily and essentially intimates that it’s somehow… natural. This may seem also like a summary of Mcluhanesque insight but I can assure you these conclusions can be sought, found and validated in as diverse areas as cybernetic, cognitive, physics and information science. The universe is indeed in a pragmatic sense, gnostic.

This is much more poignant than the author probably realizes. theory of Greek tragedy.

Effects of a literate society on the body.

Literacy, Tyranny and the Invention of Greek Tragedy.Woopie Sheen is my band name neowFor instance Chomsky and even Wittgenstein identified and pointed to basically the same issues of language that Derrida and Foucault were also pointing to too. They are it’s true he dismsissst Derrida and the poststructuralists too and part me of understands why. Although Derrida and co were merely completing enlightenment era thought, they get a bad wrap but it’s uncalled for mostly because Derrida and company saw the same language problems from the left. That’s what they do wrong. Oh you mean Weinstein. I don’t like him because he seems to be pro psychopath. Those sjws are obnoxious though.Oh man and that’s not easy to do! Thanks for sending this. I love how Marxist he sounded in the latest RoganBtw the reason I don’t type up long expositions on aps on Reddit is because it becomes a publishing issue if I want to submit a paper on aps or write an book or something. Condé Nast owns all publishing rights to all content on Reddit I believe.Definitely worth the read. “Reabsorption” could also be called simply “hermetic”. There’s a lot wrong with it but I can’t go into it because who has the time. It’s a great Avenue of exploration though Well it’s kind of like reading Lao Tse and Parmenides and Nagarjuna and Gnosticism. I would just reccomend his beelzebubs tales to his grandson. It’s like reading zen koans sort of. He is worth pursuing but Gurdjieff more than anyone else I can think of, you have to be ready and looking for his specific kind of insight. Or his disciples work “tertium organum”.You taking about the breakdown he did on Joe Rogan where he was talking about how all our minds are computing something horrible into reality? Yeah that would be aps Gurdjieff used it but it got appropriated by quasi new age folk psychology as a kind of alternative/supplement to the Myers Briggs On Reddit Every^tm comment is anonymous I left an anonymous comment!I can’t tell if Weinstein is joking. He is basically saying the market forces culture to evolve or select for essentially psychopathic behavior. I almost type paycheckpathic on the bus lolitsagainstthosethingsA very brief if slightly oblique example would be for instance, always driving on the right side (or left) of the road for generations. Or the fact that fairly advanced finance and accounting principles (primarily accounting) have for decades driven the general architectural gestalt, flow and design of most common bulk commercial stores. The point is, a “stack” or “nest” of computational gestures, become tidal flows of intent that “always go right” (drive on right side of road) or similar. The many lesser decisions that get sort of usurped or dominated consistently -ubiquitously- every time just to sustain “always go to the right” or whatever. These foreclosed upon gestures are a kind of worship of functional space and movement through that space. “the most efficient” “the most desirous” “the most elegant” and so on. These degree Zero demands evolve a theology-like epistemology around them. After generations of agreeing that “we only worship Christ”, “we always had a soul” “this Scientific view IS best and only” and so on. Why would we design a city where some roads you drive on the left? Why would we even think about driving on the left in the US? that whole universe of thought and expweixje hat revolves around “in the USA always Drive on the left”…what is that called? DOES IT EVEN EXIST???!! of fuckin course it does!!! Where?Not sure what I’m to speak to. I’m about 3-4 years out of my leftist phase but don’t foreseee myself ever careening right. I’m some sort of libertarian I suppose but I believe in socially based moral fundamentals being interwoven into the political/administrative structure of society but I just dont see democracy or worker organization prevailing in any meaningful sense in a globalized/globalizing economic scenario. Post-scarcity is a lot different than worker solidarity and some might call post-scarcity an appeasement.

Here’s the bottom line. “Evil” drives both social administration and the epigentic progress/evolution/change of society. At least it has for the last 2000 years or so.

We worship evil in a weird sense and I think this is unavoidable and this is the let us say “practical” definition of “Gnosticism”.

What is manifest is necessarily in a deep sense, a failure. When the first practical use of an idea or technique is solidified by a hierarchy it gets baked into reality and matter itself through what I call “bureaucracy” and this quasi-metaphysical state (bureaucracy) then gets a permanent voidal relation in architecture. Therefore the very space of space is influenced by the tendency for things to manifest. Once the bureaucracy is baked into the architecture then it resonates like an oscillator, like a note, and this is dogma. The tendency to frame certain administrative (which are essentially syntactical, computational) expressions over and over again as dominant to their “bear” alternatives, is ideology.

None of this changes the fact that we essentially have no real agency beyond a very limited real time and real space range. We are talking our every day moment to moment choices, how we treat our friends, colleagues, family, neighbors. This small network is the only one we have any real agency in a meaningful sense. Beyond the local, agency is merely abstracted away from us into the regional and abstracted further into the state and national and so on.Look I’m not trying to be an ass but co-opted FROM what? What is it that mindfulness is assumed to be for?

Zizek talked about Buddhism a few times a few years ago. He mentioned that DT Suzuki was instrumental in training pilots for the Japanese kamikaze programs. So what? You think something that life changing can’t be applied in myriad ways? I didn’t read the linked article but just by the title I’m assuming that there is a pre-conceived idea about what mindfulness should be for. Great stuff as usual. Also the demagorgon in stranger things is an entire head for a mouth so it’s sort of the opposite of the literal meaning of “psychedelic”. It’s a mind/head/brain that eats. SHUTUP BRAINMOUTHBLACK ELVIS MATTERSI just found out about it today. Today is the last day. It’s already over :(Since I can’t make the meet with a Carl and RaisonDe, I think I’m driving up to Kentucky it’s only a little more than an hour away. We revere neither life nor death. this is heckin awesome wish I had a friggin working portal right I’m not quitting the internet but this is bad dumb. Im not going to delete r/sots like I have in the past but my brian is about as clean as they are gonna be allowed to get it.THIS ISNT A JOKE REACH OUT TO SOMEONE YOU KNOWYeah lol he is all mr whatshisname from the simpsons So to put this another way, the unconscious is basically the body. Much of the “right brain” let’s say. And so the unconscious is not merely the amorphous quasi-Freudian neuroses, compulsions and libidinal drives but also the five senses and the “always on” bio-chemical flow of environment-in through the senses and of course energy/response-out to the environment. So ironically to admit that there can or absolutely should be an abhorrent reaction to ambient reality is to expose the false holism of the conscious-self model or to put it another way, to admit that the holist model is arbitrary (which it is) and can be changed. This simply will never be allowed admittance through common bureaucracy imo.very powerful. I completely agree and I am moved by your experiences and what you have shared with us. I was thinking about this the other day and the discounting of ambient ennui. I think the reason why and it’s very calculated is that the subconscious has to be shackled to the conscious/conscientious model for legalism to be viable. In other words, there will never be adequate mental health or psychological/psychiatric models. Insofar as those models would be able to admit what you have just expressed as a viable and normal and natural reaction. This is why I am more and more convinced that only a libertarian type of approach to solutions is possible. By this I simply mean do what your doing. Live and breath and bleed and invest in what you believe in. If you are willing to live and die by what you feel is right and wrong and put your sweat and blood and resources into it then you might influence someone else to do the same and so on. This way no one is waiting on the magical utopian vote lottery to legislate it into existence. There are simply too many people on the sidelines waiting for everyone else to vote with them on some issue meanwhile everyone is in hell. Live your life, do not put your light under a bushel.I’ve reported this post to reddityeah the fear extinction network. AKA WHAT I CALL POSTADVERTISING. IVE ALREADY EXPLAINED THIS ALREADY NiceBtw I will watch this and I upvotedLighten up JebediahIt’s almost six hours long. JesusWhich means he is not pulling strings behind the scenes of some black budget consulting firm, either.

Basically anything that anyone is willing to go on a podcast or talk show with is not going to be any information about “what’s really going on”. It’s going to be, at best, how to better parse what’s going on. If you buy a gas mask and some snake oil at the end of the interview, it’s probably not helpful information even if it FEELS REALLY INTENSE OMG INTENSITY LEVEL = TRUTH LEVEL EVERYBODY KNOW THATSorcery saucery saucy circe circ de solel…sotsySOTS Most Linked^tmI heard She was the inspiration for Mulholland Drivenope. Gordon mentioned it a few shows ago but I heard about it in more detail on someone else’s show and it wasn’t a lucid dreaming podcast or anything. I’ll remember eventually probably Yeah. that’s what I said There’s actually a group of lucid dreamer influenced medical researchers that were trying to organize a data dump site where people are supposed to submit their dream, time and location and they want to collate all the dream data and see if there are themes or weather/event based influence in areas of the globe. It has a name but I forget. It’s been mentioned on a couple of podcasts but I’m sorry I can’t remember much about it.We are in it. It’s called the mind war.We have been in the “mind war” since the bomb dropped. We are currently in world war 5. World war 6 is when we go to war with Facebook.I haven’t watched it but Images of physical threat or intimations of sexual arousal are used so much I think because it has a likelihood of triggering a cognitive/physiological reaction regardless of your moral or ethical stance.

This is due, among other reasons, to the recently discovered “fear extinction network”. The same amygdaloid based circuit that gives us a dopamine rush when we pass on bad news is also involved in arousal. At the primitive physiological level, sex and death conflate. Recall This is the essence of “post-advertising”.

What is post-advertising again? Similar to the simulation theory, it is the recognition of the increasing likelihood that you are wracked in the Gordian knot of a cybernetic pleroma and your body and mind are inextricably bound to it through essentially “structural information theory”.

The unavoidable aspect of this is what guarantees “mind war”. Advertising is usurping neuro-physiological and base cognitive primate wiring and you are plugged into it. “Do you experience uncontrollable compulsions or twitches accompanied by the slight feeing of electric shock? Ask your doctor about psyoplonodin. Psyoplonodin has been shown to reduce these symptoms by up to 15% in clinical trials…”

If you want to “do” something about all of this I suggest you meditate without ceasing upon what “post-advertising” might mean and where and how it can effect your life and reality. At the most radical leve, the soul consists essentially of images and memory. Memory is accessed through repetition, sublimity and familiarity. Are you safe? Is our children learning?

Ironically, this comes about upon the threshold of the collapse of the Cartesian/newtonian voyeuristic paradigm. Non-locality, APS, entanglement, actuality from cosmic potential demonstrated at the quantum level, the recognition of the inescapability of the necessarily woven nature of all things and experiences. We have no choice but to participate in some way in “post-advertising”. However, This does not necessarily mean posting on this sub-Reddit, ranting on Facebook nor purchasing the latest rebel uniform. So the question is now only this: will your experience be extro-missive or intro-missive?Im guessing but it probably references this book heavily.Wow yuck. The guy is obviously a genius at creating his own brand and he has some interesting things to say about using Facebook for highly targeted niche market in advertising strategies. On the flipside of all of that he is also demonstrating why Facebook sucks so hard and why there’s nothing social about it or any successful social media platforms. This man in short, is talking about what I’ve called “post advertising”.Right. They are speaking about the spectacle from within the center of it. They are talking about people who inject stem cells directly into their blood because it pronably enhances performance. Rogan is all about optimizing physical performance in any way possible and I would say that the MMA fight world is ripe with crazy ass life extension/performance extension stuff. Rogan harvests his own stem cells and then has them modified or some shit. Dude from tool says some really profound things in passing as well. I know it’s pretty dude bro-Ish but that’s the point. This is standard fare now.Oh please like you never pee in the sink. This was so great. I haven’t finished the last hour Security Drones Are Standing By The discovery of “cookery” along with probably baked mud bricks (which survived water and erosion) would go hand in hand I think. Claude Levi Strauss got his foothold in academia expanding the idea of “cookery” btw. Also for those of you in the know, he is talking about APS here basically. The “cognitive revolution” is THE MOST FASCINATING RESEARCH TOPIC YOU CAN EVER HOPE TO STUMBLE INTO which I did about two years ago. Terry Deacons work on the symbolic is a nice foray as well as the better research on “religion in evolution” in relation to the “axial age”. Looks like the occult world is close to catching up to me, i better make a comic book fast.Best content on SotS rn tbhI’ve discussed mind war before on here and it’s included in the diagram I posted a few months ago. I highly reccomend reading Aquinos work both the mindwar book and mindstar book he has a new one called findfar which is probably about remote viewing. Also the reccomended reading list of temple of set is a treasure trove of good books. I don’t condone nor condemn temple of set practices and know nothing of Aquino other than the two books he has written but it is most definitely spectacle related. The mind war is about as close to “spectacle” as you can get.This is really good. It takes a minute to get going but it’s very interesting when it does.OMG it’s labor not government. “Voluntarily opt in…” Lol the sweet fucking irony. And why did they likely do this? So they could have more time on their break!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAaaaa ohh. Woooooohhhh. This is rat training at its finest. “And we observed that the most efficient rats opted to have the chip inserted in their paw so that they could receive the food reward quicker than rats that completed the course and pushed the button manually.”Accelerationism is in a way the ultimate enantiodromia. It is the ever increasing flow of life and consciousness that increases with such velocity that it threatens to extinguish life itself. It is the Dionysian return of the negation of form. Life becomes death through sheer ceaseless increasing of its demand and quantity Just us afaikThis makes a lot of sense but it’s also like the ultimate dialectic too so I’m cautious. There is a relation I’ve never noticed before between dialectic and apocalypse, especially here as you present them. I have always been very inspired by your ideas and prose even when I have given you a hard time. We all look forward to following your ideas forthCoolLook I get it you have zero real commitments in this world. I should have just been like guffaw lol. Guffaw lol. Do you ever stop to think of how you sound? Some shit about Yuvon and a video game and aeon summoner consumers. Ok ok Carl okYou show your hand with this tripe. Do the anonymous simple things. Have you?Ok the reason why this is a bad idea is that you are consciously closing the loop of the necessity of the existence of these predatory categories. Your not god or even the savior your just a manic dude in a homeless shelter and performance art only goes so far. The crazy smart idiot wizard with the gaped puppy picture says more about idiot wizard than it provides any real solution for horrific cultural predation. The cleanest, most direct “solution” for any ill you perceive in the world is the single act of goodness or antithesis that simultaneously can counteract one “wrong person” doing the thing you don’t like AND be a productive force in your life for making it better, more stable, more experience filled whatever it is your after. But this is sophomoric shit that you’ve posted here. You can’t “fight the bad” and “do good” unless your Hollywood character. In reality the most economic way to accomplish this is to do one thing that accomplishes both. From what you’ve offered here your just going to end up being a pedo beast idiot wizard, the ultimate outcome of your actions will benefit bad people and I realize for your manic schizo head this is funny or a joke or ironic or art but it’s only art to another schizo. Your showing your cards here and perhaps you don’t know it? Anyways you have some good ideas occasionally but this isn’t one of them. And the gnostic rokos basillisk is also stupid. It’s the same as voting. If you participate in any way then you sacrifice one unit of agency to the system. The only guaranteed outcome of participation in these systems or world views is that you willingly give one unit of agency over. Your obsessed with inoculation BECAUSE YOUR INFECTED with a manic world view that doesn’t real. It doesn’t scale past 1 or 2 people. Not very robust. So my point is the most economic thing people can do in these situations is STOP TALKING AND INTERAXTINF WTH THE CRITICAL MINDSET THAT SAYS YOU HAVE TO FIGHT OR BE AGAINST SOMETHING. Just seek where you can place your one unit of agency where it will do WHAT YOU WANT, not “take a stand against what I’m against”. Just be for what you want that’s all that’s required. What do you want? World peace and so on? Stfu. Can you hold a job? Can you raise a child? Can you help people work on their home or plant a garden or nurse the sick or witness and attend to the addicted? Can you do simple things endlessly that make a difference? Your just like every other fucking SJW/politically smitten idiot. You can’t wipe your own ass you can’t support yourself and you wouldn’t give real charity work a moments notice BUT IF ONLY THE RIGHT PEOPLE WILL LISTEN UOU HAVE SOLVED THE ENTIRE WORLD PROBLEM OF X. Pathetic. And your representative of most and fuck sa_matra pre-emptively. Pay your own bills start there. Learn how to cook healthy meals for yourself start there. End your own sex addictions, drug addictions, personality issues with others and so on. Can you do any of that? Can any of you? The point is start simple. No one is capable of doing that it seems anymore. And the whole I can change the world thing is a symptom of the “hypothesis of the real world” that we live in. Like the idiot who wrote the meta meme blogpost about Buddhism. We are so skewed on decadence and leisure that we think that our words and ideas of words that describe “pedo-beast…” idiot wizard ramblings ARE REAL AND CORRELATE WITH SOME REALIST LOCATION OUT THERE. Your most of you just lost in lots and lots of words and thoughts and all of it, 95% at least, is abstraction. What can you do RIGHT NOW to “help” the world? Go do it. Or is that not what it’s really about? Is it really about you? THE MAKER OF THE ULTRA MEGA SYSTEM OF WORLD SOLUTIONS>These static thoughts, products of a leisurely cogitation removed from historical turmoil, persist in seeking the truth of language by formalizing utterances that hang in midair, and the truth of the subject by listening to the narrative of a sleeping body – a body in repose, withdrawn from its socio-historical imbrication, removed from direct experience…

Here she is basically talking about someone who would think that “mind parasite” memes are behind Islamic terrorismI posted this a few months ago but it’s good stuff. Deals with memes in a sense too.

There’s some of this that is ok. I don’t think Islamic terrorist recruitment works under the influence of “memes”. This is very shallow and foolish and western privileged position. These people probably don’t need to be recruited to be a freedom fighter. They are hungry and poor and want a better life and have been ruthless hustlers since they were children. In order to make a suicide terrorist probably some carefully placed heroin and sex and lots of to retire is involved. I don’t know but they don’t just go “omg jihad is what I want to do now”. Sure some idiot Americans may do that but for the indigenous it’s a bit different.Pretty sure it’s a bad idea. lol>what then do we do?

Get Everybody on Speed

….?¿Ok now it’s getting interesting this is very much mapping to my ideas on aps. I just did a recording today that could go exactly with what you’ve typed here. Could you spend some time reflecting on the last several posts and perhaps place them in an order? What should be read first and so on? Oh my goodness be! This looks absolutely wonderful.

I hear that Zizek secretly plagiarized this very paper.This is the theme song of SOTS erry day all we doI’m not sure how your defining memetic here… so the unfortunate devolutionary vector of capitalism and democracy is that there is an actual dopamine reward circuit involved in passing on bad news, fearing for ones life voyeuristically, voting in mass purely against something, plotting against the neighbors, buying a boat and so on.

The race to the bottom is nothing more than the sheer economical approximation of novelty by way of stimulated low grade (19 hz~) fear and simulated scarcity. I call it post-advertising.

At a certain level, called the “fear-extinction network”, sex and immanent threat of death conflate. It is at this Pareto juncture that the surfboard seems to “surf itself” so it seems. Land (and Bataille) would remind us that the libido is usurped by death and this is the supreme virus of our age. Others would say it is a kind of neo-utilitarianism! What strange times.

All this to say, there is not much to encourage civic brotherly virtue at the managerial level of democracy and capitalism.

striving for understanding, peace, togetherness. These things take time and patience and there is, in case you haven’t noticed, always someone to come along and criticize even the best notions :)

Fear however, and shame, these things will motivate one at the cognitive, signatory level. No symbolic nuance or understanding is required. Mere threat of terrorism, death, lack, inconvenience or discomfort is obvious even to the simplest or thick headed among us. One can see it and understand. Surely such a visual virus has an inoculation?Wtf is a black pill tbhYAYYYYYYY 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿If I had to guess I would say it’s alchemical and astrological And the sigils are of the 72 demons and angels of the decansThe guy who wrote “meaning of meaning”, IA Richards, was also part of the research for a failed attempt at a “global English” or universal English in the 40s I believe and the idea was to have a set dictionary ofn3000 words or something and basically foist it upon every nation on the planet >In The Revolution of Everyday Life, Raoul Vaneigem stated that human beings are in a state of creativity 24 hours a day, but freedom of choice has been lost; that spontaneity is the true mode of creativity…

This goes hand in hand with the bottleneck of “post-scarcity”. What would we do, should we liberate free-time, charisma and resources? I’m not joking when I say this is a real problem.

Those on the left or simply the naive who feel that the gravitas of monoculture can be avoided by “resistance” or “art” or the polemic “agency” of any means of expression are being initiated into their own unwitting self-incarceration. The task of the remnant dividual whomst, wishing to remain autonomous, seeks a charismatic outlet for expression of “selfhood”, is not to integrate their avatar into a compressed and multi-integrated online social network presence.

Rather it is the opposite. If you want to be free, isn’t the claim of his article that you are already free? In media res.

What is lacking is spontaneity, not opportunity, resources or network. Therefore to cultivate charismatic spontaneity, I argue the goal of the contemporary dividual is simply to live as if they knew nothing of history, global affairs and subjectivity. This goes back to the trap of subjectivity over and over again. The writer of this article wishes you to understand that you are obligated to self-liberation based on the foundational premise that you are not free because political/cultural/economic/religious system.

What did people do when they didn’t know there was a category called “religion” yet they were worshipful? And so on.

The left wishes to hoard the more aleatory of the signatory within “exchange value” - time, charisma, cultural self-expression, creativity and so on just as the right wishes to hoard the less abstract and more classic expressions of “exchange value” which is the symbolic.

Look at banksy. The point is not “mygot we know who this is, their identity is available on the internet and so on…” the point is they have made a charismatic game of anonymity.

Tl;dr The left/dissident idea of experiencing “free time” is usually no different than the “rational choices” always available to homo economicus. In other words, it is a quantum problem.

You truly have myriad free choice available within a logistic nexus delimited by your conscious and unconscious obligations and their potential vectors of dissolution/deterritorialization until you choose to be free- then you discover you have foreclosed upon your shallow notion of “freedom” for an icon representing “freedom”. This only tightens the strictures of ennui and indeterminancy. In conclusion, your freedoming wrong. True freedom is not knowing that a category of freedom exists. Can you live that way? Whomst among you shall be first?

Edit: a better way to say this might be, the foreclosure of freedom begins and is complete with criticality, polemicization and politicization. These are not the results of subjectivity but the cause. OMG WHAT IF HE IS GOVCORPInteresting. The plebes will worship anything!

Mcluhan said that no one in history is more susceptible to propoganda than modern man and maybe he was referencing the phenomenon behind “social contagion”. Hardware-wise, Humans have been the same neuro-physiologically for the last 100,000 years. Culture is like an OS software that the brain runs. What the fuck is wrong with western culture? I mentioned in another thread we have a focus towards the “Logos” or “Word” where we tend to see it as always the same and already manifest yet in reality everything is a process. We have ignored this process for almost 3000 years. The entire Ten Commandments are basically a manifesto against process apprehension. It’s built into and resonates from our institutions. This isn’t to say we could or would be free of memetics/social contagion if we did such and such but for everyone aside from perhaps a small percentage of millenials- spooky memetic action at a distance simply doesn’t exist. This is however western cultures one true gift imo.

For instance, new age gnostic types want to triangulate Christianity especially the gnostic gospels with Buddhism and so on. If they succeeded in doing this then there wouldn’t have been a Christianity there would have been Buddhism or Christism or something. No. Christianity’s contribution to history via western culture is the fact that it is a scorched earth manifesto, first pagan gods then God itself is massacred by this anti-religion. Let us not forget Christ told us as much. Christianity is the religion that destroys Religion, the myth that consumes Myth. Notice that i capitalized the latter in each. It is the particular which subsumes the universal. This is a reversal of logic both deductive and inductive. It is an implosion, an inversion. Categorical cannibalism. Consumption of the Genera.

Last week I went into a bank to cash a check. Fox News on the tv screens and over the ceiling radio intercom played some horrible Christian radio station and it’s awful plastic fake smiles music. THAT is what Christ came to destroy. The conflation of money, politics and religion under the guise of temple worship and he said as much. And if you look at history we get the categories of these aforementioned institutions AFTER the fall of the church. In other words the enlightenment is the ultimate Christ-like era and even now it forecloses.>Despite the varied definitions of contagion, the empirical research has tended to confirm that the hypothesis that human behaviour clusters in both space and time even in the absence of coercion and rationale.

This is a profound statement likely overlooked by many. What does it mean? It means that whether we have a clear, conscious focus or not, our wanton desire to embue icons, artifacts, experience and objects with surplus meaning is always already happening. Fascinas.

In other words “magic” is the ambient, banal state of our experience prior to choice or act.It reminds me of a daredevil issue I had when I was a kidDang the whole thing is like a comic book side show bad guy versus other side show bad guysYes you definitely have a linguistics degree Demi Moore looking good in this video Are you sure? Ok so chomskys not far out of his field then is he? Until the 80s or so linguistics and artificial intelligence research shared a huge overlap. Yes this is why I find apocalypse theory so amusing. Cybernetics/noosphere/internet is the opposite of apocalypse You would have it backwards but your missing half of it. Chomskys political analysis is his hobby. Huh? Ok here’s where it probably gets weird for most. Noam chomsky is like the Aristotle/plato/Pappy of modern linguistics. Check out “theories of syntax” or “rules and representation” I forget what his big one was but Chomsky was pretty much the first person to make linguistics a science. This was in the late 50s early 60s. He came up with “universal grammar” which in turn led to the discovery of neuro-linguistic programming. “Deep structure and surface structure”… that’s chomsky. Anyways because of this he was also constantly a theorist of focus in early AI research and occasionally contributed work towards AI. So he knows what he’s talking about more than you think.

The really interesting question is did he ever combine his linguistic theory with his armchair political stuff?

Btw I’m not agreeing with his position I’m just stating that he is qualified to speak about it.Of course. The paperclip organizer problem is already present in the corporate charter The idea that it WILL be disastrous is narcissistic, short-sighted and solipsistic. We assume that artificial intelligence will be consciously created first of all and second of all that it will sit complacent in servitude, it’s only purpose that of balancing the rockefellers global check book. It may decide humans are boring Af But fix some stuff on its way out of our atmosphere to go watch supernovas with Alan watts. Tl;dr I’m not worried about it. It’s gonna be a lot weirder and wronger than we assume I think Well known US Juggernaut corporation rolls out cyborg monetary protection ahead of scheduleWhen I click on the google drive link it takes forever to load on my phone This looks very nice. Kant was a freak indeed. And Hegel omg. And Lannnnnd

here is a potentially more phone friendly link

Also this person is the parent of “xenopoetics” - quite an eye brow blaster that Ok I finally watched three minutes of this video and couldn’t stand another second. What a bunch of torturous jabber. It’s not “wrong” necessarily just terribly boring and cynical. No light at the end of that tunnel.Similar to biblical notions of “adamic language” and correlates wjth Philo as a type of language that manifests into objects/artifacts with no discernible shift between word and object. It does indeed do that it just does it in a kind of slow motion.Actually this was a driving question for me for many years. The first journey I took was the exploration of “the history of the concept of the soul” but along that journey the Logos presented itself as an insoluble problem. I solved it pretty much. But the question remains what is it? McKenna actually had it right, more right than most.The Logos Profaned is the Matrix and the Matrix sacralized is the Logos. Now the question is WTF is the Logos? Progress is a myth absolutely but I think most people would understand that as a sort of cynical handwaving of “progress”.

One of the founding ideas of this subReddit was the idea that mythology is first of all inescapable. Narrative is the ultimate limit beyond which there is only chaos, the virtual or potential. The idea that mythology is inescapable is a direct antagonism toward postmodern critical theory popular in the 80s and 90s. So to say that “everything is a mythology” is actually An expression of what one might call “post postmodernism” or meta modernism.

Everyone is “sutured” into some kind of narrative. There is a field which studies in this aspect of participation in narrative and it is called qualitative analysis or narrative analysis and is often Applied to field research in ethnography and social work.

Four instance beginning with Platonism and then the Neoplatonists the mythology of Plato’s “Linguistic theology” all unpack from the Neoplatonic and Parmenidean statement “the one is”. This sounds and reads like a very simplistic statement but it is in fact extremely profound especially if you consider all of the effort it took to stand outside of the mythological narrative structure 2500 years ago and expound upon “necessity”. This charter statement of Platonism brings forth from within it a grammar of metaphysics, predication, syntax and logic which all then manifest, entangle and finally in form and embody a reality.

What is my point? The point is that all mythologies (and here we are returning to the SOTS charter) embody a metaphysical delimitation which becomes “cosmic” these metaphysical bounds are the very “cosmic” limit of not merely what can be known or what “is” but are the very limits of agency itself.

For instance the western preoccupation with the “Logos” (in opposition to the eastern way or Tao) or word becoming manifest for some reason eclipses and occludes systematically the notion of process and instead tends to illuminate both the symbolic and the material form of the symbolic whether that be the “Icon” or the iPhone. Yet look at the processes involved! NO MATTER. Just give the me the “facts” and give me all the casssshhhh.fanfuxkingtastic

Chaos magic is more and more the only magical system that makes sense to me. I have been meaning to run this type of thing down. ThanksYes I’ve listened to all the hofstader talks I can find. He is actually not the best presenter but his ideas are fascinating and correlate and overlap somewhat with Lakoff and johnsons work and this all of course ties in to my APS theory ive been outlining on telegram for those like yourself who have somewhat followed along.

And yes magic and alchemy and so on are not the only way or perhaps even the best way to get to the realization but it is a great way to get there if you’ve never been there before. A similar path can be found with combining say Schwaller De Lubitz and AN Whitehead. It is endlessly fascinating and yes much much more than symbolic. I’ve said it before but the heart of western Dualism is not “body and mind” rather it is the symbolic and the cognitive which are. Ow finally beginning to coalesce. Your video is great I’ve enjoyed watching those. Thanks for making themsomeday...It’s difficult to get everyone on board with this stuff. It requires the ability to parse Hegel, Plato, psi research, the occult, kaballah, neoplatonism, conspiracy theory in light of “generative linguistics” etc etc it’s just not what most people are even willing to mix together but you can’t get the full picture unless you combine alchemy and science. The ultimate dialectic I just said tons radically new to the vast majority of people who explore these things your just obviously incapable of following what I’ve said. Read my comment history. I’m not bragging I’m just saying I’ve been doing this for 10-12 years and there’s basically no one saying what I’m saying. What I’m saying is subtle yet profound. Your looking for some kind of explosion or Big Bang. It doesn’t work that way.Aristotle claimed that wisdom as we know it arises from a kind of surplus or decadence of freetime within a culture.

>…system largely took the same form in that no thinker was paid and or legitimized except by the monarchy or by corporations/government.

For the most part (as far as we know…) the same can be said for alchemy and magic at least for the last 3000 years or so. No one seems to be arguing against you. And an argument can be made with the Bible that Christ was against his father. It’s much easier with the gnostic gospels but can be done with the KJV. > Look up Barad’s Agential Realism.

Awesome. Thanks for the rec will check it out

Then Hegel or get BTFOThe printing press was an amplification of the effects of the standardization of script and the effects of this were disseminated throughout Europe and the world. Because of the satellite, Television and radio both amplified and transmorgrified the effects of the printing press. The internet is having similar effects such that it is amplifying the effects of Tv/radio, the printing press and the alphabet. Each one both warps and transcends and includes the previous technological cosmology.

The major points of history if we are going to follow this schema would be the standardization of the alphabet via the extraction of the vowels, the church/bible, the printing press, the bomb/satellite and the internet/big data.Nick Land said as much on ((((((REDICE RADIO))))))Yes that’s what I said. Ur sweet. I will be a charlatan but only for those who don’t want it.Dionysius is basically that within nature/culture which guarantees the negation of form from within image mediated and sense driven realm of myth/animism/archaic culture.

Plato modified Dionysius into “Eros” (see a book called Platos Secret for part of this especially the aspects relating to Socrates and the symposium) and this mythological motif modification was in turn a modification at the libidinal level of what we might call “homo faber”.

We are simply in the mythology of the narrative of “necessity”. Again, Plato.

The Christian is Apollonian in Nietzschean terms. Apollonian and dionysian are Nietzsches “freedom and chaos” that you mention.

I don’t know how hegel sees Dionysius. Probably incorrectly if I had to guess. Hegel was the first evil Cyborg. The seed of skynet is given to the world by plato but perhaps Hegel was the first to actually plant and nurture it. He deserves nothing less than to be cloned twice and one clone lobotomized, the other forced to care for it in eternity in isolation with only a loudspeaker as contact for the outside world whereby truly revolutionary thinkers such as myself can torture Hege with the evil and destruction that he has wrought in this world. Kant must wipe his asses and clean the cell.

What people like u/Dolenzforce don’t understand is that there is an “unconscious knowledge” in language itself and it is the landscape of predication.

“To say the future comes at us is to say ….entropy…low energy waves” etc what u/dolenz also doesn’t understand is that at this point in history we are entirely subsumed and sinking in abstraction, “ideal” forms in language, the “operation of the algorithm” of Lacan, dialectical and synthetic extrapolation of the real into the virtual becoming of the spectacle and noosphere.

It is no great humanistic achievement to “discover” entropy and its correlate computational necessities. We found entropy through information theory which in turn we found through striving to smash the Aristotelian demands of “Truth” onto the material world (the Church was the first to do it systematically). This truth turns out to be a xenolinguistic virus trough which goetic gods and demons of chthonic matter arrive via the information superhighway to involve and absolve us most thoroughly in matter.

The real question is, is language merely logistical, enumerators organizational or is it also generative?

We arrive at our discovery of entropy by way of striving to inscript reality and matter with the “epistemic objects” of science. This is done by attempting essentially to match predication and “performarice statements” generated in the lab, onto and into reality itself. This comes via the statistical, probabilistic and strategic speaking and thinking that is the result of standardized writing essentially. The more the world turns towards “globish” or “universal English” the more we will find our selves reeling ever deeper in existential ennui. The standardiZed and standardiZed worldview of the unconscious technology of the representational model within the “merely” phonological exogrammic system we know as the alphabet has had extreme consequences. The Logos is real but we choose over and over to manifest it as ossified bureaucracy, legalism, scientism and debt.

Chomskys revolutionary work in linguistics regarding “universal grammar” and his work on syntax shows that there is a bevy of metaphysical boundaries and assumptions within the “background” of logic, syntax, pronoun gender, grammar, verb conjugation and so on. I posit that as this landscape or background ecology of language (where in contrast the “symbolic” is the foreground) evolves, technology evolves via “instrumentality” and in turn the technological unconscious also evolves. This is what happens at the level of the churning alphanumeric data soup that is the noosphere.>Lmao what? This is like Hegel 101 (or 010). The doubled option of Christ being the sword is laughably Hegelian. Both are abstract without the mediation of the other. The reason Deleuze “hated” Hegel was because of this double. The difference between the two constituting their difference. And to say that the dialectic comes from the future to infect us now is to say entropy comes from the future to kill us and turn us into low energy waves.

Yeah that’s what I said.

>Lmao what? This is like Hegel 101 (or 010). The doubled option of Christ being the sword is laughably Hegelian. Both are abstract without the mediation of the other. The reason Deleuze “hated” Hegel was because of this double. The difference between the two constituting their difference. And to say that the dialectic comes from the future to infect us now is to say entropy comes from the future to kill us and turn us into low energy waves.

Your wrong DAMNIT XKARLWow ok. Can’t wait to read it Well it hasn’t been negated and that’s the problem. I think the dialectic is the main reason Deleuze hated Hegel nonetheless his philosophy “assumed the worst” as if Hegel was right. I never realized it until just now but you could make an argument for Christ being both the “sword” which cuts us from complacency and begins the dialectic OR you could make an argument claiming Christ wished to cut us free FROM the dialectic. Anyways, the “dialectic” IS THE PRIMARY POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SICKNESS. Always coming at us from the future to infect the now. It most certainly won’t be done away with but the notion that now is not good enough is the ambient affect of the dialectic. It’s a monster for sure.The dialectic is bullshit Thanks for this I really enjoyed reading it. I’m glad you found this place and continue to share your vision and passion. Hey also I explain this before in this diagram in case you missed it. Really like this post of yours. I didn’t read/watch your link becuase it wasn’t YouTube. Carl you know I love you we have an all-american relationship. Very enduring. You are the joker of course! I would not dare call myself batman. Alfred perhaps?

Anyways, I am glad you are here. Especially if it will bring Exile out of exile.Lost the big response but I will say this, the antagonistic aspect of the west is built into its very cathexis based nature. There is no real catharsis, no resolution in the west. This is the heart of dialectic in opposition to a Tao.

The competitive/antagonistic/legalistic/prosecutorial nature of the west is part of the perversion of the Logos. Darwin, Nietzsche, Romanticism- even Freud are the ones who intuit this fairly late. I would say it’s recognition begins with Rousseau but isn’t an applied science until …? No,! you don’t get it. He/she/shit made that video happen. with they mind. It’s a shame really. No replies, no commentary. Beautiful and succinct reading of plato and early epistemology. Hopefully others will find worth in your pithy presentation. I enjoyed that. Your views on plato are more correct than most realize. The idea that the subject and object are at war has been with us systematically since Descartes and axiomatically since plato. Marxism (and industrialism) makes this permanent. It’s the “dialectic” which means that ultimately all antagonisms are “resolved” by bureaucracy. We worship language and that is the crux of the issues you pursue. The hippies (briefly) rediscovered the body and movement. The open road and so on. Pirsigs system was perhaps the dialectic that re-absorbed that into language. Western culture does not have a western analectic tradition such as taoism or Buddhism so they cannot dissolve the problems of “name and form” as such therefore they are entangled in predication at the level of what I call instrumentality. This is science itself. The need to predicate truth claims into manifest existence yet explicitly through the strictures of truth-pure institutions, first the Catholic Church then the Protestant reformation then the enlightenment then the revolutions with their declarations and “constitutions” and the corporations with their “charters” and science with its “method” and so on. What is both Apriori and teleological is that the written word is not merely revered as it were by the church but used as a representational model of how to view and “atomize” reality via the representational model of the written word with its grammar, logic meaning and syntax these become the rules and tools by which the “logos” manifests - first through the institution of the church and then through “the institution” and “corporation” (a more mobile institution) at large. The east has the Tao and the west has the Logos. The analogical mirror, the reflexive limit, da’at. Plato ran light back to its source and this was the secret key to escaping the cave which is of course really just the world. Vision it seems, comes out through the eyes and seeks to form its shapes from there.You’ve posted this stupid fucking clip like 10 times. OUT WITH IT MAN. GIVE US THE BABBLING LUNACYRight. And I would call that charlatanism as well but also not of western origin. I mean I guess we could say that golden dawn and OTO style groups have a student/teacher type discipleship but obviously my broader point is there is no officially sanctioned relationship from an official western religious institution. It’s a good question though and we haven’t answered it well I agree. This would make a good phd thesis perhaps. Ok, off to the new centre or something!IM NOT CAPITULATING. They aren’t gurus because there is no sanctioned western religion which begets “gurus” aside from heresy itself. This is a technical matter. The problem is they aren’t gurus. Soho Osho notwithstanding Wow your the coolest person who has posted on SOTS for a while! Is Anders still affiliated with NC? Also it’s funny that the premier “left accelerationist” think tank is the “new center” lolYes yes of course and my point is that Lands work is sort of like the hermetic notion of god emanating into the corporeal as a necessary aspect of the completion of god but instead it’s capitalism and rokos basilisk hence the charlatan aspect of that process. Oh and thanks for the linkDiagnosed, created, opposed. I prefer it to gnostic as an umbrella term. Land is peddling a Magico-ontological system which is predicated on basically a religious telos based view of capitalism. I prefer to keep magical dichotomies alive in that regard. Never heard of dan winters. I don’t keep up with politics or media or alt-politics or alt-media. It’s how I stay sane and happy. Care to link some relevant dan winters stuff?I personally think yes indeed it’s fascinating. And let’s be honest who wouldn’t want to work for a honey pot? YOUR IMPORTANTE YOU WORK FOR A SHILL STOREI just want to stress how much I am not taking sides on any of this. It’s impossible. Each of the many freak flags hold dominion over hundreds of thousands or millions whomst sware allegiance with undue cause for the fantasy of their unmakings faster than they bake the files in the cake.

Everyone is clicking their heels together thrice, clutching their favorite sci-fi/fantasy/cyberpunk classic to their breast in earnest and glee!!! The new hopeless losers mumble about the constitution and some dude something about a cherry tree. BORING. The thing playing you is googling the cheat codes for level two while the greatest show on earth threatens to incinerate the third wall with the most maligning character ever written onto the screen. Level two completed! Landscape patina unlocked! Meanwhile, will there be a second season? Land threw his hat in the “for-sure-I-am-a-hustler-whaddayougonna-do-about-it?” trickster arena when he went on Red Ice Radio.

Land has been disinterested in philosophy for a long time and more than eager to flex his xeno-geopolitical punditry skills. He is building an army or more accurately he is “signaling” his ability to marshall a powder keg of intellectual/quasi-intellectual politically alienated masses. He and Moldbug are way beyond conjecture at this point but as I have mentioned before, a charlatan isn’t going to admit he is pilfering the puffers nor will he produce the goods contracted just yet. I find Lands positioning far more fascinating than any philosophical discussion that could come about on the margins of his tactical maneuvering. I can’t say I agree with much of it but nonetheless, snow crash is fast approaching obsolete with every day that passes and until we find ourselves finally in the fractured “future” of post-federal, post-economic blah blah blah, no one is going to show their hand.Pretty Good, if disinterested summation of Lands qualities. I like Land because he is, like Crowley, the quintessential hermetic charlatan. Brilliant, rogue, malefic. But that has its limits. It’s fun to watch but I have trouble taking it seriously. This leads me to another insight I’ve gained perusing the back channels of western history. The west does not have sages or gurus, it has charlatans and heretics and nothing but the best of them.

The west has had a duplicitous bevy of charlatans and tricksters to date. “Trickster Yoga” and so on.That’s a good way to put it.Never happens I vaguely recall some good blogs about prometheanism and Russian cosmicism from a couple years ago. Maybe Terence Blake or someone similar. Something to do with the a Russian poet maybe. The 2045 initiative is pretty intense. Telegram content extraction unit Some good content this weekAhh no problem. The issue for me was the whole thing kind of presented itself “in media res” and wasn’t well established as far as intent. I agree that integrating knowledge and resolution practices of the aforementioned states is a noble goal and definitely needs to be given more attention because for every obvious case of suffering and madness, there are a hundred more pushing it down and suppressing it. Ok that makes a lot more sense. Maybe it should be presented as a pedagogical exploration or as a way to frame or present thisbproglek in a certain way so as to make it more noticeable and approachable. There really wasn’t a lot of explanation and yours helped thankslol DC was actually really interesting for a while at first. Was SLS?I wasn’t trying to be smart I was simply showing a greater path if one is concerned about seeking, wisdom and so on. OPs ideas are OKAY. But at this point he has posted to FOURTEEN subreddits. He has said absolutely nothing special AT ALL IN ANY WAY and needs to know that. It may hurt a little bit but it’s better than walking around thinking your some kind of genius when your not. I’m not a genius I don’t claim to be knower of all things and read my backscroll I’m basically never rude, except to aminom because that gets exhausting. My point is hey great your like thinking and stuff. Good for you but you’ve just reinvented Saussures wheel here. You probably will want to know that if your linking your brain fart to FOURTEEN SUBREDDITS. Is this from crypto-cuttlefish?yes everyone has read that omg. I’m sorry I hurt your feewings but honestly the content is kind of silly in it’s obvious contents. Someone shouldn’t walk around thinking that’s an accomplishment and by the fact that he posted it in ten subreddits makes me think he is proud of himself. That’s nothing to be proud of. I was being a smartass to encourage him to go to the gym, lift bro, train harder and make a real claim. I really wouldn’t have cared but ten subreddits? Obviously op wants some feedback. Feedback is… so what. The point is the OP is like omg 2+2=4 and I can prove it.Yes If only I were aware! If only!

You posted this to 10 fucking subreddits. Your either trying to start a cult or soliciting input.

The intended purpose of this tool? It’s the algorithm problem again. There can be no real intended purpose. Burroughs was right in a mythological sense.I am trying to ask you what are You trying to ask you? That’s all.

You’ve discovered the anomaly at the heart of alphabetic language which is the same thing that Saussure, the structuralists, Chomsky and the post-moderns all discovered. THERE IS NO DISCERNIBLE CONNECTION BETWEEN WORD AND INTENT YET IT IS THERE.

lol you look like Nimrod. Also your hobby is indicative of your search. Ok so you are obviously looking for some input. Your inquiry is noble and one that any seeker of truth and wisdom will compulsively manifest at a certain point.

Aristotle defines wisdom as basically a surplus of knowledge. We know that culture itself is born of surplus and out of a certain type of surplus within nature, abundance itself allows culture to exist.

The need to classify and quantify surplus (another word for surplus is “Capital”- Marxs Tome could be translated then as “That Surplus”), though seemingly abundant is in fact one of the mysteries of the mind. If you got so gawdamn much of it, why the need to index?

This curious fact is the hidden hand steering (cybernetic) known history. We could say that history itself is nothing more than a shopping list and dictionary written in blood and surplus.

The act of philosophizing, pontificating the “true” meaning of something itself is born of a kind of surplus if not decadence.

However there is a hermetic element to the dynamo of surplus which guides the development of culture and this hermetic element is the opulent aspect of meaning creation, of cultural techne.

The reason why magic arises after philosophy, is that there had to be a category of the anamolous in which we would contain and work with all that did not fit the simple, pat, crude logic of the orthodox empire of xianity. In time, each new institution would represent this same notion, that of surplus escaping enumeration.

Yet the very need for magic denotes a failure of language systems. In other words if the Bible or science or Boolean logic and so on perfectly conveyed “Truth” there would be no need of categories such as “hermeneutics”, “heresy”, “Gnosticism” and so on. These categories especially within the nascent orbit of the murderous early Christian empire are like mutant offspring of western “Truth”. Banished when they couldn’t be killed outright. Their very existence is judgement against Truth.

Meaning then is the bastard of the secret whore mother who pleasures Truth.

And what have we discovered in highlighting this process? Entropy is the secret lineage of the Davidic bloodline of meaning. A memetic bevy of sons who all wish to usurp the throne of meaning yet cannot without an ever expanding bureaucracy and army, both unscripted and mercenarial. This is Information itself.

Information and meaning are not the same thing. They are in fact at war. The very arising of Poes Law as well as the notion of “fake news” are indicative that meaning is now being actively murdered by information. Information is entropy incarnate. Information is entropy rendered within the bounds of the human cultural scale.

Deleuze hated Hegel for the same reason that I mock people such as yourself. You have discovered the prison of algorithmic language and you think you are painting a masterpiece when in fact you are carving crude symbols on the stone walls of your prison.

Language does not contain truth nor point to it, it manufactures it.

The Logos of the west is not the Tao of the east. Why is that? I won’t bore you with the details, you would think I’m making a joke. But look at the summary statement of the Tao “that which can be named is not the true Tao”. This is the antidote of western neurosis. Western neurosis and I would argue the very possibility of neurosis (and psychosis) itself, arise solely from within the algorithmic, computational, sequential and “logical” confines of alphabet, atomistic, linear, statistical western language.

If you want to experience the truth or hope to convey it, shutup and get a hobby. If you want to understand what it means, keep talking (and generating information/entropy).There is another aspect of ritual not explored here (I didn’t read all of it, But most…) which is something like “reset”. So if you shave your face every morning this would be a ritual not because you want a smooth face but because you want the face to “return to its freeborn visage as it was in the beginning”, something like that. Many ancient rituals were meant to align with celestial arrangements because these arrangements were thought to be “exactly how it was in the beginning “ and so on. It is an attempt to remove detritus and errancy.”If it can be done it will be done.” ~ Andrew GroveJesus god this is horrible.

ANYTHING THAT DISTRACTS US FROM OUR DESCENT INTO MADNESS IS A PRIMITIVE SIN TO BE PUNISHED WITH IMPUNITY What does it mean? It means that paranoia automatically begets an abundance of meaning which guarantees a proliferation of networks. Paranoia is the new Logos. this also applies hereSee also the concept of “momentary gods” or “momentary deities” in Ancient Greek religion. Not the same but we could see egregores as a return of/to the concept of momentary anthropomorphism. Yes I am aware the buddhists wouldn’t see it this way. Tulpas are of course very similar.fetishism as social creativityYour last line here got me thinking. Interesting CreepyEnjoying the Newton stuffI am MEK the god of dgaf!!!! BOW BEFORE ME! CHILL FOREVER IGNOREDNow I’m definitely not gonna watch that stupid shit. Your a babbling monomouth spewing the same dumb stuff. If your trying to get yourself ignored by everyone your doing a great job. Oh god your an idiot Oh god your an idiot God DAMN thats brilliant Not really. He is just miserable. He is trapped in language completely. His entire thing is about rhetoric and logic blah blah blah. “Cite the sources” and so on. HOW YOU GONNA BUILD A RELIGION OUT OF LOGIC? You gotta go off script, forget the “logical” basis of bureaucratic culture, how you gonna have any dreams man? About life? If Jerry Garcia crawls out of the grave every two weeks or so to ruin any innocent experience you might have had as a teenager? YOU FUCKING FOOL USE THE TRIVIUM WHY DONT YOU? Reality is a machine that wants to kill you with CIA funded false bibliography.please. Are you retarded? it’s a sad world when some idiot posts a misspelled ungrammarred rambling fantasy about how “they were an mk ultra programmer”. It’s obvious your a pos. The project called mk ultra WAS SHUT DOWN WHEN YOU WERE ONE YEAR OLD (in Memphis 1973)…

You spammed this same junk in 20 subreddits. Your pathetic. do you go have a few drinks at some retard bar and then “let slip” that you were an “mk ultra programmer?”. Your a fucking idiot. Pretty sad hobby you have here Leonard. Liberate yourself from the lie.NO ESCAPE NOW 50% OFFhes very well read its well known No your right, Outrims shows were the most stomachable of all of Jans that I’ve listened to. I haven’t heard of the ghost fire ship. Interesting. Your right. It’s simple. We rent a brick and mortar, hang a shingle and sell these people their dreams back to em.Gnostic Media is lame ass whiny bullshit. Jan Irving is a sad sad man and hates everything. This series was pretty cool but gnostic media discounts everything it touches imo. I can explain why but it will take a while. Jan Irving retro-actively destroys everything he puts his slimey sad sack balls on. You want to listen to two sad piece of shits try and out sad sack each other? Listen to Irving on Jasun Horsleys show recently.

Some of what Jan Irving says is undoubtedly true but his style and tact is ghastly and crude. He thinks “the trivium” is unassailable but the way he uses it he just discredits “the trivium” in triplicate. He has zero rhetorical skill to begin with so he’s working with trivium minus one. Look at me I’m talking like Jan Irving. He is a disease. He makes people as miserable as he is just by listening to him or trying to describe him. It’s a true gift though 💩 he is really talented in that regard.Dean Radin thinks soMy two ur-texts of this sub! Yeah the kantian stuff is sort of like the end result of being in an atomized/alphabetic culture for 2000 years.THATS GR8 IT STARTS WITH AN EARTHQUAKE>return to your jobs

At the computronium factory It’s a meta, yes.She posted a valiant effort. Hundreds and hundreds of submissions and comments in mere days. Unsustainable even for a demi-gah.>shahh well… and that’s not easy to do.

Actual JPismsshahh well… and that’s not easy to do.Bobby DrinnonAhh thanks! Yeah I think it’s a pretty good one. Who wouldn’t show up for a conspiracy Meetup called “friends of Jodi Foster”? Plus it’s kind of inside baseball so it might even set-select the “pros”. I sure hope we get an aminom!Can you teach me how to code?Interesting video. I’m glad I helped. I think. Did it help? Jk! It’s the internet, it can only help!Thank you Moderatorer! I think the idea should be to allow the mania to persist but not proliferate until the inevitable come down. But I’m not a moderator (thank glob).I’m starting one up here in Nashville called “friends of Jodi Foster”He is an operative sent here to bury quality content. He has a chip in his brain though, so don’t be too hard on him.gesturefist hypothesis in line with this see Stan tennens work on the alphabet and gesture.>‘In a telling formulation, Sellars suggests the Manifest Image is the medium in which humans first encountered themselves as humans, by which I think he means it is the manifestation of a kind of human self-consciousness: the medium in which we conceive of ourselves as humans engaged in pursuing various practical and cognitive goals.

Wow he leads out with what I have concluded in the last few months. The spectacle is the usurpation of the symbolic by what I call the “signatory regime”. The “connectionist” paradigm is usurping the symbolic paradigm and it is doing so via the mediated image realm. The spectacle is in effect, our visual Cognition circuit partially manifest in the world. We experience “real”ish mediated images effectively as “true” by the very fact that they appear as real, animate and image based. The visual cognitive field is the primitive realm of the evolutionary theater. In other words sentient, problem solving schemas of the individual as well the group, were first theoretically predicated in gesture and action before we shared “language” as such. YES! You are the ultramega Messiah! The messiah of messianism! The messiah with the most! The host of the holy ghost of the most messianic! Codeword: smokemouth

The red koi flies at midnight


The red koi flies at midnight I pray you put The killchip in his eye bookA I for an eye I was going to say, isn’t this a big deal kind of?Beautiful! Your writing here is inspired and inspiring.Globalization is for sure. I need glasses 👓 Yeahi cohldnt raedit goodI believe he is referencing a hermetic Christian view of gods immanation into the world as being requisite to the completion of God itself.

But before I can parse it further I will have to dig my copy out and read a few pages up to that to get the context. Wow thanks for that link. I can incorporate that for sure. Thank you Weird I don’t know how that happened! How would I check?Was it Carl Schmitt? Someone wrote an essay basically saying that leftism IS technology. It may have been Eric Voeglin but it’s some fairly well known Straussian type. That may be why he is contrasting the two here. Yeah I think she may be referencing the deleuzian “schizophrenic” in that Hegels “reason” has not prevailed yet the state is undoubtedly manifesting an absolute/Christian god form no doubt - lucifer.What role does Apriori decadence play in your view/s of reality?LOL

now this is some weaponized narrative. Good jobWOW DEMENTIA BY SEMIOCLASM? This is good. Maybe a little too good…lol

FREE KATHI GRIFFIN and so on What the fuck happened? Baudrillard - requiem for the mediaI do what I can if I have to his mom goes to college >4. information thus mythologizes. the religious qualities of modern capitalism engulf digital, spoken and analogue reality. language is put on the same shelf as music or art, with similar capital-moving mechanisms and production systems.

*puts in pocket Your working a hegel-lacan-deleuze- baudrillard nexus here. Nice >And is there any? Who where has arrived by virtue of solely academic thought, and not through a bunch of connected wormholes of increasingly better curated digital spaces? Who here has arrived without making jokes that later became sincere…

Lol either your Adam Kingsmith or he stole that from you!I don’t know about cool but What can be done? The article is very well written and very sotsy. The plagiarism is unfortunate but at least it’s worth stealing so from now on just type baby talk did you see this? Pretty exciting!OH BTW IT WAS BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION THAT THE OP OF THE ARTICLE PLAGIARIZED MY RANTINGS FROM THIS THREAD

“The good ones borrow, the great ones steal.” ~ Keith Richards Is there something insightful here? I read a bit of it and it seemed jaded and morose. What’s the connection to SOTS? What’s your take on this?oh!Other than me? Hmmm…..Dave, strawberry, two chord Johnny, spider, spiders old lady, steves mom and thems…Here’s the whole thing in one quote:

>Capital, in its ultimate self-definition, is nothing beside the abstract accelerative social factor. Its positive cybernetic schema exhausts it. Runaway consumes its identity. Every other determination is shucked-off as an accident, at some stage of its intensification process. Since anything able to consistently feed socio-historical acceleration will necessarily, or by essence, be capital, the prospect of any unambiguously ‘Left-accelerationism’ gaining serious momentum can be confidently dismissed. Accelerationism is simply the self-awareness of capitalism, which has scarcely begun. (“We haven’t seen anything yet.”)

Antiquated? Please. Acceleration is antiquation/obsolescence in motion. It is the demigod manifestation of some chthonic Titan previously chained in Tartarus for perhaps 10’s of thousands of years.

I’m not going to call you an idiot but if you don’t understand it please ask. Im no longer a huge fan of Land but this is a great essay. He is one of the brightest minds of the underworld epoch for a reason.LolWell in the meantime have a look at our “no escape” product line! Now 50% off!! Purchase no escape lifetime membership and get a one time BOGO coupon for up to one 1000$ item! Survival has never been so luxurious!It’s tentative. Let’s see…

“Only one but the lightbulb must resist change so that revolution is immanent under heaven”…?How many Marxist Taoists does it take to change a lightbulbhe plagiarized SOTS way back in 96This is a great essay btw>The suspicion has to arrive that if a public conversation about acceleration is beginning, it’s just in time to be too late. The profound institutional crisis that makes the topic ‘hot’ has at its core an implosion of social decision-making capability.

here he has described the purity of accelerationist intuitional experience itself

WHATYou got a broke back trying to steal a bird bath Bumping beats mama mini van cruisin out the cul-de-sac UH make another lap take another nap Map don’t work cuz the workers took the ring decoderOh wow deadmaus guy ok Wow I just flipped through the section on spectacle and immaterial labor and a few pages umrunning up to it. Very poignant in relation to SOTS and would probably make an excellent text in general. Who is Maus?This is a really good article. It’s very SOTSy imo. great work.DEMOCRACY IS THE TRUE CONSPIRACY>Panpsychism…

Sort of. What it has led me to ultimately is that nature is in a sense “electric”. There is a cognitive element to logic, grammar and reason in other words following Lakoff and Johnson there is an absolute ouroboric limit to language and that goal and source is the body. Our five senses, our somatic shell, our haptic, sensori-motor capacities all manifest in how we see language and the reverse is true and perhaps more so. The “spectacle” as we like to call it here is nothing less than partially externalized visual Cognition. Part of our brain is outside our body flickering back at us in such a manner that we think it’s in our brain we cognize and process realistic visual images as if they were truly in nature or of nature. So what I am saying is in a sense, everything is true. It merely needs a coherent narrative that mirrors the natural narrative and cognitive aspects of how an English speaking person functions and it will trend towards being true simply by being embibed - garbage in garbage out.

There is something different with Platos dialogues. He appears at a time when there had recently been an Athenian fiat dictate to standardize the Greek alphabet based on the seven vowels and a certain pronounciation and arrangement of those vowels and consonants. This was meant to organize the provincial regions so that order could be better maintained.

There was something more that happened here than is commonly considered. People revere plato for his “invention” of the ideal realm of forms but there was something else that came along with it and that was syntax and grammar. It sounds simple and stupid but the situational matrix which delivers and captures and performs the archetypes and so on is much more important than those archetypes themselves. This syntax or matrix or loom or nexus or “living cosmos” presents the ideals and forms to us as eternal under certain assumptions of power and omission and duress. It’s so insidious and subtle That no one perhaps not even plato really reflected on this properly. Look at the dialogue the “phaedo” it is one of my favorites. Socrates is seeking to prove the immortAlity of the soul but in process of doing so he is practically defining, articles, predication, verb conjugation, grammar, syntax. Now find a western philosopher doing this prior to plato. I am almost certain there is none. I’m doing the research now but I’m having trouble finding anyone other than Parmenides and Heraclitus and even with them their handling of grammar is infantile compared to plato. Read the sophist or the symposium. Both also deal heavily with grammar and syntax and predication. This matrix of grammar, syntax, predication and so on that are unconscious symptomatic expressions of exposure to a fully articulated alphabet are so close to how our brain actually cognizes both the visual environment and movement in it that it took over 2400 years for someone to make this correlation and it was actually James Joyce then Lord, Perry, Havelock, Ong and Mcluhan. Vico may have known as well.

But there is much more than even this. This process of “literacy” which I define as “biological computation suspended in time and space extended through culture” ends with the supercession of even the biological by logic itself. The Logos in this regard appears for intents and purposes to be “not of this world” and found not inside man but between man and his field of vision. It is literally a visual virus beginning and ending in material culture, architecture and science. The rapid onset of the Greek miracle as it is called the invention of numismatic economics out of the “meat in homer” along with platos science of analogy which would in turn lead to Aristotle’s extraction of logic itself, has implications that we can only begin to fathom. You can say it appears we are in a simulation OR you could say it that all of this shit has happened before over and over again and that it implies cyclical time of a very very long cycle. It is truly bizarre at times. All I can really do is continue my research.

So my conclusion is that certain languages lead to writing systems which lead electricity which lead to “communication” which lead to “information” which end in dissolution in data (redintegration). What plato thought he invented was philosophy and the world of forms but what he really invoked was a matrix of predication which at its very limits denotes the limits of metaphysics itself. Grammar IS metaphysics, syntax IS cosmology- the “cognitive grammar of ether” let us say. Ether here meaning the biological innateness of electricity. Probably is pretty good yeah. I haven’t read it yet but even if it’s only ok there may be a gem in the footnotes/bibliography. She did an interview on erik davis podcast last year to so.THE COSMOLOGY OF GNOSTIC MEMETICS/MEMETIC GNOSTICISM

The fanaticism of “memes” is fucking dumb. *Zizek self-mocking tone “oh I think it is all a meme memes are taking over there is nothing we can do about it I made a drawing of a frog and it is ancient Egyptian god of chaos and so on, no…”

We often hear that the purpose of a meme is to “reproduce itself”. BULLSHIT. The purpose of any meme is to become god meme or Metameme which could be “the father” which is asymptotically impossible so instead best meme can do is lower case metameme or demiurge aka “the name of the father”.

The Metameme could also be seen as a kind of cosmological bound that cannot be escaped or crossed. A kind of damnation against which the metaphors or smaller Memes strive against in retaliation as a form of contagion against their creator.

The memes refusal to accept Metameme as “meme ultra mega boss” (zizek again) works in a kind of immunological model such that the memes highest form of memehood is to become Metameme but there are certain ultra (Zizek- “ewltrtruh”) limits that cannot be easily surpassed, thus the memes memetic viral reaction against Metameme is “truly viral” only when anomalous “punctuated equilibrium” happens - evolutionary jumps like that from “Genesis” to” Big Bang” for example is one of rarification of the linguistic environment OF language which would be a new “name of the father”. But to outstrip “Language” itself would be graduation to “father” or Metameme. The panhyllic realm of “god+” would be the metaphor-as-ainsophaur, unsurpassable ameme nothingness the meme before memes, the “Oen” in xenoplatonism. So the standard economy of memetic viral reaction exchange of memes inter-memely is not viral at all it is merely “cellular” kinetic exchange, hate-sex. Therefore the meme economy is the only true free market in its purest sense.

Therefore by transitivity, meme economy is purest form of Gnosticism.

So the question isn’t “is SOTS a metameme?” Rather the question is “Is SOTS god theyself?”I think what you wrote here is great I don’t care who is president they will be fantastic we will love them im sure of it A metaphor is a conceptual “state” more than anything. Nietzsche actually developed some of the groundwork for this. The general idea is that every state of information, idea, experience, environment and so on somehow magically translate into the next state but even if we can decipher how this happens it’s still in language therefore it’s still a metaphor. Ok for instance you are walking in a parking lot and it’s windy and no one is nearby the place is desolate and suddenly something touches you on the back of your neck and you freak out then you see a plastic bag floating head high beside you in the wind. All of these things are metaphors the environment the force that brought the bag to you the bag itself (scary thing that touched you) the change state of placid strolling to adrenaline spike then to “knowing” what caused it. All these things are either retro-active or simply language conveniences for the thing in itself. Jordan Peterson Sometimes has mentioned the “frame problem” which is similar.

Each state whether it be experiential or retroactive analysis is a metaphor and the metaphor is the threshold at which one thing changes to another, it is the Janus faced limen so to speak. It is not a thing, but a portal. The Neoplatonists had hypostasis’ and triads and each point on the triad had a triad and each point on those points had a triad and it made a “flower of life” loom-type network of warp and weft which assembles or knits the world together. In tantra this knitting is a kind of fucking. Everythain be fucking in every moment immanently Indefinitely. Each minuscule moment is a world being born thriving and passing away. But no matter how you model it, each discernible distinction and state is a metaphor for what it is. Creation stories bestow an assumption of power on the narrator for providing a source “metametaphor” but this is political I am digressing.

Metaphor as I am using it is like the “grammar of Cognition”. It is monadic in that all things are within metaphor and each distinction is a mere division of the metametaphor and so on. How many times did I say metaphor? Surely there is another wordThis is pretty funnny. I’m reading it in the voice of zizek Oh wow I can’t wait to check this out thanksDid that really happen?ahhhh I see ok makes total sense now too bad op only communicates with links. Thank you. My vague political intuition regarding trump is that they will basically skin and flay him Alive rhetorically, politically and so on. I think the point now is to show that government is simply obsolete and no better way to prove that than to keep him in. Also if he is still in in 4 years no matter how bad he is done he will be re-elected I bet by the same people same strategy. It’s almost a very sinister joke you know from the tptb that hey we can run the farm with any old clown. The presidency is nothing more Than a beet farm for the executives mistress to keep her busy and so on not to mention it’s a write off!Ha ha I’m not Canadian i just don’t follow politics. Ok so say more. Nail in the coffin for what?Yes yes of course but the question was for OP the link is to some trump tweet so I just wondered how that connects to trump tweet Apprently George Lucas was a huge Marxist ;) r/ancientfuturesNo I haven’t I didn’t know he wrote a book I will look it up. I read a lot of his dao bum posts maybe all of them back in the day I need to read his blog stuff what’s the link again? Did you find drew on here? I’ve posted him and dao bums a few times on here over the years I added you over there. Just post here too man no one cares there’s 5000 users there’s gonna be some bad axelsAlso I will have guests after 5 or 6 shows. I want to lay out my system first that way guests can know what I’m about and whether they want to come on or not. I may write essays or a book or something later but I won’t be blogging much or keeping a high online presence I don’t have time for that shit plus it sounds like a ton of bullshit tbh trying to build “presence” and a “brand” or whatever. I am doing this because no one else comes very close to my perspective imo so I’m simply doing this becuase lots of people are hounding me to and that’s good it makes me feel wanted 😊 so nbd but yeah I’m not gonna be all OMG DONATE TO MY SUCH AND SUCH AND I WILL DO SECRET FACEBOOK WITH YOU fuck all that shit I don’t have time for that nonsense. I’m just putting out a position that is unrepresented and I hope people will enjoy it.Yeah those are just me bullshitting I’m going legit the target date is Halloween. They will be all new content too I’m not using those demo recordings I haven’t watched any of his other videos are they any good? Do you suggest any others? Seems like he is somewhat entrenched in alt-right stuff though. I’m not a fan of that shit. Politics is a revolutionary process and I refuse to participate in any aspect of it. Of course! Believe it or not Dianetics explores the same things not as thoroughly as GS of course and “psycho-cybernetics” does too. Chomskys work on linguistics also dovetails in here as well his notion of “universal grammar” as well as his framing of “Platos problem”.

The xenolinguistic aspect of the alphabet was unfortunately never discussed as such even though that’s basically what it is. The atomistic alphabet approach is Some kind of hellraiser cube puzzle that when approached a certain way opens up not merely the puzzle but a portal to another realm but we do not go there, it comes here.TBH I am still tripping on the Star Wars connection dawg. This looks like a good paper though I will come back with trick or two perhaps vree range chickens Wow thanks I’m just a simple carpenter I can’t compete with some guy form Canada pshaw yeah well and that’s not so easy to do Great now I’m nervous oh god how do I look Exile ;)Wtf plox eggsplainYes thanks for your posts. I’m aware of all this. My theory which I call “abstract phase space” attempts to shine light on the thing that is using written language as a carrier wave. APS/written language was at least until recently devoid of emotion and affect which let those dimensions of gesture, tone, presence, emotions, affect etc dwell in limbo, relegating the immediate immanent elements of speech and communication to a dark chthonic unconscious symptomatic expression the Freudian neurotic and so on. Literacy as we know it seemed unable to capture the body directly as it were, But with the advent of signaling and social media and the sort of permanent aesthetic capture of symptom like the “duck face” and things like that, these backwater unconscious neurotic symptoms have themselves become signs. This is the spectacle. Partially Externalized mind Cognition living in culture reflecting off screens and interfaces and triggering unconsciously through a type of “mirror neuron” process the Mimesis of idiocy.

So my take on memetics is slightly different in that I am claiming the roots of logic and grammar and their bounding properties being called “metaphysics” are actually memetic in nature as well. In other words logic is viral too and more vicious than the so called “irrational” elements of memetics.

Do you have any thoughts of your own on this matter? I’m sorry I’m not a poster on any of the chans or anon so I’m unsure as to if this is just how you communicate.My point is also that you can’t expect a “rational” audience in the body politic without making them aware of the alien nature of truth. And this isn’t philosophical it is the more “real” basis of what we use and know as “language”. It’s both more and less than we give it credit for. You can’t just “look for the facts” that’s impossible first of all. You have to a reason to look for facts and you have to have a grasp of reason. It’s not innate, it’s a function of language that correlates with certain aspects of Cognition. It’s in the mind not the world. So what types of facts do we wish to find? What type of facts do we wish to prove? yeah it’s pretty good I like the whole bit about the internet bringing forth another kind of Gutenberg/Protestant reformation moment That’s exactly what I asked for!! What happened was the fucking sheriffs department brought in a couple drunks for blood testing and it got weird. When I realized I couldn’t disappear through the glowing red portal “exit” into the electrical current and re-appear elsewhere in the hospital, I knew I would have to fight my way out of the hell realm. I woke up 36 hours later with carpet burns ALL over my body. Lol. I was not human for like 2 years. I made a room in the barn we had this huge barn and I just sat out there and strummed my guitar and worked at a diesel mechanics shop. I couldn’t go out in public or go to college it was just too much.The “ideal” utopia would be I guess that we realize that logic and reason and facts are tools of language and tools first and foremost they are not Apriori, defacto nor “real” as in abiding concurrent or parallel with “reality”. Reality is constitutive of language, synthetically derived of syntax and a subset thereof. We formulate what is possible and thus what is probably (as in probe) and thus our material tools reflect what we “know” about the world. There is an inseperable connection here between the metaphysics of grammar/syntax and tool making. How we see space, time, causality, natural law and so on are mirrored in the tools we build and use to explore those laws and regions.

We can see it like the internal map of Samoan “wayfinders” in a sense. The words point toward what’s possible and can illuminate new lines of exploration but it is more often the case that they instead occlude and obfuscate key elements of experience such as intuition, affect, context, social cues, gesture and so on. Writing functions a lot like alcohol in that regard. LolCan I just state the obvious or no?What’s a misanthropic rummy a cranky drunk?It means that language becomes a model which fits in your pocket. With the extraction of the vowels the ability to completely translate spoken word into symbol is accomplished. Prior to this there had to be a poetic mediator -“oh it means this, this word is pronounced with an “o” sound and so on. For instance pronounce may have been written prnñç or prñnć or prnnć now as long as someone was alive in the elder poets of the clan that “knew” what it “really meant” then it was fine but rose that 10 miles north and across the big river and that would be a totally different word and interpreted totally differently. The mater lectonis marks became outright vowels this the atomization of language began. By extracting vowels from within pronunciation it created a clerics class outside the telestic as well as giving a timeless home to writing. Writing was no longer outside, spread out amongst the provincial dialects and to the whimsy of poetic Interpretation, it’s pixelation had become rarified enough that disembodied the Representational matrix of speech and transposed it into an invisible ostensibly “prior-virtual” realm which the Hebrews associated with the unknowability of god and so on. But the point is the power of refinement, capture and translation became a ubiquitous practicality for the merchant traders and clerics and tallymakers and this granted this atomistic representational model an assumption to power that was simply never questioned. Not until the 1930s or so when the literacy/orality thesis began.”Literacy” as we know it was merely the space formerly occupied by biological memory being converted to a servo mechanism for creating, extending, sustaining and perpetuating bureaucracy. The entirety of scholastic theology is the ever more baroque employment of logic for proofs of god and to legitimate martyring of apostates and papal bull decrees.

Utopia is a function of language the left to rightness unto forever, the magical kingdom that resides in the dot of the Renaissance vanishing point.In relation to my longer reply below, see also this thread and the diagram I drew found in the imgur link Bertrand Russell occupies or attempts at all times to occupy the “no where” location on the diagram. Truth, facts and logic live “no where” they exist in no particular time and no particular place they are purely “intelligible” in the Neoplatonic sense. The realm of nous -the divine mind- impinges upon the world from the transcendent eternal timeless substrate of all reality.

Notice also that mythology emanates from the same source as logic and “truth”- a place beyond time. The tendency to dwell in this conceptual realm of “truth” and facts is in fact a disease, a temporal disease and is related to much of our apocalyptic ennui. This same realm, when sought as an arbiter of “ultimate truth” encourages a drift into ideological neurosis which is the tendency to associate ones personal goals with a larger groups lexicon basically, political, national, ethnic. This is the “will to power” of Nietzsche.

There’s nothing wrong with any of this so long as we understand our relationship to langusge but let’s be honest, most do not. Therefore, the tendency to drift into ideology is dangerous. What does this mean? It means that we assume and adopt the lexicon of a group with which we associate and also assume that our own personal agency is strengthened by association but all we are really doing is adopting arbitrary logical and syntactical limits to the broader lexicon by imposing the ideological lexicon atop the source lexicon.

This creates a paradox of conflict and super-abundant meaning, the need for a “hermeneutics of suspicion” and an endless list of problems to solve. But again this must be stressed, logic and truth and reason are relations of syntax within the realm of language alone we then may choose to inscribe these truths upon the material world but they do not live nor emanate from anywhere outside us other than the linguistic representational model.

So my point is not that this is bad and we should not do it, rather that this is a symbiotic/parasitic inter-relation between man and language and should be recognized and respected as such.

All of history and culture since 500 Bc or so has been the sequence of man smashing language relations onto the world in a fervent and zealous manner. Ideology, fetishism, commodities, genders, symptoms, legalism and so on. These are all syntactical nets of language relations presented or “revealed” to the mind from language and then “frozen” as Truth and then forced into the world.

This is not a fad. This is permanent and will never end. But we can become aware of it and better hone our chosen relations.

The psychosis, neurosis of the mind and the anxiety of the mind are primarily diseases of logic they imply a logistical, statistically probable vector of “rational” maneuvers that will allow “me” to accomplish goal x.

But in reality they are biosemiotic impulses bubbling up from the biomass swamp of culturally inscribed cognitive recogniscent patterns which essentially “trigger” our compliance before we can actually see their compulsive and irrational and biological source. This is how it works for the uninitiated Bruce, but we are initiated aren’t we?

So this neurotic ceaseless flow of mental chatter will grab ahold of a thing that “MUST” be done and then begin what? Laying out a logical sequence of steps that must happen to accomplish that goal. Then I go here then I buy this then I go there then I do this then I call this person then we meet here and so on. The problem is you have an endless fractal, diasporatic explosion of recursive and expansive language vectors making demands on a single biological vessel. This is why it’s more important to own your mental decisions than it is to “purify” them and why sociopaths and psychopaths are more successful. The have very low mind oscillation in regards to agency and of course the linguistic construct of morality also does not get in the way.

Ideology and morality are both very similar in that they weld together syntactical frozen “nets” of language with/onto affect, emotion.

What I am laying out is actually a very subtle teaching and I am sort of ham fisting it right now but it is basically a form of analytic western Buddhism. The abbhidhama has what is called the “51 mental formations”. Why doesn’t western philosophy have a notion similar or “the three poisons” and so on?

Eastern religions and systems recognized the subtle nature of literacy - a key aspect of the axial age- and attempted to know and understand their relation to “the mind” which they called Maya. They sought to know it out of respect like that type of respect you would have for an enemy or a weapon of great power and danger.

The west missed this crucial step somehow. We sought only in our primitive barbarism to snatch up the shiny powerful weapon and use it at once! The crucial era and system Where we would have developed an eastern relation to the mind and language, neoplatonism, we instead developed a religion around the mind and the intermingling of thought and language and consciousness driving ourselves ever deeper into the inner-spectacular throes of pschedelic experience.

Psychedelic means “manifest mind” and that is precisely what we are doing this is no accident that virtual reality and AI are fanatical pursuits in western culture indeed we could say that this fanatical religion of Silicon Valley is merely a continuation of the odd alchemy of neoplatonism.

We are systematically and systemically oblivious to the power of language-as-mind-made-manifest and this is why the west is the vehicle and harbinger of the Kali Yuga underworld epoch. We are a depravenous, debacherous, infantile, facile mess becuase of our relation to mind and language. This relation is both a sorcery and a system of deception by omission.

When the Greeks picked up the alphabet they were a tribal wasteland their culture was mercenarial and their religion was in dissolution for centuries prior to the pre-Socratic. There was no political or religious ecology to slowly absorb and disseminate this powerful technology of the alphabet it simply hit the culture like a tidal wave, an epidemic a colonization.

What we pride and revere as miraculous regarding the “Greek miracle” is in fact the symptomatic onset of a xenolinguistic virus. The atomistic, representational, reflexive and recursive nature of the alphabet is the single most powerful model building technique yet devised and lives on in software and progrMming language today.

It is not the alphabet or atomism itself that is powerful. It is the addition of dimensions that allow compression, hermeneutic manifold transmutation and transitivity above and beyond the endless surface skipping of correspondence and analogy that plato and his elders exacted on nature. yikesI just realized that I had a death trip at age 19. 10 hits straight to the gord. I tried to check myself into the emergency room thinking someone there would be benevolent and ended up in a brawl with the sheriffs department and some nurses and doctors. What was I supposed to do that bitch turned into a dragon and shot fire at melogic and reason are not necessarily a priori to human experience. Indeed, we can find ample evidence of the mythological mode of thought prior to logic based thinking that follows socrates and especially Aristotle.

I don’t want to come off as a postmodernist nor a nihilist but there is something very curious at the heart of logic. I have been engaged in quite an exciting research tangent for the last 16 months or so which I can summate as the “occult history of logic” - a pursuit I call “xenoplatonism”.

There were two seminal books which influenced me to start this sub. one was nick lands fanged noumena and the other was Eric Havelock’s “preface to plato”.

Lands work was exciting and seemingly “obvious”, but why would plato want to ban poets from his ideal city? wtf is the big deal about “mimesis” and why was plato freaking out about it? It took several years for it to sink in. The implications of that book were in no way obvious.

The voweled alphabet is in no way a sinister seeming affront to human essence and yet there is at its core what I have taken to calling a “technological unconscious”.

once the vowels were extracted from the aspirant consonants and given their own unique “mark” or sign, a “fully articulate” phonological model was born. this was and still is imo, the single most powerful stroke of technological utility yet to grace man. Prometheus being the god of technology nonetheless gave man the alphabet.

I consider my project to be something like the “mythology of logic/alphabet” and the reason why is because its implications exceed confinement in all aspects.

The fully articulated syllabary of the greek alphabet was a traders tool. It was a technology of surplus, a technology of the market, and was meant to fold up and go with you wherever you went.

once the transcription gap of the phonological limitations of translation were crossed, biological memory was bypassed and freed for new intellectual pursuits.

the ability to breakdown any language into its full phonological components and “freeze” it on the papyrus was a supernatural act and it was this alchemical melding that made the alphabet so powerful.

indeed it was not that it could translate ones speech in exact replication in markings, rather it could translate any speech so long as the speaker and writer could communicate basic intent between each other. it was the ability to absorb the other and capture memory which made it promethean.

now the first clerics of the new alphabet likely thought they were merely translating oral speech exactly into inscribed marks which would preserve the speakers intent on the clay or payprus but it turns out that something much more sublime was taking place.

The hidden effect of the fully articulated alphabet was that it resulted in “unconscious phonemic analysis” which means it triggered a recursive split into reflexivity on speakers intent and relation to representation within a model which intimated the reader/writer toward indiviudal articulation and in turn, seduced the cleric/reader/writer into thinking that words and concepts could be extracted from their spiral bound endless chained metonymic flow as they had been previously captured in mythology and animistic and idolatrous religions of sacrifice and ecstasy.

when a word is written in a fully articulated alphabet that breaks sounds down into meaningless atomic constituents you have the generation of “something from nothing” but beyond that, this simplistic experience of the “whole”word being fully captured by this representational model, presents language as a simple puzzle that demands resolution and this attempt to solve this “simple” puzzle is the entire mad romp of western culture.

what this resulted in was nothing short of a permanent stigmergic, epigenetic, cultural revolution at the level of punctuated equilibrium.

we see socrates exhibiting a new type of sophisticated indolence in the dialogues, asking “what is the meaning of x in and of itself?”

this dialectical approach though axiomatic on the analogy held nuclear echoes for all of western history, indeed, history is born of this moment, or rather its technology is solidified. standardized writing.

the translation of a word into a “fully articulate” alphabet has a strange effect on the individual. it implies that it is presented, represented as something that can be known by itself. a quick tour of the dialogues proves that this seemingly simple intimation evades resolution continually throughout the works of plato. nonetheless he and we persisted even to the present day, to find the “meaning of x in and of itself”.

there is an evolutionary trajectory from plato to Euclid.

plato works with analogy and has no specific terms for logic maneuvers. This would be reserved for Aristotle to “invent”, the syllogism, induction and deduction, yet plato can be found to use logic in the Parmenides and sophist and thaeteatus yet he had no words for these maneuvers, including them perhaps as subtle nuance of the dialectic, elenchus and analogy. it would be up to Aristotle to suss out “logic” proper.

With Euclid however the entire world is changed forever yet again. Why? The logical relations that begin with the socratic proclamations end with the axioms of Euclid. what does this mean? It means that syntactical relations of language that begin as fiat legalism eventually result in a conversion to a form of Spatial cognition beget from axioms and veiled in a kind of “proejective geometry”. this process continues and we could even call this first jump, fromplato to Euclid, a “dialectical materialist” jump in that a recogniscent pattern of language becomes embedded in spatial relation via math, geometry and eventually architecture.

what am I trying to say?

The humanist revolution so often attributed to plato was not his invention so much as it was a discovery of something pre-existing,waiting to be arranged just so. The mere extraction of the vowel sound from the consonants (traditional Hebrew is still thus), resulted in a panspermic revolution nothing short of externalised memory. THIS Is the essence of culture, history and the “extended mind Thesis”. but the shocking fact is, all that was required was a kind arbitrary re-ordering of some symbols that had existed for perhaps more than a 1000 years prior to plato. This shift was laying dormant in the syllabary waiting to be unlocked.

This thing that has been unlocked is now the basis of “globish” and software language,itself a result of endless computations in Boolean algebra until the transistor (salvaged from a Roswell crash!) finally allowed these Spencer-brownian inscriptions to accrete just as syntax, grammar, logic, reason, geometry and temporal shift in language had prior.

Read the Phaedo of Plato. instead of looking to see if socrates proves the soul immortal,instead look at the grammatical rules that are bleeding into western culture even as the soul is “proved” “immortal”! It is truly a xenoparadigm. The limits of grammar are the limits of what is expressible and thus what is knowable thus what is explorable. This means that language is the beginning and end of “instrumentality”-science itself. Grammar IS metaphysics. There is an alien mythos hiding with in the history of “cunning reason” in the west.

Truth, reason, logic, these are all relations of syntax, grammar, logic, tense, temporal locution and arithmetic consistency. they have little to do with “nature” and since we have textual record of a time prior to the existence of logic etc then we can say there was a time that these things did not dwell within the realm of the human. so then what is logic, what is “truth”? what is a “fact”? lest we forget that this same query drove Wittgenstein to suicide.

Sleep tight friends!”Facts” are synthetic, syntactical relations of language. Language is parasitic upon humans and diverges from nature with the alphabet. This man has a full blown logic infection.This is actually quite a “spectacular” insight regarding McKenna. Kudos to frater ONo I mean he couldn’t even challenge him call the Spencer guy is right wing that this would be the same for left-wing personality. Let’s say someone challenges him and then beat his ass then some person that identifies him in public they docs a.m. for Razz him at his home make his family live miserable stalk his family etc. in other words the rabid fanaticism of online anonymity would be abused it doesn’t matter who the person is what their political affiliation is someone opposite them Would then stack the challenger whether that challenger won or lost Like telegram was best encrypted blah blah blah but got compromised? Idk I assume he means you can’t fully encrypt it end to end because Govcorp will finance a backdoor somewhere It is and it isntdude I stopped listening when he was all “only consider the facts of the matter” or whatever I was thinking about this. Let’s say the guy didn’t have a mask and walks up and says “hey!” And punched him In the face. He would be identified and gang stalked until something very bad happened to him. In other words you can’t simply sucker punch somebody or cold cock em like in the old timey days. This is best practice for sucker punch in the age of media I just saw this today! I never heard of him it just showed up linked somewhere I just thought it was funny he was about to talk about Pepe…lol that damn frog is magical I liked it but it’s still seems kind of a yuppy-on-yuppy hate crime to me.

Does TLP have any spoopy stuff? Like luminarti based occult riffing?> But make no mistake, we will never make it to any kind of post-scarcity economy if we don’t start to understand what is going on right now.

Yes this is where I stand as well. Understand “now”, plan later

Mygot you knoWWoah this is quite a personal story you’ve shared. This is intense Thanks for the response. This question has become central to me recently at the core of my project I’ve been working on offline. I’m really perplexed but I’m convinced it is an intimate, cognitive, spatial relation which is “hardwired” into us just like language and opposable thumbs.Friends, No thing is impossible for kosherbosher doctors They put the chip in yojr eyeball when you are born. Everyone has the chip.! There is a secret room in all nurseries behind the washroom sink and when they take you as a babby to wash you up, they gonin that room while you are still crying so no one will know and object the chip in your eyeball and this is how they see what you see there is also a chip in the back of your neck this is the kill chip and one in your ear so they can talk to your Brian controls Yeah clarification is never bad and I knew that if I would have thought it through like on a troubleshooting scenario but yeah nothing wrong with making things clear and after all you did follow that with some advice!Good idea True true. Thanks Not a bad idea! Fantastic!! Thank you!

The history of cybernetics is fascinating and it’s as close as your going to get to a factual admittance by tptb that the matrix exists.This twitter user has a VERY interesting take on the internet, darpa, and cybernetics. Lots of gov and cia documents and Stanford research institute documents too. Could someone take the time to put all his tweets in order in essay form and attach all the links? This is truly valuable info and presented in rare cogent form. This information deserves to be in longform, the community could really benefit from having this perspective readily available. Want to know the Infrastructure and coding of the matrix? It’s in these here twitslol found it

“Hedonic reactions” so that’s what it’s called. Wow. I like it!

“Knowledge of this reaction could be used to to develop a social media rehabilitation program” puhhhhhleeeease

If anyone tried to do that Zuck would have them dissapeared instantry.

“YOU, harhdt zlabor een serfver coldt tchambers, 10 years mineemoom”

I am obviously superior to most becuase I don’t Facebook and had trouble finding the link on twitterIs there a paper or link I was to follow? I just saw a sentence. Your on to the right track here for sure. Affect, embodied Cognition, cognitive neuroscience - these things hold the secrets to contemporary malaise, studious ignorance, endless oppression and so on. The mind rules the body and the body is for the most part clueless.Yes yes this is what I’m going for, a concise framing.Your biblical points are poignant by the way definitely relevant thanks Ever read any john Zerzan ? There are some good insights in here. Your definitely on the right track.Ok thanks for posting some McKenna but we are gonna need you to describe why it’s relevant to this sub. 100-200 words, be specificWow he has some new books out and some of his other stuff is reprinted I guess too. I really enjoyed mindwar and would love to read his phd/neutron bomb book too. And mind star. He was on some show a year or two ago and the guy wasted like 45 minutes on the bullshit and didn’t know how to question him on his metaphysics so it was mediocre.perhaps The red koi flies at midnight In the fall. Aiming for Halloween. We have a couple urls and there is a group on telegram working out the deets. I’m steady cranking out “demo” podcast recordings and feeding them to a small group who then critiques and comments. The idea is for me to lay out the general perspective which I call “xenoplatonism” and then after that’s laid out, have guests on regularly. The idea is to lay out the philosophy first so people can know what they are getting into whether they want to participate or not.The SOTS show/podcast is gonna be so much better. Alex Jones is a nice guy I think and that breakdown he did on Joe Rogan about the noospheric matrix stuff was cool but I just don’t listen to this shit. Anything that attempts to scare you in to agreeing (like xianity) is full of shit and absolutely PART OF THE PROBLEM. what he is saying is probably at least partially true and what is the solution again? Stay tuned? By the products he advertises? Yikes.There are several shills on this very subreddit. Thankfully I am not one of them.Wow that was really good. The one on negativity in Hegel and Freud is really good too I have no clue. Basically alpha-numeric/alphabet based language requires a hermeneutic substrate, a chthonic subterranean zone underneath the objective/logical domain of syntax and apparatus of the Kings English.

Now the question is not, did these places such as Agartha, red shambala etc, exist prior to official recorded history, rather the question instead Should be “did the very medium which allows the inscription of history also invoke those things and processes that are possible only beyond all histories and their domains of logic?” We don’t know dude, we just don’t know.The majority of Nazi elite were occultists and ALL all them believed that there were supernatural humanoid creatures living in the earth. Some of them believed it was in Tibet and some of them believed it was in Antarctica. What are your favs?good god I wonder if Google has elves that just make the search query as you search for it “zizek and Neoplatonism” was the search Interesting! I would so love to hear his, you know, perspective on neoplatonists. Maybe he will get to it sometime. Right now I’m listening to one of his talks on Buddhism from 2012 “buddhism naturalized”. He is talking about the Babylonian Talmud…maybe we should organize an email blast and get him to do a talk on kaballah and Neoplatonism (and lacan)Where is the dank meme scholarship? memesSome of that was ok and of course some of it is just ridiculous. Here’s some of what the e jones guy is missing What image?Hyperstition is the ideal/platonic form of meme magic Was he on erik davis podcast?> Creating something awesome by accident and then constantly trying to outrun the incoming wave of normies.

lol that’s definitely what happened with SOTS

Not that we are trying to outrun anyone…

or start a cult…


FYI This link is considered a gatekeeper linkvideo of author doing a presentationI’m not your keeper or theirs. No wait I know, YOU SHOULD VOTE DEMOCRAT! you can stop reading now.

do they need food? Give them food. Organize a fund and give them money. You can’t ameliorate life. If someone is a drug addict loser and they have operarionalied their kids my advice is get away from them. Do you know if any of that is true? The reality is our web and reach of agency is EXTREMELY limited and what political ideology says is WE MAKE YOUR AGENCY LIMITLESS and most people believe that in some form and they spend their whole life like that dog bolt in the under rated spectaclish movie starring john travoltas voice. There was a homeless guy who “was the nicest homeless guy you ever met” and was really friendly and everyone helped him and he had quite the life. One night my car gets a brick thrown through it and the door got dented in the process. Cost me about 3000$ dollars and it was the week of finals my backpack got stolen too so I had to replace 800$ worth of books so I could study for finals. A week later the “nicest homeless guy you ever met” is walking down the street wearing my jacket and wearing my beanie cap and my shirt and my backpack on his back full of my clothes. That’s when I woke up to the fact that these people can get what they want/need and STILL be fucking scum. Be thankful you are not in their shoes and help someone who deserves it. If you deem they deserve it give them some money. The idea that “we can solve world hunger” is evil. What are YOUR limits? What are YOU capable of? The intimations of political agency granted through ideology and dogma provide COMFORT and the facade of WILL. It’s Nietzsches will to power. Ok obviously you should do what compels you. The problem is that this scenario you’ve recalled for us has been operationalized by “democrats” who MAKE THE ENUMERATION OF SUFFERING THEIR BUSINESS. Not the amelioration, the sharing, the implication of guilt for not voting for the cult that fixes this stuff except the bad people cult won’t let them but they will try real hard ok? I am Not giving anyone political advice other than politics is a syphon for sucking agency out of the body politic. What I am saying is that if people were to take this racket to market instead of the racketeers (conservatives and liberals) then there is a CHANCE for real condensed agency. But it requires people to live their beliefs. Voting is an endless supply of free hot air basically it’s fake energy fake power. If you want to change the gawdamn world learn about economics and the market and find or make a group whonis turning your ethical concern into a hybrid business model. What I am saying is the non-profit and the corporate charter are both obsolete. Find a hybrid make a hybrid invoke a hybrid. This requires two things that no one wants to do, put your money where your heart sleeves are and learn about how best to maximize your return in that process it’s an investment. If someone is poor give them some food or whatever. My point is POLITICS DOESNT WORK and the whole model has subsumed everything and there are a bunch of fuxking idiots talking about the “alt-left” and “alt-right” as if these groups had power or as if they were ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING REAL IN THE WORLD. Politics destroyed Obama and gave us Trump. It’s not even rigged it’s undead. If people want to “do something big” in the world the way I see it, THE WAY I SEE IT is to completely sidestep the government in any way possible. The market DOESNT HAVE TO BE a thing that makes computronium out of life. The government is owned by the market. It must be a pretty powerful thing therefore play with power.

I DONT CARE what people do I don’t care about politics I’m not trying to change the world or where my ethics like badge. I’m simply saying were some people want to do something like that, like make big things happen, from my observation, politics is hopeless because it’s totally subsumed by the market therefore THE ONLY CHANCE is to change the market. To the extent that people are unwilling to engage this inevitability is the extent to which they fail their best hopes and society at large. In other words, it ain’t much but at least it beats voting.

Voting is the ultimate counterfeit currency it really is. It’s just a total energy sink. It destroys everything, absorbs any kind of momentum and twists it intonorofit and power and collusion and sinister affect.

What makes you think volunteering at a soup kitchen or a mission is not better than politics? People are simply possessed with “righteous indignation” more than anything. SOMEBODYOUGHTADOSOMETHINGABOUTTHAT and so onBatman is a great guy. I know this guy. He is a fantastic guy your gonna love em, I promise.Your can do attitude is gangrenous Lewis, Huey

A New Drug

It’s just my point is that the left/anti-fa has NO balls like they don’t join the military they don’t become police officers or MMA fighters etc I mean yeah maybe a small small percentage but The vast majority of the physical ranks are filled with right wing morons or at best right wingers.

So there is no anti-fa to “fight”, it’s just an online argument. I don’t see the left/anti-Fa winning ANY physical engagements ever basically. So the whole thing is just a ratings/ad space campaign really to keep dumb fucks hooked on the ropadope of left v right.

If the right wanted to it could level the entire country, the entire planet in days. So it’s not really a valid argument. I’m just saying like at least gawdamnit you silly faggots make it some good tv please.

So for instance, how easy is it to fake being a leftist? You get a crit-lit degree, a gender studies degree? maybe do an intern at a non-profit making copies and coffee?

Now how easy is it to fake getting a corporate finance degree or like you say, become a military helicopter pilot? There’s no comparison. The left is fucking lame/weak af.

In fact shame on you. You should be ashamed.I’m not a lefty ma’am, I’m just a white guy who hates white people.There’s no reading list for this and that’s the problem. There’s no viewing list either. It’s an untapped attention market. Get on at the ground floor now!to do that?OMG



who are you?It’s just whiny it’s borIng. Like, you know, snifffff, you want a mile high summary of marxism? society melts into the factory. Drop the intellectual shit and have an adventure. Combine Frantz Fanon and Thomas Pynchon. It’s fucking lame bullshit it’s like gawdamn pinochle footsie pansie bullshit. “Oh the right is doing this and so the left should do that” and so on and so on. WHO FUCKING CARES. The problem is everyone, more Than ever, wants to go ballistic from behind their keyboards!!!! Oh it’s hillaryous. Put on a suit and tie and become one of them and take it all the way to the top and crash a corporation and then write a best seller/make a documentary.:) FULL ON FOREVER REVOLUTIONARY REVOLUTION 4EVER. Forever dog. You want to make the corporate/finance world paranoid as fuck? Infiltrate them, best them at their game and systematically make an Enron. Collapse a corporation/bank from inside WITH A FUCKING BLUEPRINT. SHARE THE BLUEPRINT. Game Over. Drop out of gawdamn gender studies, NOW, and get a finance degree and here is the key, keep your ethics. If you can’t? THEY ARENT REAL AND THE WHOLE THING FALLS APART ANYWAYS. Stay glued to your TV set I’m coming out with something soon. Cadillacs and Marxist tracts. What what

Seriously though EVERYONE needs to abandon the political arena, politics as we know it is dead and needs to go on and die. It’s time to take it to the skreets y’all Both fighters in their prime, the utmost elite of their field no doubt. Boazy you have the best joke account on SOTS for like two years. Love you so much 😘 look. The votIng map is basically red. Only lukewarm liberals like Hillary have a chance. If you want to do something politically, embrace the market and engage a full frontal assault on the traditional structure of the corporate charter from within the corporate structure. The market is the only way. I say this as a former full tilt leftist. Drop voting, all you get is people like trump. Attack the corporate charter from inside the corporate walls. Initiate a hybrid corporate/not-for-profit model that out competes which wouldn’t be hard. Force the market to capitulate to ethical demands FROM WITHIN THE MARKET. I mean isn’t that what leftists want? They want some kind of sustained ethical acknowledgment? Fucking hijack the market with crypto-libertarian subterfuge. Find ways to implode corporations from inside. Go up at the college and get mbas and finance degrees and shit etc. reverse engineer Enron, shit like that. Drop the picket sign and get a tie and be a real fucking criminal. Pussies >…the programmer elite and their ingenious technologies rule the world.

BWAHA AH AH AH AHHHHHHHH”It was the best of acid, it was the worst of acid. The recliner groaned as it achieved lift off speed…joby got a spider on his van man!! joby…spider… oh yeah my name is Lou and I am in college. It’s Friday night again. Glass breaks in the hallway, purple waves ripple through the block and float like a flock of geese going elsewhere….”I really like this idea. :)

I’m also very good looking Also read thisSorry for late reply. I would say look into George Spencer browns laws of form. There is an esoteric laws of form PDF out there but just try to find George Spencer brown laws of form applied to religion and sociology. Luhmann does some with this too. Let me know if this clue works Ty, my bad.It’s the matrix basically. nbdthey are very clever then! The first paragraph says everything “I am privileged and how you know this is, you know, sniff, I am complaining and being negative you know.

My point is I don’t take anyone seriously that leads off bitching. It’s weak. It shows their weakness which is they are basically conservative they are fighting from a shipwrecked position, whining, enumerating. There is no way they have anything worth while to say. For instance, the tao te Ching is critical of well, people who think they are smart and run their mouth a lot, but it’s also profound. There’s not going to be anything profound in that manifesto because they start off so critical. It’s neurotic. The problem isn’t people that write lame privileged consumer manifestos which all basically say “I don’t want a time where I can’t go to a coffee shop and sit at a computer and blog my complaints on the world”. They aren’t willing to live simply or sacrifice anything. But the problem is with people like yourself, who are tone deaf to the rampant pustulence inherit in their style. Weak. It’s weak ass bullshit. If I am not inspired or fascinated, I stop reading. Style is everything. Another way to say it is, altwoker op has NO style, you know. Because he/sh/it are driven by the compulsion to complain and DO SOMETBINF OR ELSE. Completely utterly possessed by the dialectic, and that’s bad.I read the first paragraph and it was nothing but bitching morning enumerationism. If they are so something or the other what’s wjrh the pedantic criticality? Not a great way to make a first impression.Demonology is the answer friend. You must find the demon and bind it to practical purposes Yeah more like media ecoology obvOH BTW, Mcluhan was against enumerationism OuiiiiiiiiiiiOmg sh/it’s horrible.

Look at me! I’m complaining. God it’s so bad I couldn’t read it.


AVOID SH/IT OR SUFFARWhat is the goal again? What is it alt too? The ole woke meme?Yes posthumously as “laws of media” Yeah I know I just never realized it was also aka “George Lucas” which is awesome so Star Wars is a Marxist crypto-myth obviouslyHa ha lol Georg Lukacs George Lucas

Alex Jones is a clown but he makes sense in places like when explained the globalist send plan which was like the noosphere as a kind of demon portal for lower consciousness. He is a hero for that Why did I post this? Zizek says transgender is an effect of late capitalism, a conclusion I drew a couple of years ago on here during the infamous xenofeminism thread wars.

In other words, zizek is marshaling a marxist critique against transgender. Of course he occasionally claims he is only kidding just like when he makes ethnic jokes or things non-apropo to his fawning leftist audienceGood idea thank you That’s a great idea! Thank you You have no clue what’s going on here do youheres a whole podcast on it!ENUMERATIONISTThe whole “aliens are socialist” is the foundation of most science fiction. Star Trek is the exemplar here where a whole cosmology is predicated on the socialist tending of the “federation”. Star Trek dude was WAYYYYY into the occult and “the nine”. SECRET sun blog dude has written on that angle extensively. Socialism is a super bad idea but post-scarcity is coming and I think we need to find a way to engender that somehow. I think it’s inevitable but I would like to see post-scarcity in the market as opposed to socialism via government.IM AGAINST IT!!!!

here’s the deal, your a whiny bitch. Your critical and you complain and this is unavoidable when one enters into a discussion of politics. The sad fact is that your comment history is a pathetic endless enumeration of woes and criticality. MY comment history however is quite fantastic, interesting and intriguing for the causal anonymous persons perusal whether they be an enumerarionist such as yourself or of a much rarer and refined niche.

Politics ruins lives. It makes rapists out of voters and generates endless lists of woes. The only time you see me speaking negatively is as a matter of fact now that I think of it, is when I engage with you and your kind! THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING SA_MATRA AND THE LITERAL LEFTISTS. THANKS SADIE.

We have to remember one very very crucial uncanny fact - a cybernetic system is the opposite of apocalypse and by that I mean all uses and notions of the word apocalypse. All apocalypses are canceled. No escape now 50% off! Click here for details.

People also forget that intelligence agencies like the CIA NSA etc get their “intelligence” from the public!! How crude!! The only thing that seperate the government/bureaucracy/Wall Street from the masses is the speed and clarity of information received. They know what’s going on before we do barely. Just becuase they are building the LHC doesn’t mean they know what to do with it or it’s discoveries. Recall the LHC has been inviting the public to parse their new data.

There is an unstoppable accrual of information and technology and result that does. Not. Stop. Ever. This decadent surplus or “capital” IS THE CURSE OF THE ELITE. They have to find places to put it, hide it, destroy, display, displace, convert, transmute, bond and release all this CAPITAL. And they are worn out by this. Absolutely exhausted. It gives the evilest among us something to do and for that be grateful and content.The stuff about Tom Delong and John Podesta heading up some kind of disclosure thing and Delong writing a book with Lavenda is super interesting YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFEim against it > The awareness of the universal creative process which Joyce associated rightfully with the Incarnation, with the Word becoming Flesh, is now being employed for the worst possible aims. The multimedia mega-network, a system which should and could be fashioned for total liberation, is being employed singularly for this purpose. Christ is transformed to Antichrist.


For the record, Lacan figured this out too but he was too French.

A contrasting position: prologema to revolution in poetic languageWhat’s it mean? Your a burping monkey im against it Well it was just my suspicions I was unsure. I do t like slate star codex either they are too Bayesian I suppose. I usually end up here by following someone’s comment history and one of te comments was about narcissism and I remember reading about that here before and I figured it must be one of the specialities of Tlp.It means that culture evolves first of all. I see no proof that humans evolve however culture is basically an extension of human capacities. Writing is externalized memory, the wheel is the foot externalized and what we call “the spectacle” is visual cognition externalized at least partially. This would help explain the rise of narcissism with television. Our brain processes visual images and landscape as primary and language as subservient to that. The sensory bias or distributed percentage of brain capacity used to process sight, sound, language etc is something like 50% sight and the remaining 50% is distributed among the remaining senses and capacities. So image mediated culture, advertising, tv, social media is an Externalized approximate simulation of our Brains cognitive process in relation to images and visual landscape cues. It’s not actually “nature” yet since for most westerners at least the mediated image environment is ubiquitous and has become like nature in that we regard it cognitively as “true”.

When I say it “tracks better when it’s applied to sentience or consciousness itself” I’m saying the narcissistic cultural substrate of mediated images and the stigmergic/volatile information networks and processors that transmit and process the mediated image realm, benefit more directly in traditional evolutionary terms like propagation and expansion.I don’t know I stopped reading. You sound like a miserable autist crank. I’m sorry I posted. I’ll just pursue this interesting research vein on my own. I’m a carpenter not a Silicon Valley tech bro and I was just trying to be objective. I’m not defending anything, I’m attempting to understand. Edit: Thank you that was helpful actually Ok so it’s a latent feature/bug of what?These last three I’ve posted are also congruent with this- the networked unconscious.

Also I highly reccomend Michael Aquinos mindwar along these lines.Yes they areAre you on the telegram? Do you know about APS? You sure seem to.The field of what I call equivocation begins with the introduction of numismatics around 500 bc. This marks a shift from strict “use value”. Eventually we arrive at “exchange value” proper around the time of Adam smith.

Equivocation is the ability to abstract essence or value to an anchor value or ur-value. Obviously the ability to use money cannot precede a conceptual schema of abstraction which will support the arising of numismatics. So money arises from the substrate or ground of the symbol. Equivocation is the “fungibility” of a thing which allows it at the same time to have a value or essence. So it is plastic and yet concrete.

I have mentioned on this sub in the past about the Marxist anthropologist “sohn rethel” and his essay on money and value. There is also a great text called “money and the Ancient Greek mind” which explores the roots of this arising in Ancient Greece.

We are now however, in something beyond exchange value and in a relational matrix or paradigm I call the “signatory”. This is where the superfluity of commodities and services and intimations thereof lead to an exhaustion through decadence (Bataille) of the very possibility of exchange value and the exchange value is replaced by the sign of the exchange value. Exchange value is the sin qua non of opulence and therefore is an elite value of history that “trickles down” into the banal layman theater.

In other words the spectacle is what’s after “exchange value”.

In all phases of transition and I think we would find this is without exception, the prior phase is exhausted by superfluity of its very essence. It recedes to the level of both environment and “ground” in the Gestaltic sense.

What I find most interesting about Marxism is not the political or economic implications or placations. Rather it is the anthropological survey within Marxism that is so fabulous. Indeed we might say that since Darwin, Marxism is the most valid and thorough form of western cultural analysis.

The conflation of the anthropological perspective with criticality is an unfortunate side effect of the very mode of western history which is that of the voyeur.

Voyeurism and the Cartesian/Newtonian cosmology (self and environment respectively) go hand and hand and cannot be seperated. To the greater degree that they are separated, the greater the experience of ennui, the uncanny and sublime.

Marxism is a valid perspective through which to experience western culture however socialism is not a valid “solution”.

The signatory platform of equivocation, what we might call equivocation 3.0, is the commodity as image as cognitive submodality within a saturated environment that itself is a model of the neurological brain system. The society is noospheric and thus cybernetic, the unwelcomed aspect of this experience is that of aquinos mindwar.

What is so paradoxical is that Marxism basically tracks anthropologically the experience of “primitive accumulation” as the dynamo of western culture since the Greeks. The Greeks received the scientific mindset in its fullest precisely because their religion was in an advanced necrotic state by the time Plato displayed the full flowering of neurotic exposure to alphabetic atomism granted by the standardization of the Greek alphabet by the addition of the seven vowels. There was no established religious ecology to absorb philosophical thinking slowly and naturally into culture in a healthy way. Philosophy “exploded” like a bomb in a tenement hall precisely because the culture was barren and void of a dynamic radical and established unified religion.

What is most ironic about primitive accumulation and the demonic urges emanating forth from the commodity-as-golden-idol is that the whole process is driven by ever more precise and rarified means of idolatry.

Primitive accumulation is in fact the inability to merely accept that the world is abundance.

Culture arises from the sedimentary accretion of the abundance of nature. The ubiquity of this abundance gives rise to the necessity of tally making.

The first writing systems were in fact based in accounting and surplus organization. Capital of course means surplus.

This idea has been with us for a long time.

Natures abundance leads to culture. Cultures abundance leads to technology. Technologys abundance leads to the electric era and the electric eras abundance leads to the appearance of leisure for all -both as a phenomenon the category of “mass leisure” (going to the movies, baseball games, having a tv) as well as the “sign” of mass leisure- I support this team, this hat says I went to Disneyland, this sticker says I go to this church etc. this logo says I can afford this fashion accessory, these big buddy holly frame glasses day I am smart, sensitive and so on. The computer arises during leisure as a sort of “personal organizer/accountant” and the computers abundance leads to information itself becoming a new public/democratic ing matrix and informations abundance leads to big data.

At all levels of rarifaction we are squaring a former category. If epistemology is “thinking about thinking” then cybernetics often called “second order epistemology” is the thinking about thinking about thinking- thinking^3. Information arises not merely from the abundance of the symbolic but the volatility of the opulence of the symbolic such that if you put enough logical and syntactical relations of grammar of alphanumeric symbols and Boolean combinations then you get “software” that softwares recursivity is “the music recording suite garage band” and so on. So information is the “symbolism Of symbolism”. Big data which would be symbolism^3 is then a sort of pre-cognitive network which functions under both the assumption of ubiquitous volatile data and it’s compression of the social within itself. Think of a packed house party that is raging epic. You walk in and your instantly sucked into a gelatinous goo of people surging and pumping to the music and atmosphere and their compressed proximity makes demands that if you are to be in this mass, you too must move in the way the mass moves. “Entrainment”. This is the predictive assumption of big data. Welcome to the cognitive science occult history of logic.

Winner: Papa Legba

2nd: Diogenes This is really cool btw. Too bad the book is so expensive!Not that the info here is not prescient in some way but the scandalous presentation is bleh. It’s like WE ARE JOURNALISM etxThis is great! Ebert is the most under rated thinker out there and his corpus would elucidate SOTS entirely. Thanks for sharing this.Clown porn What differentiates the right from the alt right is it’s simply embraced bigotry and racism. So that means alt = racism.

In light of this mathematical fact, what then does alt mean in relation to the left?Your a whiny bitch What are the problems again?It’s called accelerationism and that’s what it should look like. >Edit: Ok guys just to be clear the bottom line here is we’re all going to get paid to watch TV and this will become the primary form of income

I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. YES I KNOW YOUR SERIOUS. It’s like a Philip K dick breakaway civilization subplot. I love it. Ceptr is so rad too I hope that the sub starts to get into the “what can I do now” mentality and for me, Ceptr represents ideally if not actually, what people can do and support to lift themselves from the morass of status quota.>I hypothesize that memes will naturally emerge as the highest-value tokens to exchange, and that merely exchanging and sorting/organizing/prioritizing memes will become a viable form of acquiring basic income.


Memes are like little people. It’s so weird.One of the key goals of theosophy accordIng to Blavatsky was the unification of science and spirituality. Crowley also had the same goal. I think this is what they meant by that. The weaving of a narrative that is incontrovertible because it is ubiquitous, all encompassing and beyond reason. A spirituality of science doesn’t mean materialism necessarily.Huey lewis and fake news

FAKE THE NEWSWE SHALL FULFILL RA’S AGUL’S DESTINY!!the church of the messianic recoil Directed by Michael bay Welcome to accelerationism-mart no escape now 50% off!We are in world war 5 right now. World war 3 was the Cold War. World war 4 was espionage turned toward the nations corporations-the mergers and acquisitions of the 80s. World war 5 is when the dearth of intelligence acquisition utilities were removed from the Wall Street ceilings and turned on society itself. World war 5 is Cold War style intelligence action against citizen-as-enemy. World war 6 is when we go to war with Facebook etc. Dobbs “android meme”. Sleep tight!I’m not trying to be an ass because most people don’t know this stuff I’m about to tell you so they get Gnosticism super duper wrong. Gnosticism is first of all an anachronistic term and it is a sloppy dog pen basically attempting to corral all early Christian philosophies which would later be classified as heretical, as gnostic.

The problem with this isn’t the sloppy classification, it’s the content of the material. you had the nascent sort of “Genesis” Judaic perspective on cosmology and then you had the other major cosmological narrative which was Platos timaeus. These two streams combined at various times and cultures to create divergent or synchretic cosmologies.

The platonic cosmology is far superior to Genesis in that it gives the individual clues and techniques which it can use to engage with the universe and it’s maker and it also has the core purpose of showing that he universe is “Good”.

Plato was updating older cosmologies on purpose to better organize the world in his opinion. These included Pythagorean and Orphic as well as Egyptian cosmological ideas that were good but not receptive to stigmergic action let’s say.

There is a great correlation between the timaeus and the Chaldean oracles - considered by the Neoplatonists to be the “keys to Babylonian astronomy” which one can call “occult philosophy” in its more geometrical aspect or just plain old magic, theurgy and astrology as most of us now refer to it.

The account of the “syzgies” given here are at their core Neoplatonic and drawn from the timaeus and Chaldean perspective. The other angle here on the androgynous male/female emanation is it is the older perhaps “more Jewish” cosmology pre-dating the time of Christ AND the torah to a time when God had a consort and before the Jewish god was intercepted and usurped by moloch.

The notion that one can call a nihilistic group gnostic is studious short-sightedness. Eric voeglin claimed to be a plato scholar and yet did not make the easy timaeus connections with Chaldean and Pythagorean and Orphic lore? It is a lazy academic ploy that is a mere extension of heresiology and is a dog-whistle shibboleth for crypto-fascist xian authoritian types.

People that use “gnostic” in this way have simply not looked into the loom of western history or they are willfully deceptive. Hans Jonas does make a similar extrapolation but under heideggerian influence and duress. SOME gnostics held certain views we would consider abhorrent or deviant or mad but there are 3 major categorical classifications of Gnosticism and 50 groups that could fall in each category. There is Much wisdom and progeny to be found in the Byzantine philosophy and it is irrevocably entangled within the entirety of western history including scholastic, theological and philosophical.

What is more ironic is that the worldview we hold today this process denying, Protestant, quasicircular Cartesian philosophy has been anachronistically cast backwards upon Plato! It is not such a stretch to make Aristotle some form of scientific material list but it most definitely is this honest and faults to do this with Plato. So it is from this dishonest position that we attempt to rewrite the ancient world as non-magical when the facts are that a truly non-magical world view did not exist until the protestant reformation and even then the substrate was merely provided not established. So the modern Protestant view of plato is more wrong than the bigger picture of plato that truly exists on the record. Tl;dr Gnosticism is a volk reading of the true/magical Platonism.What are the problems? Until I watched that Kendall Jenner commercial, I was unaware that there were problems. Actually that commercial is exactly what’s going to happen to accelerationism. Remember, politics = rape. I don’t watch tv and I’m not on Facebook so I don’t get sloshed with OMG WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING OR ELSE. My life is actually pretty great. I’m poor btw and I will probably die working. Please tell me what needs to be done. What rights must be solidified? Whom’st?nuh uhJust get into lands numogram stuff it’s in there Nick land has the same mythos broI can’t take this shit seriously. How can anyone know the history of the church and Puke this garbage from their mouth? The church is truth! The death of millions is required before there is enough blood to write the truth permanently? There is absolutely absolutely no difference between concentration camps, gulags and the murderous history of the xian church. All are based on the possession of the mind by the idealism of the absolute needing to be “present” on earth. Your schtick never gets old B. I expect good things from you this year, top tier pro stuff. You’ve got it in you, there’s no doubt about that. Are you willing to do the work? That’s the question. We defined metamodernism on this sub 3-4 years ago as the return to myth. Sorry I’m not gonna try to find any threads but it was a topic of discussion for a few months. I think we also used the term postpostmodernism. The return to myth, for me, is a key tenant for the loose-philosophy of SOTS. It is not a return so much as it is the begrudging acceptance that we have not and cannot ever leave narrative. The neurotic foreclosure and declension on novel modes of awareness, experience and thinking is the calling card of the western intellect. Each “step” in western intellectual advancement has merely been the sawing off of another limb…each “decisive step forward” is a foreclosure and manic disavowal, a studious ignorance of the irrational and incommensurable.I am not a dialectician nor am I a rhetorician so in the lineage of Mcluhan and Hermes, I am, I suppose, a (charlatan) grammarian. This makes me by default a sort of structuralist, or somewhat like plato an analogician.

I am not attempting to spell doom and gloom I am simply speaking the structure, the network that I see. I forget so often how high my weird threshold has been set.

Poes law is in one sense, the belated victory of the surrealists. Meaning was placed on trial in the early 20th century by world war 1. Bataille, the surrealists and even Claude Shannon, Norbert weiner and the Macy-conference attendees-“cyberneticians” eventually, placed meaning under mathematical duress and censure. What we now have is a kind of surrealist poetry spontaneously arising in every comment section of every news feed online. But what is curious is that the impetus or perhaps the onus, has shifted to the domain of the receiver such that the surreal experience is “always-already” co-dependently co-arising.

I think the solution is to eschew politics wherever possible. Anything that keeps you from being In the now is the enemy. That sounds like new age gargage to some but the broader fact is that the political apriori is so insidious and entrenched in every thought and social action that it’s simply impossible to calculate the will of the “political unconscious” built into the very structure and essence of Anglo-European languaging. Language is the instrumental source or substrate through which the topos of the future appears as political. What does that mean? ABC = 666.

People wish to formulate new and novel prefix adorned political and philosophical positions as if this will somehow unite the previous factionist progenies! The irony is painful to bare without at least some rapproachment. for shame

I think the acceptance of the gravity of the unconscious, the latent, the “externalized cost” of the system is the first and primary step to innoculation. politics is the ultimate evil becuase it robs one of the now by promising an always-soon-to-be delivered revolutionary utopia or conservative return to the proper way.

But it merely always only leaves us all shipwrecked or pulled in the undertow, suturing the self with trace and intimation into an ever grander narrative. Perhaps we need a more integrated social network interface… Acceptance (of the political and historical Unconscious that grows exponentially with each new network, system, object, philosophy, extrapolation, solution…each aforementioned’s submerged, occluded roots, substrates…) would grant a radically new perspective for all involved I think and allow or prepare a new non-transcendent point of departure that is now yet obscured by the manic cries for reason.And btw I don’t think we end. I think we can see now, if we squint, the most likely trajectory for most humans-total amnesia induced by madness.

It’s the bagavad gita all over again folks. If we are living in a simulation then the simulation had to stsrt somehwre. If the simulation started somewhere then it started with a process, form and ecology that fully supported it from its inception. If this is the case then chances are near 100% that we would have “recognized” that we are in a simulation at least once before…and left cluessss….

The idea That people need a political position from which to voyeuristically critique and mobilize against the world is both natural and -since it is natural- obsolete. The “dialectic” is the sharp point of the future’s spear. “We must do something now or else!” Their gonna kill that poor girl! The stove is hot and the bad people are coming. To. Take. Your. Cookie.

Classical Modernity was akin to an engineers “exploded diagram”. Enlightenment philosophy which was dominant until the mid 20th century (the bomb was simultaneously a ritual sacrifice of the Newtonian paradigm and the rational Cartesian subject), “rationally” concludes itself with postmodernism which was a hyper critical vigilance against enlightenment thought using all the tropes and schemas and lexicons of enlightenment thought. The critical paradigm has been the single most powerful- and alienating- mode of thought yet discovered. Voyeurism became the sign qua non of the Cartesian and netwonian Subject and it’s “objective world” respectively.

However the classical exploded diagram model of the world has imploded as I said before, with the bomb. What took its place is the satellite and the rapid disintegration of self, privacy, objective political and journalistic “evidence” based on “rationality” and facts. The idea of “fake news” is simply a rabid virus which by simple extrapolation, infects and dooms ALL news channels instaneously via the 365/24/7 newsfotainadmentising cycle.

Metamodernism is being ushered in by the odd realization that Web 2.0 did not lead to a better, fitter, smarter self but instead resulted in everyone’s being able to craft their own military-industrial powered (and sponsored) echo chamber via social media.

History is imploding becuase journalism has collapsed because rationality is no longer valuable. No one walks back crazy-as-shit-shit-house-rat claims anymore. The left or the right. Tribalism is taking hold and it feels good man. I believe the earth is flat because it upsets you, and so on.

The radical dividualization of the black mirror bubble void guaranteed that no one is seeing the same news and the instantaneous noospheric neural net insures that there is not time enough for events to solidify as news. History became news by virtue of the acceleration of the accumulation of facts. Both require objects to stay put and stay what they are and to appear in relation reliably and slowly enough that the narrative be crafted by the various power relevant institutions. History is no longer possible as news was a mere table leg holding the torture mansion ceiling from crushing the voyeur like a trash compactor. AND HERES HOW TO ORDER

While logic in its rudimentary form first appears above ground from partial platonic submersion with Aristotle and the syllogism, what became probably the single most important aspect of Aristotelian logic and western rationality overall was the “excluded middle”. Most everything of import now resides within the excluded middle. The science we teach in public schools is over 100 years obsolete and the history a white-washed chic track at best.

Strangely what signals the beginnings of metamodernism for me is the increasing need to invoke poes law in relation to most political or cultural exclamations.

This is significant because to me it signals that meaning itself is evacuating the realm of discourse.

One last thing about metamodernism. It is the collapse of the “incredulity towards metanarrarives” which demanded handyman repairs on the western exploded diagram world view. We are re-entering myth at terrifying speed just as we are awakening to find that we are like bumper cars helplessly careened and careening, lashed to a short mirrored area and sparked Into action from our very inextricability. The new symbol is symptom. We do not speak our language, we are spoken by it, we do not terraform the landscape so much as we are entangled wiThin it through various invIsible fields, powers, signals and vortices. Airborn madness has returned. The future now comes at us like a terrorist-driven freight train even as the cosmos has focused its hungry gaping maw in our direction and the gods of the stars have transformed into demon maggots, temporal pedophiles, burrowing into the ground to sleep away their nuclear winter and the failed reign of poisoning and havoc to re-emerge thousands of years later as life extended multi-generational inbred insectoid large eyed reptiles claiming to be aliens. History’s gravity cannot withstand the pull of the unconscious. It does not end, but merely reverses as it implodes.>(1) “The lack in completeness of being is crucial: objects of knowledge in many fields have material instantiations, but they must simultaneously be conceived of as unfolding structures of absences: as things that continually ‘explode’ and ‘mutate’ into something else, and that are as much defined by what they are not (but will, at some point have become) than by what they are…The unfolding ontology of objects foregrounds the temporal structure, and, to put it into the original Freudian terms, the Nachträglichkeit in definitive existence of knowledge things (their post-hocness), which is difficult to combine with our everyday notion of an object.” (p. 191) (2) “There are other characteristics. Epistemic objects frequently exist simultaneously in a variety of forms. They have multiple instantiations, which range from figurative, mathematical, and other representations to material realizations.” (p. 191)Yeah what is the deal here I thought it was parody but MTV.com is probably owned by MTV…Use sci-hub.cc

Just type “sci-hub.cc” in your browser for the URL. Then copy and paste the URL of the article which is the URL that is at top when you click the link for that article then put the article URL in scihub and bam free words. try it on all your favorite locked access journals! Works on mostlol. Puffers make the best gold thoI’m very interested in what’s going man. Congrats!Dao!Quality SOTS shit post. A+ deuce

So speaking of parapsychological shit

Right before I came here to check SOTS I was on google scholar which is where I spend most of my Internet time (besides telegram) and I was searching “parapsychology and cybernetics” and one of the first interesting things I saw was exactly what you posted here. Never heard of it before and see it twice in one minute.

Also dean radin is on rune soup this weak and they are talking about parapsychology. I read all the comments and everything but I was just wondering if someone could eli5 this thread OuiiiiiiiiiiWhat is this thread about?When books are what your there about but looks are what you care about…>the computers know the truth. They see us as a group…

This is actually Benjamin brattons take too. His talks on the stack or w/eWhat is this thread about?Ow. Painful read.After you finish that you can go here—->i reccomend exegesis of bobs book phatic communion firstthe new coach houseNOONE IS MORE KNOWLEDGABLE ABOUT MCLUHAN THAN DOBBS ST GERMAINyour lucky day!

Dobbs is revisiting Mcluhan and this is truly truly invaluable information. THERE IS NOONE MORE KNOWLEDGABLE ABOUT MCLUHAN THAN BOB DOBBSI got some tattoos before. I do find it interesting that one of the first tattoo trends were “tribal bands”. But what I find most interesting about tattoos is that they are symbols crawling all over us bro. It’s not lame you just need to color it in more Your mom goes to pseudocollegeThe Qwerty keyboard is actually a perfect model of this notion of “thought as technology” for me.

So there had to be a statistical analysis of what letters are most used for their placement to be optimal. But prior to that there had to be an alphabet and the topography of atomism that results from phonetic script as a schema for converting sound to meaning is quite powerful perhaps a little too powerful. The keyboard is an interface between the human mind which runs on software called alphabet and alphabet demands logic, syntax, grammar, lexicography, deduction, induction and the computer is nothing but binary ran through endless logic and syntax etc millions of times a minute. The qwerty keyboard is arranged to maximize the comfort of the human interaction with the medium of software.Your bluffing! He’s bluffing! seizure maybeFECEBOOK CHEWS YOUR FECE OFFOh wow this is great. Thanks for posting this. IA RIchards co-wrote “the meaning of meaning” a seminal dobbs st Germaine text Someone posted a link to this on the telegram channel. It’s basically the banal form of hyperstition.nopeDOBBS! I love starting good myths. I told him on a group call once that he was st germain and his wife was the soror mystica and he loved itThis is really coolPlease stop. This is unnecessary and whoever is doing this looks like an idiot.Clearly we don’t have that kind of luxury anymoreYeah buts that’s just the free content offered in here and on telegram. You really need to sign up for the monthly membership and I think it would become clear that our product is unique. Just give it a chance Jon. you’re gonna love it, I promise and the moneyback guarantee guarantees that.Hey Jon I appreciate your respect and you know that. Could you expand more on “I don’t believe the SOTS idea is what needed to make the community work?” I have gradually warmed up to the SOTS idea I suppose… anyway your thoughts?I am (one of) the keymaster, are you the gatekeeper? What is the meaning of your name dopamine-delight?playdoughThe tl;dr is that I had a spontaneous kundalini rising about 10 years ago when I was a Marxist materialist atheist type basically. Only into strict philosophy and “real” history then the kundalini thing happened and I started researching what was happening, the kundalini rising lasted for 2 months or so, then I got into meditation and Robert Anton Wilson etc. A few years after that I was having SOTS type convos on the reg with raisondecalcul at the r/occult sub and I decided to make this sub so we would stop clogging up r/occult with SOTS stuff at the same time I began tracing the history of the concept of the soul, realized basically all occult philosophy goes back to plato and began my journey into what I call xenoplatonism and the rest is history. Nothing will ever top “trump completes German idealism”I am afraid of wasting my time on a shit show called American lolitics. You know what are you Defending? The right to spout moral claims on the internet. The right to tweet pictures. What exactly are you fighting for? You are defending what your allowed to defend. The gays need operations, the women’s need jobs the blacks need lives etc.

Obviously you are also defending leftist accelerationism. Right? Why? Because you want to get laid at the coffee shop? you’ve really impressed me so far.

Now I want a list of all your causes. ARE YOU LEFT ENUFF???!! What kind of progress are we getting? As far as I knew all the rights were already alright but then they said they were in trouble and then people went to protest to protect them and then allmof a sudden BAM the rights ARE in trouble. it’s too complicated to follow for me. I’m just going to go back to my hobbit hole and make my knick knacks. You fight for tight jeans spunky. We need more like you at the rebel factory.I’m weirder than you are I’m lefter than you are and I’m lazer than you are I’m simply telling you you ain’t gonna do shit “politically” unless you are willing to cut your grammas throat. The left are pussies. My generation of leftists were pussies too sort of. The right is what fills the ranks, the police, the judges, the military. Where is the left? College professors? Nope their outsourced to international leftists. There is no left. You’ll figure this out when your tired of banging your head and getting nothing for it. It will literally be the only option you have one day. And this is why I eschew politics and voting because I would like to be on the left. I would like for peoples to agree that these notions are a good idea BUT they don’t. And that’s not going to change and it was real for a mere brief couple decades and by the time I was a kid the window was already foreclosed, it just took a couple more decades to realize it. you don’t know shit about shit. And neither Do I. And when we lay our heads down and collapse from exhaustion whether it be from work or loliticing or protesting or hash-tagging or whatever, the machine keeps working. The system doesnt sleep. Do you know what that means? It means some day, every store in every town will look the same as every store in every town and every town will look the same as every town and the lights will glow and be brand new. And isn’t that good? The point is the only thing that could stop this is an army of millions of coordinated ninja coder suicide squad mk ultra post grads all working in unison with a window of opportunity that lasts as long as it takes an elevator door to close. dingObviously you are like a very capacious protestor and you have taken my lazy rants seriously! The Babby boomers are the vampiric force to be reckoned with, you know, MY DAD. That’s really the problem. Generation x is just fight club and menials are like Pretty in Pink goes to Starbucks. And I’m sorry but menials don’t have the balls or attention span to put a dent in the archonic luciferian machinations of the never sleeping babbyboomers. This is my point really- stop being pussies. STOP IT The joke is menials, yes. Lolitics, leftism etc. the left can’t do anything, let alone something “nasty” they/you are a bunch of lazy pansies sloughing around in untied sneakers rolling out of bed, late to art school class, stoned, mumbling staring at your phone in line at Starbucks etc. I don’t care what you do or millenials or whatever. I’m not on Facebook, tweeter or tumbles so it will not effect me. Yeah it’s just the internet. It’s been fun and as far as I know no one left they just gravitated to other channels on telegram. Some are coming back to the lobby too which is good. The telegram group really is a great group and the Reddit crew is cool too. It’s funny there are 4500 members (I remember when we got over 100 I was like noooo waaaaaay) and there are only 40-50 regular posters. Same with telegram there’s 400 people or so total maybe but 40-50 regular posters. I don’t think telegram is actually somekind of encryption masterpiece but other than that it’s a very intuitive format and I encourage People to use it whether it’s the SOTS group or not.EXACTLY WHAT A VOTER WOULD SAYI just rage sent this to everyone on my phone awesome I’m sending you a PM with my email.What raisondecalcul says happened is not what happened. I’m not going to summarize it but lll say the lobby went from being a nice self-regulated group (if perhaps a bit lazy and twee) to being a shitshow 4 chan knock off. But it’s fun for a lobby. Some have called it an “asshole petting zoo”. The other channels are more specific to certain areas of interest and basically every channel is interest specific and really cool. the lobby is kinda ruint imo but it’s a great place to yell cuss words, piss on the couch and spray paint stuff.Anyone that has ever voted EVER. We all share this burden I assume but THOSE WHO HAVE VOTED MOST RECENTLY ARE MOST RAPEYPlease relax friend! I can help you with that paper if you need it. Sleep deprivation is a monster. I was on meth in my 20s too. Your Apple find your anxiety by not eating healthy meals to probably because you’re up so much I guess right? Anyway try to relax, get drunk and take some melatonin to come down off the speed and then eat a healthy meal when you wake up. TAKE A BREAK. Your gonna feel better as soon as you sleep your in “shadow people” land right nowThis isn’t about generational politics. This is about millenials sucking at Accelerationism and politics and LIIIIIIIFE!!!!!Fuck you. At least I can speak FREELY WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT saying the right things or signaling or anti-signaling, whatever. I’m over it. Leftism is fucking lame. Sorry. You’ll figure it out. There is no solution on/in the left. The right isn’t any better but just becuase I disavow “the left” doesn’t mean I’m right wing or anything else. I’m just a person parsing life and I have seen lots of it and I am surrounded by millenials and they are useless. Weak, feeble, lazy, timid. what the fuck are you talking about? My generation. The menials are a bigger failure and whatever comes after them will Be an even BIGGER failure. The problem is utopian bullshit. I don’t vote. I encourage people not to vote. Democracy is a sham voting is a sham and there is absolutely no way you can effect any change beyond your sidewalk or your neighborhood. none. NOW, if everyone “acted locally” then we wouldn’t really have to worry about many of our problems but they don’t. And this is what I’m talking about. Work on you and your home and your neighbors if you got time. Beyond that it’s fucking idealism. I’m not of a political platform. I am a person. A human being and I have seen many many lives in absolute misery because of their utopian yearnings- right or left. These articles about memes and left/right aesthetic and left/right acclsrarionsim are absolute nonsense. Marginalia jerk off fodder. Empty. And all it is- left or right - is just grease in the neurotic gears of “oh I have to have something important to talk about and of course the only important thing is politics”. It’s pathetic and it’s destroying culture. The NOW is sick and the future is the disease. Politics is the management of the “future” and all it does is rape. Therefore if your political, your a rapist. How does it feel, rapist?Your 20 something. Now, do it for 20+ more years and see zero progress on the left. It’s pointless. this isn’t a straw man. It’s a banana. It’s a water pistol flower. Honk honk. The real point is this, leftists are weak, shiny pieces of coddled shit basically and they can’t actually do anything with any sustained vigor or perserverance. Like you want to change the world but you won’t move out of your moms house or whatever. It’s all idealism, word salad hypnotism. Your upset. Great. I started this sub. I’m well aware of all the positions. And the position of the left is entitlement. And this coddled attitude is WHY THE LEFT WILL NEVER DO SHIT because there’s a rock in their shoe and they don’t want to go to work today etc. it’s not about getting a job it’s about doing things that suck to get to a better place and the left doesn’t seem to understand that. Sooner or later you stop waiting for the Calvary. I did and I am so much happier for it. Relying on society and government to provide you with your perceived moral landscape is just fucking dumb. I’m speaking as a layman. I could make this a really theoretical position but the punchline is still “if you can’t handle slight discomfort you sure as shit aren’t going to harness a cultural revolution”.

There is something utterly ruinous within the core of leisure. What I mean by this is people think they want to be freed from work and challenges and commitments and if they were freed of the 8 hour work day or whatever, then they would be this great artist or whatever. It’s bullshit. FURTHERMORE, the free time that people squander and relish, IS THE SOURCE OF THE PARALYZINGLY NON-COMMITAL ENNUI that drives the depression and the horrible self image. I’m not touring the market as liberator becuase get a job, I’m saying learn how to best the challenges of your everyday life by working through them. What I’m saying is hopeless and itself utopian because this country is fucked not because of leftist millenials but because humans are obsolete because we have automated society. The height of wealth is the apex of poverty for this very reason and only now can we see what the fullest flowering of “success” really looks like. Congratulations! We did it!Pataphysics is also important. Do you know about dada and surrealism? Who are your heros?Cool just shoot me a PM with some questions Ay wtf is a maunder?Well it’s interesting that you think it’s a bummer. It can be sure but doesn’t have to be. I really liked your writing btw. I’m not the arbiter of what is or isn’t, there’s no synthesis anymore and that’s the point it’s all dissolving into filters which give us “more and more of less and less until we know everything about nothing”. Why do you think it’s a bummer?It was probably a concern when they were absorbing the pagans last stand like when the Virgin Mary magically appeared etc. “JESUS IS THE ONLY BORN SON OF GOD” this type of declaration has to be protected. I’m just saying the scholastic theologians like maybe aquinas or somebody noticed this and was like “pssst hey boss we gotta watch out for this here”.Look I hate to like be an asshole butt… the left is and always will be a failure and I will tell you why from my own personal experience and life. People on the left the vast majority are sheltered youth who have had an abreactive experience with life. Jobs suck, people suck, conservatives are mean/stupid/violent etc. they don’t want to meet the challenges of the immediate. They want those things to go away along with more entrenched systemic concerns. I was once very much on the left. I actually voiced an accelerarionist position way back in 2003-2004 when I was taking a lot of grad sociology and grad philosophy classes and whenever I voiced it, I was met wjrh “your crazy that’s insane”. I’m not trying to take credit or be cool I’m just saying I’ve been in the trenches for a while. I worked as a bartender and a concierge and a carpenter in the summers and everywhere I worked and went most people were “on the left”.

I was in solidarity with these people, unified by one primary signifier, displeasure with working conditions. So i toiled, I toiled and I spouted and I complained and I read and I toiled and I suffered.

I gave up on politics towards the end of obamos first term. I realies millenials were a scourge and that the politics machine would asphyxiate between them and the boomers. But I decided in my late 20s to make changes in my life so that I could provide for my family and our happiness. I dropped out of politics though holding a leftist position for many years. It took me several years of toil but I ultimately ended up owning my own business and i couldn’t be happier. The problem with millenials and the left in general is that they don’t want to ameliorate their immediate suffering, they choose to weld their personal happiness to the nebulous arena of the social. I’m not a conservative btw I’m just no longer into politics.

I generally still ascribe to and believe in a “leftist” position that being the social should be protected from inhuman machinations of bureaucracy, hoarding and collusion of undue surplus holders. But if accelerationism teaches us anything it is that WE CANNOT RELY ON TRADITIONAL POLITICAL DELIVERY SYSTEMS AND RHAT THE SOLUTIONS RESIDE IN THE ONLY “REAL” THING- the market. Therefore the solution for the left -which by its very nature guarantees it’s impossible- is to collude with the market not necessarily to collapse it but to modify and hybridize it. For instance, the corporate charter is the core piece of rot which ruins the market and guarantees profit above people. So perhaps instead of protesting, instead get an MBA,a law degree and some balls and infiltrate a corporation or bank with the intent of purposefully collapsing it and/or finding a way to modify the corporate charter with alternative market models that work. The other less ideal solution is to vote wjrh your suitcase. Organize a group of like minded people who profess to wish to live and die for their politics convictions and then identify and locate an affordable location on some political map that could be pushed left from its current position, organize a large moving voting block and move in mass hundreds or thousands of people to an area. Take over a small town, organize and BUY a small town etc. but leftist millenials are pathetic lazy soft weak coddled children for the most part. SorryWhat a Paradox!this is good stuff.

Xianity ends up carrying forward the crypto-vitalism of Platonism which ultimately finds pragmatic expression in terms like “novelty” and mono-semanticism. Xianity inadvertently winds up waging a war on circular time, reincarnation and the sep-tepi (the First or Primordisl time of myth). Though honestly it wages this war blindly imo. The war against circular time was a side effect of the Roman militaristic urge to power and the crudest route which was simply “destroy all other religions”. It is attractive to assign calculated nefarious strategy to the Christian apparatus but there is simply no way that this Is so. The entire history of Christianity is a precarious breathalyzer and an unfortunate sinister miracle that it prevailed, though it is small condolence that it prevailed online hindsight, by its own ruthless and murderous nature this leaving no room for doubt that it was. It the religion of “the prince of peace” as it claimed nor a religion at all, merely a shoddily veiled power grab that ran out of steam due to its own “internal contradictions” we might add.

Those other religions were the arbiters of circular time, polytheism and reincarnation. Reincarnation is ultimately incompatible with xianity for one simple reason which as far as I know has never been expressed aside from me- if it were allowed it is possible for someone to reincarnate as Christ. The teleology of xian time is all that is left after the thirty years war and Protestant reformation and enlightenment urges. This scorched earth policy against heresy and paganism cleared the field for science and materialism to take root, both non-sacral and thus rooted in “progressive” time. Utopia is also rooted in teleological time btw. The most pragmatic aspect of Marxism besides a thorough critique of capital is simply the call to notice process over product, labor over commodity. Process and any verb oriented notions of truth or creation are simply anathema partially because of Yahweh and partially because of the need to simply ignore Marxism- one of the only arenas of modern political science where the process is considered foundational and not simply assumed on a profit rendering equation.

What is interesting about “the end of history” is that it doesn’t really end so much as it implodes for collapses. For the past 30 years or so we have entered into the salvage phase of nostalgia and temporal aesthetic consumption. We are eating our pleasant memories of the past as commodity fodder of the present. So much fodder that much of the trinkets, bric-a-brac and seasonal clothing ending up in the big box closeout stores and goodwill brand new, with the original merchant tags still on.

What is also delicious in its paradoxical irony is that the “end of history” is logistically and procedurally an automatic return to mythology. This is being reflected in the concept of “FAKE news” a term that will merely complete the murder of objective fact based journalism and guarantee the victory of info-tainment as news- the most obvious expression of a return to mytholigical time.

History - and journalism, and democracy- can only survive in a plenum of sequential process and Newtonian space.

Einstein collapsed time and space into “space-time”. This was yet another clue that the “exploded diagram” of history was collapsing and coalescing back into its natural state of process. Journalism and fact based news is dying because other than truly horrendous events such as 911 or a new war in the Middle East, People simply do not experience national or global news in a unified fashion. It has often been said that the unification of radio broadcasting being limited to very few stations allowed Hitler’s rise to power as well as the sustained unification of nationalism during the world wars. Now everyone gets there news and information through a highly personalized and daily curated filter bubble. Since the entire world is a neural network of mechanical and computer synapses, news happens instantaneously with no gaps around the clock for ever and ever and one can access any part of the world and it’s news feed instantly from anywhere at anytime and basically for free. All of the arbitrary stopgap gatekeeping measures of profit and process have disappeared. They have been the territorial lysed by the profit driven motive itself. Just as the need to perpetuate and maintain the laws of thermodynamics led to the discovery of a new scientific and mathematical vector that would lead to both the nuclear bomb And the satellite thus ritually dismembering and murdering the Newtonian and Cartesian worldview at Hiroshima and Nagasaki and and broadcasting this new world order symbolically with Sputnik.

History technically ended with the global envelopment of the satellite system because this was the foundation of a global tribal culture, mcluhans Global village. History does not end, it becomes its opposite. Enantiodromia.

Absolutely. “The end of the book is the bomb (and the satellite)”I was using Bihar school of yogas “darana darshan” and filling in the blanks with mantak chia. One hour in the morning one hour at night for several months. I was doing like 8-10 minutes of candle gazing then 30-35 minutes of kundalini/micro cosmic orbit then 10 minutes of yoga nidra.Yeah thats what I wanted to speak out about. Like there is a practical angle. Take it fwiw but I triggered spontaneous lucid dreaming, out of body experienced AND precognitive dreams SIMPLY FROM FOLLOWING THE MEDITATION INSTRUCTIONS. Like when I triggered OBEs I didn’t even know that existed I had to do research to find out what happened to me. So yeah, you do get siddhis in a sense but I wasn’t even at the “work on siddhis” stage. So there’s something to it but you have to look at it as an experiment. If you get into the “CONTROL” angle your gonna fuck it up even if you abstain. Put another way, if the practitioner engages in abstaining as if it were a Herculean task to be engaged with profound suffering and loss then they aren’t ready. But yeah all of the fields of esoteric practice are a mine field of throbbing ego and bullshit there’s no way around it.Here’s the deal though, sexual continence is a force. I’ve experimented with this stuff in the past and I still To this day do not watch porn, I don’t entertain the advances of other women and I am happily married. When you can transcend the idea of controlling your compulsions and simply be in a state where they are always already under control, then there is immense agency liberated, a reservoir of energy is redirected permanently, all the time. it’s not about asceticism necessarily but that’s what the focus ends up in a lot especially in the west. I am not scolding you I’m just expanding on the notion as I understand it for those who might be thinking it’s some kind of stuffy curmudgeon shit. It CAN be that but it can also be a nofap till freedom thing to. It’s all about REAL AGENCY at the end of the day. If you have a constant, pulsing compulsion in your life whether it be sex, spending, self-hate whatever then you can bet it is an energy drain and it is also being exploited by some institution.MEMES TRES MEGISTOSThat’s fucking hilarious ?They do studies at Arizona state university in a similar domain. Don’t know if mwc was ever opened or not BAM! Thanks for posting this.

Post-advertising is becoming a thing. Also recall that in the dopamine reward of the fear of extinction network has only been known for a few years I think. The notion that rage/bad news gets you high is quite unique and new and it’s full implications have yet to be acknowledged or fully critically explored. YOU ARE ON THE CUTTING EDGE OF THE EDGELORD VANGUARD. This service is free. Your welcome.This is great.Wilhelm Reichs work is huge as well as Laruelle and Bernays. Michael Aquinos “mindwar” is also relevant …and the NSA reads PlatoI enjoyed this a lot but I expected a shitty drunk droogs song recorded on a boom box at 4 in the morning John Lobell on one of Joseph Campbells last essays “symbol without meaning”I was reading preface to plato and nick lands meltdown when I started this sub. The havelock text is literally half the parentage of this place (on my side) Hey fren! Glad you showed up. Hope to see you on tgram soon 2Yangsteins list is great. The capstone is “the alphabet and the Brain” by Derrick de kerckhove. Don’t bother wiTh IT unless your super stoked and well read it’s meaty.

Also “homer an the Greek alphabet” by Barry Powell can be read torwards the end of that list and Robert Logans (alphabet effect) “what is information” is AMAZING as is skin of culture by dekerckhove. Those two are fairly easy reads. You don’t by chance know of the alchemical meditation where the tan tien is the fire and the body is the alembic and the lungs are the bellows and the heart and head are refractory evaporator type mechanisms …? I had some great success with microcosmic orbit in the past but having heard of this alchemical meditation I’ve become interested again in an engaged meditation practice. Right now I mostly do just watch the breath.cooolNo it’s called “being modest with your honesty”.what radar? You made it to the telegram fam yet? It’s “lit” “af”hahaNo this is for real deep crypto advanced research shit. Inrecognized it instantly as rare and valuable but I see where you are coming from. I posted this for those who have eyes to hearYou can read JD Castens cybernetic revelation book and a lot of these names will pop up in thereCan someone tl;dr?Scroll all the way to the top. Very interesting information for those into cybernetic research and conspiraciesNo that’s true. Metta and gratitude are both extremely powerful tools and this is similarThat was kind of over the top imo but this genderpunk psychopath has been screaming obscenities for three days in the formerly self-regulating sitgmergic chat and has basically looted the place, drove off everyone and turned the place into a narcissistic panic room and so speculative intuited observations about THEY character and relations to someone are at this point fair game because it’s quite shirty what they have done. No one voted to have the room turned into a 4chan short bus but that’s what happened and many regular contributors are justifiably upset. Just so it’s clear THE REST OF SOTS IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH RAISONDECALCUL AND HIS TWO SHIT SLINGING GOONSThis is unhealthy stuff his idea is more nuanced than he will get credit for but overall this kind of thought is so horrible and bad for you. However He makes a good point though about how there is a compulsion to fight against things and this obscures the ability to be in the NOW. Like I’ve mentioned in the past “WE MUST DO SOMETHING NOW OR ELSE!” Is This political mantraOh hey everybody! this is the THEY who has hijacked the SOTS TELEGRAM chat and is currently auditioning for a false flag crisis actor bit part. Raisondelcalcul is this persons friend so when the mods of the channel actually booted this person (who has been engaging in this low bitrate 4chan behavior) for acting like a total jackass, raisondelcalcul de-modded the mods and made the yells person and one of his friends mods. It’s been very exciting. I encourage everyone to stop by the SOTS zoo and take a peak at the kooky looky loos!Really good. Reminds me of miracle jones stuff. Who tf is Steve bannon?TRASH MAGIC IS REALThere’s a guy here in Nashville that is the leading proponent of Christian transhumanism. He has a podcast I forget his name but he has a couple really good episodes Read from cliche to archetype or take today or through the vanishing point. There’s tons of different “mcluhans” in each book even.

Of course Bob Dobbs would disagree with me but he probably has more archived Mcluhan than the Mcluhan coach house. Dobbs St GermainGuy Debord died in a barn. A friend had allowed him to stay there in his last days and he spent what little money he had hiring young French couples to have sex in front of him while he smoked cigarettes and masturbated. A voyeur’s voyeur. He was not fully engaged with the spectacle and for all his critical posturing, was more an apologist through fatalism than anyone else he could ever hope to blame.

Mcluhan was a conservative and a catholic convert in his 20s. He had plenty bad to say about Madison Avenue and anyone that has explored his work is well aware that he was no media apologist. Although he was often made out to be one especially in media and interviews. In the early 70s he began to realize no one was listening to him and that he had been heard only one way. it’s pointless to try and say what Mcluhan said. I have 7 or 8 of his books and several books about him including one on baudrillard and Mcluhan. I had at one point 12 or more of baudrillards books. He was my first true philosophical loves…ahhh but that was years ago….

Oh yes yes Mcluhan. He has said many things. He circumambulates. He draws pictures on the maps and then makes doodles on those. Mcluhan was similar to Nietzsche in that he spoke in extremely loaded aphorism. For instance a great quote of his is “propaganda is the mother tongue”. That is an entire summation of the wheels of history. Mcluhan was an enigma and a crank and a prophet but not of media but of something far more profound, circular time, xenolinguistics, alien epistemology running in the background of the alphabet song. But he had a gnostic sense of humor far more profound and engaging than most people recognized or were capable of carrying. I think his faith allowed him to shoulder the burden of seeing what he saw which he often described as apocalypse and meant every word of it. What is it about gawdamn Canadians and the alphabet, eh? Mcluhan said something in “war and peace in the global village” alomost identical to a Joseph Campbell phrase which is paraphrasing “violence is an attempt to define the self”Looks like a zombie or something woah. I wonder if it’s a guy dressed up as a woman or something?M’AGAINST ITThere is no liberation. Only a balance in the tension. Everythain be fuckin. How do you FUCK? How do you ride bicycle? Not only this way, not only that way. This then that then Neti Neti then neato nato nasaBeing doing having making exchanging defending consuming appearing simulating simulated madness amnesia reset. Or - chapter 2, sloka 64 of bagavad gita Oh good! I thought they gave up. That last one is ¿ thoughOh man I can’t really go into that right now. Honestly I could write a book at least about APS. Are you not on the Telegram channel? The alphabetica group is all about APS. APS stands for abstract phase space. And it is roughly equivalent to something like “the esoteric history of logic” or “the occult use of logic and grammar”. The western self, what Plato invented and displayed via Socrates as the soul, is in reality something more akin to the internal space that is activated/discovered/necessary for use and interaction with abstract, conceptual language. And all languages after the extraction and standardization of vowels are both nominal and abstract and there is no way around this.

APS is an internal space 🚀. It happens to be located or bi-locative with the “soul” in the individual. This occult spatial relation is not dissimilar to an occult fractal-relation-in-common with banal manifest architecture.

Through cognitive research and the lateralization effects of literacy on the brain as well as how they manifest in culture and in architecture at large, we can see intimations and traces of a profoundly alien presence within language itself as it reflects back at us through culture.

Recall that the standardization of writing is not just the standardization of writing but results in what is probably the single biggest shift in human culture ever which is the emptying of biological human memory from the internal brain out into the world at large and this is the beginning of culture and history proper. In effect, standardized writing is culture. It is the keystone which allows the fidelity of transmission of content to be sufficient enough and broad enough that culture itself becomes a sort of external memory storage via artifact, architecture and analog. The priest class finds itself in a precarious position here though becuase the standardization of writing is a kind of abdication of the formerly occult basis of cultural transmission and thus any cleric or tally maker now can decipher and pass on essential cultural, pedagogic, theological and bureaucratic legalisms.

But APS is a sort of wheel in a wheel, a secret space inside each “literate” human and this space in turn creates what we might call a haptic or proprioceptive relation to the world at large. But the internal space that each literate being carries within oneself is the thing that involves it in the cultural microcosm – an undulating void devouring the now, a howling abyss malcontent unto the present. The transcendent is precisely the soul itself - a toroidal void. A smoke ring wafting and donuting forever between flesh and language.

It was William Burroughs who made the statement “language is a virus” into some kind of intuitive hip mantra. but there is much more to it than that and it is this general notion that informs my claim that standardized script is some form of panspermia, some kind of conduit or highway that allows something else besides humans to access consciousness itself and this is why my overall goal here is to teach a respect for language as if it were cyanide or plutonium or similar.

Neurologically our brains have been no different and physiologically our bodies have been no different than the humans of 200,000 years ago and the human mind of 200,000 years ago is just as capable of running the software we call “Alphabet” as any five-year-old in kindergarten is today.

I don’t really know what any of this means. the applications are abysmal in that it implicates the presence of an intelligence not dissimilar to that of DNA or mathematics. The story of APS is itself a kind of fractal of the effect of APS in that it tends to make one feel some type of Divine claustrophobia. The tendency is to feel the cold sting of metal, the sterile acoustics of a hospital Corridor beginning to resonate in oneself.

So we are left with the challenge of figuring out what to do with this “application”. I’ve stated that it appears as though we are beginning To develop a new orientation towards both movement of time and movement through space such that we are no longer accumulating units of progress which become sedimentary deposits of strata of the present, slowly building our path into the future, rather it is instead that the future now comes at us like a runaway train, full stop and no breaks and that we are forced to retreat by running history in reverse. We are in not merely a “salvage economy” but a salvage cosmology.Not so much access. Language (and action) are the only things shared in common with others. The internal state is what is mos tttue personally but the most metaphysical system wise while language appears as the opposite but is also largely rooted in abstraction. The diagram is an attempt to show that we map the internal based on some type of schema that is either mythological or logic based and both are rooted in the “timeless eternal” but that the more we rely on ma fudge the more we are likely in antagonism with idealism and experiencing the world as antagonistic because it is not mapping to the words we hold in common to our era or group as bein “correct”. Neurosis and anxiety is largely an abstract language driven malfunction of the neo-cortex. The pyramid schema is simply to show that as we go further towards the top and the closer to language (the one thing we share in common wjth the public aside from action and artifact) or “languiging” we get, the less substance it contains. The field of pure experiential content narrows the closer we get to language and by the time we use language we are using a pencil as a can opener basically. The diagram is an attempt to make us aware that we can be in the “now here” by being aware of the acute limitation of language (as it is welded to consciousness at vowel extraction and standardization of written script) as well as the abundance of somatic and pure temporal experience - the NOW.

Plato made light an analogy of gnosis and the sun an allegory for the transcendent and thus was a kind of crypto-Atum follower. Platos sun is very similar to the black sun of Atum -“the sun behind the sun”.

This isn’t to say there is some conspiracy going back thousands of years to enslave humanity to some evil secret alien demon God. And physiologically our brain is neurologically wired to run “alphabet” or what we might call the insinuation of the Full articulation of language. This doesn’t mean that language can be fully articulated it means that standardize Asian is implied when written script is standardized through the removal of the vowels and the standardization of the vowels by Fiat. This does not mean there is a “standard”. It means that language intimates That it wants to be standardized whether there is a one true standard is unknowable and if you think it is knowable it is the quickest way to madness that I could think of and yet this madness is the bureaucratic heart of Western civilization. Language is extremely powerful becuase it is ultimately the one thing we share in common with other humans beyond all other forms of expression one will undoubtedly eventually make use of language to explain instrumentality, aesthetic, action or intent. But language tends to drift into abstraction use, recourse to conceptual ideation and this is almost always hidden behind the glare of it’s utterly pragmatic usage. Both conceptual ideation and language is extremely pragmatic and language is the closest thing that most humans will ever come to perpetual free energy. It costs nothing to use or exchange infinitum. It’s not the best diagram and I have been playing with a series of diagrams that more fully unpack the basic notions in this one.A rising upboat lifts all shiftsheres one of the old xenofeminism threads where gender trendsWell this bureaucratic/technocratic/cinematic mechanism of being in a billion places at once imagistically, bureaucratically etc is THE definition of hyperreality. So in a sense we are talking about a religion of hyperreality which by definition is driven by banal ubiquity.I know what your saying here. The drifting signifiers are grinding people inbwtween tbe ontological void. It’s the tendency to slide into idealistic language that is suspect and one wonders how much drifted language versus nurture versus nature is at work in these biological quagmires. On the upside I think this drive toward post/trans/androgynous what have you’s will probably be a medical gold mine as far as advancing cyborg/AI/skynet/human interfacing as well as probably be on the bleeding edge of life extension research. he totally stole that bag of weed that day off the tv that Dave left AND EVERYONE FUCKING KNOWS IT TOO. HI JAYHermes_cap has contributed more than a lot to this sub in the last few months. I too had a go with the trans/post gender phenomenon over a year ago and ran off one of my favorite online friends u/flyinghamsta. I’m not going to get into this convo on the pro/con level but I think it was meant as a joke for real and any confident trans/post/lgbtqrstuv/bi/gay/becoming-panda would find it funny too? I have no fucking clue what’s funny in culture. I don’t watch tv and I don’t know who the people are on the cover of the pulp mags at the check out line either. This is NOT a redpill alt-right catch all and most anyone who has perused here would know that. gnosisGood god. Like some CIA contractor couldn’t organize a simple WTO style counter. I don’t support mylo but it’s like “OH A + B =C!!!!” suuuuuurrrrreThe One = Aten = Black Sun? It’s… hard to tell

Can someone tell me wtf is going on? This is pretty good. Scott mandelker has a bunch of talks on iTunes and he has a 14! Part series over 16 hours of talks on Gnosticism. He is obnoxious umm yes ha ha! But the information covered is truly invaluable I highly reccomend. Also Tolkiens bff Owen barfield wrote a book called “saving the appearances” which is imo required SOTS reading. I am serious. I don’t know, but for some reason I believe him and I believe the majority of what they talked about. And FYI Joe Rogan was just repeating a Mcluhan quote, but it is a good one.If the dude is talking about Mcluhan and breakaway civilization he is obviously stealing SOTS talking points. The sins of the father was a real category and phenomenon of culture until probably the late 1700s ad? Anyway karma and karma yoga were part of a dichotomy whereby you coukf transcend or burn away your karma.

It’s much too subtle and complex to just summarize briefly but it has to do with a body based, right brain dominant mode of culture which was oral based and repetition based and rooted always to the “sep tepi”. So it was primarily based in our orientation or “mode of being” toward not time as an energy but time as a foundation. The orientation toward time or what I call “temporal locution” is the primary root of the experience of being which goes something like “being, doing, making, having, appearing, madness, paralysis”.

Paralysis is something like total species wide amnesia/Alzheimer’s. Total dissolution and envelopment in Maya, being swallowed in illusion. This is how history “resets” and why there is nothing prior to Sumer or pick your “ur-culture”.

Sloka 64 of the Gita is about “sense objects” and the big difference for us now in how we perceive sense objects is that there is no process it’s just s thinf that is a tool or obstacle and a causal nexus through which I engage a statistical probability based strategy for attaining or abounding.

In a sense, all of western religion esoteric or exoteric is indeterminate becuase it is driven by burgeoning institutions that wish to concretize the “thing” (Jesus was the first “thing” in the west imo) yet cannot sustain their lexicon and are thus constantly replaced by more ruthless institutions, while what becomes more immediately pragmatic for the lay person goes underground into systems like alchemy and kaballah. Fate is not the same as providence and providence is not the same as grace but there is a 4 term analogy there in the waiting.

Fate in a way or the category/concept of fate is the bleeding edge of “agency toward/from the irrational/Godhead”. Our conceptions of agency/intimacy with the irrational or “source of all” is our ability and authority (or privilege) to the knowledge of the porous boundaries of all things both real and ideal, such that our changinghabe to conceptions of fate bring with them shifts in experience of experience itself, process and objects due to shifts in language. Shifts in Language and experience are not merely experiential they are Modes of agentive action therefore how we speak belies what we know and what we know is the very boundary of what is possible. What is possible therefore is entirely informed by the ability to articulate experience becuase the articulation of experience is the limit of technology,

Something we need to understand is that in practicality, language, consciousness and their tools of manifestation -technology- are inextricably woven together in practice though they can be considered seperately in theory. Experience becomes submersed in this aggregation and yet it is experience that ultimately is the bounds of “what is possible” so we have to be always Dillinger that we are not “over-writing” or overcoding experience with the other 3. SO in a sense, knowledge of this tendency of experience to drown in the other 3 is the key to escaping the contemporary fate of “democratic language” or what I have called PLIN. Protestant Linguistic Ideological Neurosis.No I just couldn’t afford a Kitchen remodel unless I did it myself I have saved about 15,000$Yes absolutely! I’ve been remodeling my kitchen for over 6 weeks and it’s almost over. I’m doing all the work too so I’m zapped for now. No because they are flakes. Unreliable. How did you get the spaces ^inthewordsuphereicantfigureitout

It ends^up^like^thisThe right brain is responsible for cussing, praying and singing as well as tragedy. Perhaps trump will help us recover our right brain in that regard.

I hate hipsters and millenials. Hate is not the right word but voyeuristic embarrassment and a curious harboring of group miasmatic shame seems to echo within me…

Trump is a horrible person. It’s great. He will be a train wreck president. It’s gonna be fantastic, spectacular, I promise.

But I’m glad we finally have a WWF/reality tv persona/b-movie villain as president. Hillary would be status quo steady as she goes and that’s for sure a dead end. Hopefully trump will trigger the fracturing of the federal and the plethora of secessionists movements can begin in earnest. Also, we were already divided. Provincialism and localism is the only way forward if you want to be healthy and sane.

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR CITYI like Jordan Peterson a lot. But he makes a great point in his letter and it’s something I’ve noticed too. The problem isn’t competition it’s cooperation. The following is me not Jordan - We are currently paid to cooperate under the aegis of the capitalist scheme. Therefore cooperation has been linked to profit/wage and if you don’t get paid, you don’t have to cooperate. This is a problem For cooperation at large. It’s been throttled and standardized.I don’t know how to get them off telegram but I know how to get them on!BTW I just found Levine today. I’ve never heard of him before.I’ve often claimed in my podcast/talks on the telegram channel that Jungs collective unconscious is actually the biology of the body but it was based more on intuition than anything. Turns out, in this talk Levine quotes Jung on biology and Levine extrapolates the same thing. Anyways, this “soma-semiotics” is what I was outlining implicitly in the diagram I posted a couple days ago. Also, I’ve had two kundalini experiences. The first one lasted about 3 months and it was blissed out. Everything had a halo and everything glowed and it was impossible for me to be upset and I quit television and politics becuase it made me physically ill. The second time was only for a couple weeks a couple years later. Both were triggered by trauma. Levine mentions that kundalini is largely available in the west due to trauma.Oh they are looking at a shia art project we just can’t see it ?Boazy I literally have no clue. I watched it twice too. Please explain who or what they are talking about. I cannot understand Nope. Everything is say is intuiton based on books I’ve read or lectures or acid trips or whatever. I mean, it’s informed but I haven’t modeled it on crispr or anything. Why? Have you punched a hole in my fuzzy logic? I post this stuff so that people can critique it, add to it and so on. I’m not some authority on anything. So I hope you have found some fatal error in it that will help me a lot! I usually don’t post my ideas until I have worked with them for a few weeks at least because sometimes I realize it’s wrong or somebody else’s or whatever.

The main point I think though is that language is last and language-thought/inner self-narrative is second to last and the idea is that language isn’t as all powerful as people like to think, it’s a major declension ala Kant and Deleuze.Ahhh okayyyy. Telegram is my only social media so I know what you mean. Occasionally like once every 2-3 months I will lurk Facebook and it gives my nightmares. Hopefully you pop on erry once a while tho Plox notice also that language/communication is VERY LAST which makes it the weakest/most dependent on the environment/cognition sequence. This diagram inverts the normal notions of the power of language and preferences action and experience.Notice that “now here” is in the sunlight, in other words it is NOT the transcendent “Good” of Platos divided line nor the transcendent sun/son of god. It is the most immanent, least confabulated experience possible. It is the difference between “this is what I am doing now” versus “I am doing something but I have to do this later and some other stuff then I have to go there oh fuck that bitch will be there I hate her she reminds me of my mom yesterday my mom was such an asshole NOTHING I do is good enough for her I’m kind f hungry oh wait I gotta finish this nah fuck it I’m depressed now I don’t know why I get so depressed at random like this it’s like I have no control over myself who cares it’s not like I am important either way which is good because I don’t ANYONE relying on me that’s fucking crazy oh shit I didn’t take those movies back hey that’s a good idea I should go shopping theres that new place over by the bar oh that’s right I have to work for 3 more hours fuck I hate working …” sniff and so on Ahh one more thing - pre-conscious memory is what is available to recall at any given moment and will likely rest on what was deemed important yesterday and so on. This is actually very very sinister because it is a form of illuminati time travel into your very being. This is how people get “false memory syndrome”. Another way we can look at memory and I would have to flip back through my notes on this for sure but basically our memory is our soul and so to ideologically toggle the experience of the present as an augmented form of a “memory” of the “past” through subconscious trauma and intimation, is a form of reformulating parts of the SELF via memory, a little bit at a time. The more you pay attention (to media and mindless bullshit) the less you is left. Ahh thank you! Yes ideology as Air that is interesting. I’ve lately been regarding post-APS language as the superego itself. So that makes a lot of sense thank you for your input! Oh it’s the bedrock. Logic itself. But it’s actually not clear in the diagram. That logic is the source of anxiety I mean. I will have to revisit my notes to unpack that but I just wanted to share it and see what came of it. Like we tend to drift into abstractions of language and assume they are real things and that those things are accessible to us. For instance a schema like “tomorrow I will get paid then I will buy a bottle of whiskey and some weeed and go to so and sos house and do x”. All of that is statistically very likely assuming one has a job and a car and so and so is a friend who invites one over on the regular. But the issue is that we can extrapolate and often do, far beyond the statistical likelihood of what is possible. For instance what trump or Russia or Isis will or won’t do. We yoke our own personal fears and intellectual limitations to a political lexicon supported by ideal meanings and those meanings are often supported by murder and military campaigns and Supreme Court decisions and international economic charlatanry and so on.

My point…hmmm

If we are not careful we drift towards “no where”. The realm of idealism and utopia exists literally no where. Abstraction can be defined as “no particular time, no particular place”. So the theoretical category “space and time” are actually literally “no where”. So the more we base our decisions on ideals that don’t actually exist in our life, the more we are somewhere else, a somewhere which is no where and is somewhere else only insofar as it is a serious diversion and bifurcation of ones apperceptive resources. The more we can attenuate idealistic thinking and logical logistic schemas which lead to rat completes maze rat pushes button gets dopamine, the more we live in the moment “now here”. This can all be put more simply by asking the questions of oneself “what are my obligations in life?” This will generate an ever expanding list consisting of things like “be a good person”, “get a good job”, “be a good citizen”, “worship god”, “be successful”, “be popular”…. etc

All these rest on HIGHLY ideal language and highly politically charged concepts. By being critical of our obligations we become acutely aware of the institutions we are beholden to and probably their ranking order in our life.

In short the diagram is a sort of key for how to live an apophatic life.

Mindwar is the category which describes the frequency or strata whereby our visceral, emotional, reactive aspect is continually re-colonized in the moment and re-dedIcated to ideal X. It is mindwar which makes us compulsively feel like we “MUST DO SOMETHING NOW OR ELSE!” This is the quintessential political mantra. Mindwar is how the senses and experiential and emotional aspects of life, in other words the vehicular, bodily and biological survival mechanisms, are employed toward nefarious ends by big fuzzy red yelly words from the tv/newsfeed/social group. How the mind (not your mind) hijacks the body (thus making it not your body).Yeah I could work with that. If nothing else because meme magic has a HIGHLY naturally emotive and emotionally based Communication and transmission of content. but spectacle is a little bit more perhaps undetectable or subconscious for most. So the comparison is valid if you qualify the relation. And did you change your name on Telegram? I see people asking about you on there all the timeIn case it’s unclear, the cloud is the “timeless eternal” also known as the transcendent/Platos world of forms. A weird monstrous version of this timeless eternal is the spectacle.A diagram I drew a couple months ago. Do you know where you are? Are you loosing the mindwar? Esoteric_throwaway sure is!What is the goal of life? To be happy? How do you know what happy is? I don’t care where You are from your a smarmy asshole and your a smarmy asshole on the telegram channel too. I’m not really talking to you becuase your delusional, “idealistic”. I’m talking to others who might be following along and unsure of what they believe or what they want.

I’m not trying to be macho you’re missing the whole point of all of this which is why I’m not talking to you really I’m just talking about the problem and issue the same problem that informs you’re delusional babble. The point of asking the question “what are you willing to die for?” Is a real arbiter of one or more true Ideals. Passions or convictions might be a better word. The point is if you are willing to die for something or go to war for it then it is likely not definite but likely that you are in someway living in the immediate present and working on that passion because it probably appears as a goal in your life such as being attentive to your children or Zing socialist or being religious etc. and it’s not a dick measuring contest and it’s not a challenge to bareknuckle fisticuffs. It’s the realist question one can ask about their life and passions and beliefs and you don’t seem very real. You don’t seem to understand any of the shit you Babel on about and post. And neither does 99% of anyone else on here. It’s a spiritual practice and spiritual practices tend to be apophatic when they are working correctly. You want more obviously! More of what? What is wrong with the market? And who puts the market into third world countries? Who opens new markets? Is it the market or is it the government? Hard to tell isn’t it? That’s the problem. The enemy has two huge bastions and we have the farmlands. Your A sad person and you have shown that on the telegram channel based on some of the things you’ve said. Your depressed and have some real issues and they aren’t being dealt with. When you are happy and content and you have minimized your obligations (almost all of which are ideal) I guarantee you your politics will change. Everyone wants to change the world but no one thinks of changing their self…heres a diagram I made that we can walk through in relation to this discussionThe only way to get anything done is through smaller groups nationalism is done therefore anything larger than nationalism is fantasy. You need to think about human nature. Nietzsche, Freud etc. my main point and I don’t have a good one becuase I haven’t articulated a stance on politics in years because I think it’s pointless, is that nothing is standing in the way of people doing something except their idealistic Utopianism yojr a lazy piece of shit if your waiting on the communist revolution. You need to look into Reich too. The mindless violent group zombie dynamic is the ideological dogmatic dynamic and that is driven by a kind of literalism toward idealist jingoism. The thing that happens when religion dies is we are still religious. If you are nihilistic then you are more susceptible to ideology. I’m not a free marketeer or a libertarian though I wouldn’t argue against being identified as left-libertarian (because politics is stupid therefore political identity is stupid). My main idea here is work freely and work now on what you believe in. Vermont has a strong left-secessionist movement and Texas a far right and new Hampshire a libtertarian one and Oregon a left-libertarian.

Idealism is what we are at war against because idealism kills language. Nominalism, novelty, mono-semanticism. Nietzsches will to power is the tendency for people to drift into idealistic frames of mind and this happens by unconscious association of what we think words mean.

Why? Because we are so coddled and spoiled that we don’t know what real fear, danger or suffering and tribulation is. Language has completely divorced us from biology via culture and this is how we get post-gender nonsense. Another way to say all this is that until you get off your fat lazy millennialist ass AND FIND OUT WHAT AND WHERE YOUR REAL LIMITATIONS ARE you have no clue what or where you belong “politically” or otherwise. Yet another way to say this would be that there is no larger a threat or more dangerous an ideology than the notion of politics itself becuase it’s all language and legalism revolvIng around the ritual of “voting” which has little action in it other then the day that people have to suffer through long lines or bad conversations in order to push a button like George Jetson and feel like the whole world revolves around them.

You are a disgrace to the bee cult and you should be ashamed, XX. A SHAMED.

Language is unlimited. It is invisible, and largely not inhibited by energy expenditure. Language is a matrix of pure choice and association such that you choose what words to say and when to say them for the most part. The ideological and rhetorical power of language is what tends to align it with magical thinking and idealism because much Energy can be gained and garnered by people who can talk good.

However to know who you are in the real sense of who you are, then one must appraise their field of influence and the periphery of real actionable choice and movement which necessarily intersects with the ideal the further you project away from here now and get into the future or potetntial social scenarios. When one finds their limitations IN THE REAL field of action they can then identify the weaknesses that they have and choose to improve them if they wish.

Language is cowardly becuase it naturally masks the limitations of action. There is a balance point between idealism And action like the WPA of the new deal or infrastructure work or older democratic/union ideals but we are past that now. The market wants to be free. If we say no to politics then there will be a fracturing in the political/federal systems which will have real consequences. Then people can choose to live in provincial groups largely limited by ideology and geographic limitations like in any good cyberpunk novel. Our vote hasn’t mattered for decades and everything we do proves it matters less and less. Rioting and protesting is nominally “better” than voting becuase it is action oriented and anterior to the banal political process of voting and bitching. What are you willing to put your life on the line for? My guess is nothing. We abhor death in all it’s forms and thus we have a culture that abhors real life including its biology and limitations. If you do not have something you would die for then ironically you are the ideal consumer. Go shopping. Forget your fantasies in the Fantasy Flora and Fauna of which you are inextricably cybernetically bound.dopamine and extinction

and post-advertisingPost-advertising. Remember that thread I made a while Back? The fear-extinction network proves there is a dopamine reward response to telling people bad news. Stories about threat of life or limb, narratives about economic collapse, child molestation… all these things give us a dopamine rush when we hear about it or tell others and if you think about it it makes evolutionary sense. You need to be rewarded to pay attention to things that might harm or kill you. The problem is this has been hijacked and I don’t see it ever stopping, so our basic biological survival awareness system has been hijacked. That’s spectacular in one way and wreaks of total doom in another.

I quit watching news and keeping up with politics 7 or 8 years ago and I can honestly say it is probably the single most important decision I made in turning my life around and extracting myself out of neurotic depression hell.

And we know it’s not true for the most part that’s what sucks.

So there’s like two deep biological and cultural responses creating heavy kinetic friction that is feeding into the media political system which then converts that kinetic energy into money, votes, power, prime advertising spots sniff and so on. There is the biological survival circuit that is sort of is based and anterior to epistemology for the most part and there is the cultural response which also seems physiological rooted in the idea that we want to participate in what others do, “be informed”, know what’s going on etc.And then….?

There isn’t a conclusion. It just goes on. The problem is the government is not what we are taught it is. Democracy is not real. Shopping is. We have evolved from voters to consumers. The government does not provide health care. The one thing it provides is education and road maintenance and law enforcement. Socialism is not going to happen regardless of how vapid the ideology is or how horrible its track record. It’s done because it didn’t work. The market works. It’s violent it’s macabre but that is obvious. Socialism drifts into what your attempting to accuse me of, science fictional resolution. the one thing we can all agree on doing is going to the market, the plaza, the agora. the market owns the majority of the government and trump will likely “liberate” education as well. Then it’s just military. The difference is that our problems which are not exclusive to government nor market are dubiously presented as one solvable by government. And government doesn’t solve anything it’s just a kinetic harvesting system that converts agitation into money and power. Remove utopian ideals, remove government and you are forced to accept that the market is all there is and then people will be forced to learn about what makes markets work and this will lead to perhaps more solutions but right now all it leads to is people wanting to redistribute untenable and impractical tax schemes. Socialism is a bad word perhaps too. Maybe you mean “everybody working together” or something like that. But fuck socialism and fuck democracy. I’ll take my chances with my wits alone at this point. We have literally elected a WWF character. Government is obsolete. Fuck moldbird and land. Land is actually awesome but yes his name has come to signify weird bullshit. Cybernetics is real. Whatever you want to call it that’s what is happening. There are ur-symbols that tend to constellate certain cultural schemas which undulate and change. Death, Nature, Culture, Standardized language. There is another however. The frenzy at which we equivocate and exchange has generated a random number generator, a heat-sink, a noise machine. And that is the market and it is infallible because ultimately it’s random. government is merely a 300 year old form of the cultural archetype “institution”. This doesn’t mean people won’t hold on to the notion that it’s a good idea, but increasingly it’s looking like nothing more than an irrelevant merchant middle man. Bureaucracy and random number generators are both algorithmic devices. I’m not arguing for anything particular and I’m not saying socialism isn’t viable in some form. For instance capitalism thrived for a time, it just didn’t scale well. In a libertarian type schema, it is possible for a group of people to “vote with their suitcase”. Move to a lawless outlier area, stfu, roll up your sleeves and socialisms or gtfo. But millenials screaming for unity from behind a screen isn’t going to cut it anymore. Nature precedes culture and action precedes language and concentration/univocal sustained attention should precede action. I don’t care what happens I won’t be voting and I won’t be paying taxes and I will continue to charge cash preferred on all my jobs and I will continue slowly adding on to my house and stockpiling books and trinkets and memories. We are past the point of national agreement on anything. I think it best to work to shatter the federal model and work toward a type of secession perhaps ceptr/block-chain/post-blockchain driven. Btw democracy was an abolsute prerequisite for cybernetics to arise. The cybernetic moment is one you might not think of at first pass. Pavlov injects/discovers the signatory regime in nature when he trains the dog to salivate for steak at the sound of a bell. THAT IS the cybernetic moment. When cybernetics inarguably begins.Yes yes I know that but I want to have a metaphysical pre-cosmogonic discussion about itGeez Brain these things are getting better and better.

I will be posting the breakaway civilization mythos soon.a review of the bookBEHOLD

THE POWER OF PUTTING A DEAD ANIMAL ON UIUR HEAD AND DEMANDING TO BE TAKEN SERIOISLY I haven’t read the thing yet but I will say this, the over-arching theme is the breakaway civilization. That is the mythos of this age. Conspiracy theory is nothing more than the stench of decaying rationality. Reality is more, messy, complex and uncanny than any “history” or “democracy” (journalism, informed citizenry etc) can ever hope to contain.

Welcome to the future, today^tm.Yes you do language to undo language, philosophy to undo philosophy and doo run run. This is the definition of yoga, yoking something to itself basically.Sorry about sound quality it’s the only one I could find Please post more on here. Your ideas are interesting wow this is really good ))reverzt((It’s about “hemispheric engagement” certain languages employ more dominantly the left or right brain. This in turn, lateralizes or “overcodes” the non-dominant side which has deleterious conseqeunces more often than not on the unconscious - also known as the body. What it comes down to is that vision is very powerful and far more dominant in combination with certain forms of cultural organization be they art, writing, sports, religion what have you. Ultimately what it comes down it I think is this - language in/as/and spatial cognition.Oh wow I didn’t read that far. Good question “Not as punishment but as protection…” makes sense This is coolOk check this out

It’s called “uncovering communication: general semantics and media ecology”

Some things you might want to look into - cybernetics, soma-semiotics, mindwar the paper and/or book, Kashmir shaivism, language and/in spatial cognition, Robert Logan’s “what is information”, Derrick dekerckhoves “the skin of culture”, cognitive studied in neuropsychology not in any order necessarily. Your BODY is the key and the secret, your body is immersed in an environment and it processes landscape and information far more powerfully and far DOONER than the mind and especially the very last step- communication or “thought-language”. So the mind tells you what happened after it happened. The BODY is where all the weird internal scripts and mental narration and error comes from. The body is not a “tomb” as Plato/Socrates once claimed, it is a processor.Did you write this?some good advice thanks for posting thisArnold Mindells “the shamans body” deals with this. There was a whole field called “psycho-semiotics” as well and I have been reading a book called “soma-semiotics” which updates this for therapy. Cognitive research has really opened this field. The body has been forgotten in western culture and to a frightening extent too. The body is a very very powerful transmitter, transformer and processor of information. Your brain, ie the part that “talks to you and you talk to” -the internal monologue, happens pretty much at the very end of the landscape, foreground, data, information, sensation, knowledge, decision, communication type of feedback loop. To be stuck in the head with your problems is to be stuck with an ever rearranging incomplete list of words, nothing more. My occult and healing breakthroughs came when I began to feel it in the body as if it was happening now.Language, tools and technology cause (cultural/epigenetic) evolution. Culture evolves more than we do, if biological evolution even happens at all, it is a small fractional percentage compared to technological/cultural driven evolution. I hope they come back or if you are reading this: I UNDERSTOOD EXACTLY WHAT YOU SAID. I wasn’t mocking you. Pm me if you want to talk more about it.No but it was for real woke afVirtual AnthropologueThat chick dies at the end TWICEGoogle “bad vibes club” and listen to all the talksI don’t … know exactly. I’m not sure. But you’ve said something very profound here and it is a very intuitive and structural summation you’ve given of an ur-mechanism of language. What we might call “thought-language” that emits from and returns always ultimately to the “word-mind” perhaps? But yes our phonetic based script - the synchronic- which has usurped and fully infiltrated oral speech - the diachronic- is a symbiotic relationship whereby language and technology basically progress at the same rate but the biological vessel must always necessarily lag behind. The ultimate group self is Gaia, not merely “all the people”.

The language/thought system lives in the instantaneous, the entirety of image and lexicon, all at once abiding for ever. The body however, must first GO HERE, then go there. Always it is the same. One system is one and the other one is many. It’s been calculated that a brain can only hold 1000 years of experience and since there is no way for a healthy human brain to destroy memory, 1000 years becomes a hard limit for life extension.oh mai!I don’t have TV and I don’t keep up with current events or politics so I don’t know what you’re talking about. Would you care to post a link and perhaps samurai it briefly? My wife was showing me a video of James RandI and in it he called himself a logician. And as soon as he said that I realized that is precisely the esoteric paradigm of the enlightenment-to-the-present-day. Like Dawkins has that book “the magic of reality”. So sad. And boring. And destructive.I’m glass half full so it should be one LIVING child equal 800$. This article seems like a creative way to say accelerationism. And accelerationism to me is one of the many “post-Cartesian” effects of global capital. You cannot delimit yourself and somehow be outside of or anterior to your lifestyle choices or more generally we could say hey guess what we are all connected and our choices effect others. Yet another way to look at accelerationism is in the more sublime light of ecological problems. You cannot recycle or Prius your way out of past choices and we cannot escape anthroposcene affect.lol didn’t you yell at me because Alphabet?This makes my beard grow healthy and strong LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE PRESIDENT OF AMERICAOh??! Well congratulations! Most of what happens here is stupid. That’s what makes the smart stuff good stuff.LACEYYYYY!!!Trav basically your right I mean look at for instance the abhidhamma of Buddhism or Proclus’ systemized Plotinian system found in the “elements of theology” or Vedanta and Kashmir shaivism. These are all extremely rigorous and axiomatic systems which are more universally recognized as mystical as opposed to logical but nonetheless they are methodological. I think the issue has been your prickly pear Punchy palooka attitude. Your not wrong your just an asshole :)

Merry Christmas grumpy gus!>I don’t have an internal monologue

Ok clearly you are very enlightened and it is rationality that freed you and the rest of us are just inarticulating our internal clutter onto the outside world. Your pedantic is all. Your prickly and you obviously know too much and it has made you autistic. A small price to pay for Truth I’m sure.

I don’t think anyone would have disagreed with you it’s your presentation of your godly knowledge that’s obnoxious. As if the best thing for everyone is to do what you suggest. Your an ass basically. But you know this. Thank you for your input and suggestions and I’m sure there will be several eyeballs that will lurk more often at less wrong and someday they will say to you they will say “Bathesda you are the reason I am on this subreddit” and you won’t say anything, you’ll just lean back in your chair, on your sailboat and just smile a little. And all will be right with the world. For that moment at least. All will be right.Truth and Logic are the stuff of the matrix. but yes I mostly agree with what you said here. it’s not about the mind though it’s about experience, emotion, “felt sense”, Gestalt etc. relegating everything to “the mind” is the problem. It’s dualism proper. Socrates said the body was a tomb. Straight up. Dude said that. And that the senses corrupt reason. And our job as philosophers is to eliminate as much sesnprial information as possible, a very perverted and dissonant yoga imo. This problem has been with us since the presocratics. Logic is unimportant. Skill, rarefaction, aesthetic application all however do require proficiency and competence and efficiency and economy of technique and effort but passion is self directing, auto-telic. Language is limited and limited by logic. Grammar and metaphysics are of a piece and absolutely inseperable, on this Plato and Socrates are correct. But this is not the pinnacle of anything at all, it is simply part of the ongoing antagonism between body and mind art and logic. Yes they can be balanced but concessions are made for both by both. I am a simple person. I live simply. I work with my hands. Logic is set down at a certain point or nothing gets done. Is it logic that keeps me from cutting a finger off? Etc. I think the difference is, you and many like you spend your life behind a keyboard and the bast majority of communication you engage with is qwerty filtered. therefore I am occupationally suited to be less critically aware of propositional logics, syllogisms, elenchus, tautology and the like. No I’m saying it’s the matrix. So the critical question is, how much of your life do you want submerged in such a thing? not “you” but people. And you don’t understand anything Punchy. Your a classifier. A taxonomer. A collector of “knowings”. Your boring. Predictable and “right”. Congratulations! You win every argument because everything is a contest, an argument, an antagonism needing taming. Your not one of us. It is best you should Leave the caverns before the council discovers your here, if that happens you will become one of us, of the snake people, a snerson.Yes i wouldn’t enjoy it as much is my answer I think. Fuck memetics.

Is there a name for the process of studying philosophy through struggle? And each understanding of say Hegel, is always only tentative for there is a new understanding forever to be brought to bear upon the man’s system? Yes I’m sure there is a word for this. I don’t want to give people jargon specific terms for the uncanny sublime experiences that they have unwittingly encountered or invoked into their life. It is logic, not mythology, that is the disease of language. Mythology is a disease of the body, of Nature. It is an all consuming disease and must be respected, but quarantined nonetheless. The letter killeth but the spirit Giveth life. We are at war not with men but powers and principalities. I and my father are one.Have you tried the drops? I believe that science is exhaustively obsolete in that it is ubiquitous. It is a permanent “Externalized cost” of literacy, of the very subterranean innate ideal demands of phonetic language itself.

We are communicating through and within the most complex and exquisite never-ending math equation ever created and it contains wihin its self every recorded error and solution along the way. All manner of innane, irrational expression can be articulated through it.

Like roads, money and the power/data infrastructure, science and logic ain’t going nowhere no time soon. There is no danger of its extinction and one might even posit the notion that by merely typing coherentable sentii, one is bound by its demands therefore one cannot not use logic and science.

I am concerned however, with the Night Science, Punchy. The twilight language, the “language of the birds” must be comprehended, deciphered and monetized.

How shadows work and how to understand them within the regime of the timeless Eternal Substrate from whence logic flowers (you’ve still not answered my question) and the statistically probably future who together, compress the NOW into an ever more traumatic and fractal clod. There are doors, potions and magical items perhaps in these shadows!

I say let us use and creatively abuse the externalized ubiquities of logic, science, electricity, roads, God, data, electrity, public utilities. IF THE MARKET WANTS MY QUALIA IT WILL HAVE TO PAVE A ROAD AND LIGHT ITS WAY TO COME GET IT. last years obsolete technology is this years paint brush. opulence and decadence and free time! Isn’t that what the good life consists? Whence worry?Bob Dobbs will put the toothpaste back in the tube and defeat the android meme once and for all!Actually these threads are way more fun than “what is this place?”sYeah I didn’t have an answer to this kind of question for a long time and ironically the answer, in part, is a Taoist one. “LANGUAGE IS LIMITED” Hey that a good question. It has to do with the shift from use value to exchange value in turn Marxian sense but I’m with Debord, there is a shift in exchange value correlate with the rise of modernist aesthetic that really makes it weird beyond historical comparison. No one is playing poorly here. We are, well I am simply playing. I have grammatical errors and typos I’m sure. I’m not concerned about expensive communication nor poor communication. As I said it’s a pragmatic place which most of use to achieve gnosis via sharing our semiotic approaches. i don’t care about your thorough communication skills no one cares about thorough communication skills. I’m not an occultist or a poet I’m a carpenter. I’m a normal guy with a bizarre book collection and a high weird threshold.

>…this subject matter is important, and that by not taking it seriously, by spending all your time playing games with language to make yourself feel wise, you do the field a great disservice.

Ok so first of all I have the exact opposite perspective. I say we should seek to intuit the “Lacanian real” and to do so should be anterior or transcendent to language, and above all a personal apophatic exercise in humility. this is not a political project for me.

I don’t believe in systematic group agency in the political sense. I’m not trying to weed the pure lexicon and I’m not trying to develop any kind of system, I’m simply extending some existing vectors and criticizing others.

I’m not interested in bayesian autism. I don’t know who any of those people are less wrong yukowski slate star codex and I don’t care and I’m definitely not trying to get rolled into anyone’s certified proprietary affiliate specialized jargon blog roll user list (acpasjbrul for short, pronounced assy pass jah brool).

Now what is interesting and telling is that you think the “subject matter is important”! What “subject” and which “matters”? And how does using expensive communication import it?

This political notion that the affect of fantasmagoria is “serious business” is problematic for me. this is the essence of the political and it is what converts wonder and curiousity into a binary of problem/solution. Guess what I am a pro post-jargon solutionary so that’s not a problem!

Tl;dr pull my fingerActually that was basically correct. I didn’t want to be a know it all…oh! you never answered my question. From where does logic arise? Not the first user of logic but it’s source?

And I never denounced logic. Like the Tao Te Ching, I claim language is limited, therefore logic is also limited.

I don’t give too much of a shit but obviously I am going to read a thread that is 3 hours old and has 62 comments. And it is also obvious that your superior logic has come across not as logical but invective.

For me, the “SOTS thing” is about semiotics and nothing more.

It’s not our job to incorporate each new persons experience into an already established scientific lexicon. We don’t have a “General body of knowledge” complete with its own science and paradigm police.

Ok some guy has a blog and he is super exhaustive with words and stuff! Ok great! I am sure some people will go over there and read some words.

We are not selling anything here. At least I’m not. We are not proselytizing nor culling. Your welcome to lambast “us” or “what it is we say we do here” all you want but I would say you have the spirit wrong. And maybe your on the spectrum and so we should all feel bad for arguing with an autist. Either way, words do stuff and you have defended their honor. thank you dave left a roach on the tv btwOMG the links are borken! Abandon ship! Denounce your affiliations! Chaos magicians use probability. Correct? They rely on a timeless substrate of eternal presence which makes demands of the future ranging from most to least probable and they attempt to “bend” the likelihood of certain vectors becoming more likely than they would have been prior to their being recipients of undue attention. Is this basically correct? And tell us, do you know where logic comes from? Not it’s first proponent but the fecund substrate from which it flowers? This is not a riddle by the way. There is a correct answer.Good god youve spent a lot of time and effront handwaiving our comment section sofa.

Language nor logic can contain the “soma-semiotics” of life and felt expertise. Some of us simply aren’t interested in containing all things within language. The other day I was driving down the road and there was a black Santa with a foam finger attempting to sell discount furniture. Yet instead I saw the moon.

Lol is this alt-right some more?

IS THAT ALT RIGHT MAN? WELL TURN IT UP!It’s gonna be fun/fin!Yes I’m not a fan of Debord but your right I think. telegram :)

Yes will definitely have to get into these topics. Thank youDefinitely. Thanks for the input.For those interested, Achilles Mbembe has several 1.5 hour length talks on YouTube and the video tab of google search. I’ve listened to a few. Very relevant for the philosophical content and the political too if your into that sort of thing.this’s funny and you know it This is such a profound statement and it speaks to A lot of phenomenon including terrorism and fake news. And it’s not that there is not some kind of horrendous group of people perpetrating unspeakable acts on children, becuase I’m sure there is such a group and further, the mentality they hold is the mentality that is required to run a global market system that homogenizes all towards the One Product^tm the Fabian pink goo of god dough. But your right Raisondelcalcul. The real crimes are things like “monster high” which teach little eight-year-old girls to idolize dead stitched together sexy Botox cadavers and the disneyfication of childhood and the specialization of everything such that the imagination becomes welded merely to the imagination of the animal drives of desire and death. Stories like pizzagate serve as distractions that say “these people are sexually assaulting children therefore only this type of obvious heavy handed engraving of sexual abuse counts as sexual abuse”. Just like fake news is THOSE PEOPLE DO FAKE NEWS THEREFORE OUR NEWS IS REAL BECAUSE WE ACCUSE BETTER AND WE ACCUSE MORE AND WE ACCUSE FIRST”The Wolf? Shit negro that’s all you had to say!Join the telegram and/or check library of Alexandria subreddit. I disagree with some of the choices on sidebar anyways. I need to update my own list and consider what still applies in hindsight and add new ones Good stuff. I got on a research kick a while back where I was tracing the history of the corporate charter for this very reason.Corporation as rogue AI. Luciferian paper clip organizer.Not sure. I’ve got a text of the lecture and I read jtnyears ago and I know it’s a topic throughout. try thisI thought the article was pretty even handed. The author is injecting literacy/post-literacy into the discussion and that’s good. Post-literacy doesnt mean a bunch of knuckle dragging morons voted for trump, though that’s true. It means we are “re-entering myth” the means of mythical/oral social relations surpass and supplant the strictly “literacy” based idea we’ve had in the past about someone “being informed” by reading the paper or having complex discussion about policy and stuff. My bad I thought the article was linked in there. That’s the main reason why I posted it.Interesting thanks for posting this. Derrida really missed the boat regarding media theory and literacy orality stuff but this seems to be pretty good so far. His early stuff is good but gawdamn headache to read. Like Foucault but way worse. For me if I want to read Derrida I just have to set aside a couple months and then just read the book and look up terms and read it again and over and over. Eventually you get in “Derrida zone” but it’s not easy at least not for me because I havent been in school for years…wow that’s a pretty amazing excerpt I will be purchasing that text. I used to say a lot when we were getting this sub going and people would be like “this is so insane/far-fetched yet makes total sense” that we are only early adopters and I still believe that. In a few short years this sub will be boring.His Egyptian myths and mysteries deals with this some. I have it it’s a great read. He repeats himself a lot in his books. His occult science book is great as well but not sure he mentions star gazing. What your talking about is basically Babylonian cosmology. Pythagoras then, would be a recipient of this same insight.He’s got one about pigs too. He has been at this for years. There is no way he has a soul anymore. His soul has been evacuated and he is now a meat avatar for a demonic aliensomething I typed a couple years ago someone brought it to my attention again recently.

I’m on another planet btw. The one where I thank god that I don’t have to drive the psychopathic snow piercer. Hooray I’m not in charge! Thanks for the response. Well we drink bottled water and filtered water but I would like to just filter the house in its entirety maybe that’s not feasible but it’s obvious the city water is nasty it grows funk from the faucets and is sort of dirty looking in a glass. I would like to learn more about the entire process of how water is manipulated so I can better understand what I want.I’m sorry but this is exactly what they have always wanted and they have finally succeeded in invoking it into their experience.

I’m not a supporter or opponent of conspiracy theory. It is simply an auto-telic art form of Nature. A combination of intuition, haptic and somatic apperception and symbol use attempting to “make sense” of the world. If you don’t like the narrative, make your own. BUILD SOMETHING. CREATE. Being opposed to something or attempts to “expose” this or that merely activates you as an electron in the circuit closing loop. To be against something is quite simply nothing more than a pledge to donate your personal intensified energy to its manifestation. MYTH DIFFERENT PLZ K THXRegarding the Spencer episode, wtf did they think was going to happen? TRUMP IS NOW STATUS QUO HE IS ESTABLISHMENT. duh

This is why politics is pointless. Organize at the level of product and service. Use the market. The roads, the power lines, the utilities, the information superstructure and infrastructure, these things are basically “externalized” anomalies that the market extruded in order that it may persist. It can’t be taken away, like social media and the internet in general, it must exist for control to manifest. For “order” of any kind to perpetuate itself. This goes for the left and the right. Take the platform to the market, however that presents itself to you. If you can’t find it Email him at purple@fivebodied.com or whatever it is fivebodies etcYes somewhere on the fivebodied website I think. huh huh huh huh…

so depressing

But otoh!

diy home filter system for real and LOTS of amazing info on how to DIY water filtration even if you rent/are transientHello. My family and I consulted culligan a few months ago and the price was insulting. Is there a way to DIY a good filter for the home and if so, where can I find trusted resources and info on a DIY approach to home filtration? Thank you!I made it all the way through his talk through of his book last summer. And his charts and some of those interviews. Have you listened to his talk through of his whole book with Scott yet? I need to go through it again. I’m assuming your listening to the bob dobbs stuff but if your not he talks about this article somewhere in here.

From here.According to bob dobbs, Wyndham lewis used to start just about everyday by calling up a random person in the phone book and giving them a lecture about whatever he was interested in at the time We are bi-spectual politically-curious very nice. No that was very well put. You have quite a knack for synthesizing these ideas. I appreciate your inputDude get them on here. We need some big time media starsBESD AMA EVERWow interesting. What were the thoughts on verdanskys biosphere etc? The anti-Malthusian view of technology and population is intriguing.The bigger point is this: science is proving that there is a reward mechanism built into cognition and narrative. It’s biological, perfunctory, when fear and anxiety build up, we spread it around and we get high from it. This means it’s not wrong. It’s not an “error” of the human social construct individual or collective. In other words not only is not an error thus it cannot be fixed but now that science is proving this mechanism is deeply rooted in the body, the id, then that means it will be a critical strategy of government and non-governmental institutions. Fear (and sex) sells and now there’s proof. This isn’t about narrative or cultural proclivity this is about necessity.Ok was it a choreographer or something? I forgetomg your such an asshole from here

Yeah I made that up. I was attempting to contrast something curious. It was said “history is written by the victors” but more and more it seems as if contemporary culture is sort of frozen in some kind of temporal shopping mall, picking and choosing decade-particular affect from whatever era is trending. “Disco-affect”.

Anyway it seems like the losers have inherited history categorically, beyond any particular narrative. The end of history 25 years later

I think it’s worth asking the question, what do we call the experience of those who live within the machinations deep within the goo of the gears of consumption? Those who dream of a razor suit that can penetrate the suicide nets? Yes language has certain internal demands such that what we call grammar and syntax are in fact for all practical purposes the limits of metaphysics and epistemology as well.

I really appreciate that you enjoy my writings and ideas.

I do want to add something in regards to your other possible ideas of dropping out and abstaining from the social as freeing oneself from the spectacle.

It has been my wandering through the free bin of history, esotericism and philosophy that have contributed to my guided madness between the ditches. But these things I think pale in comparison to friends, family, work and art.

There is a grave misunderstanding I think especially in the youth that there is something to be gained from avoiding, abstaining and running away from “normal” the siding as if the spectacle is only in certain places or only express itSelf in certain ways. And we take a problems with us. Abstaining and avoidance is no solution it is just another problem. Instead I think it is best to work through the problems with action and direction that is rooted in positive consequence and manifestation as opposed to Being rooted in opposition or avoidance. I don’t want to sound preachy and I’m not trying to tell anyone what to do. I was in my early 30s before I decided to give life a try. It’s NOT easier to do what you want and know what you don’t like than to do what you don’t like and know what you want, but it’s better in the long run. Spectacle studies is cool af but it can trap you. Many people come to this paradigm already jaded and cynical. I do advise for people who feel overwhelmed by society, spectacle etc to drastically decrease their media consumption and this includes “critical theory” texts as well. fill that time with a hobby or some creative pursuit.

WE ARE SOCIAL CRESTURES. This is perhaps the most insidious side effect of operationalized advertising and the social media goo that can ooze out of everything at times. If you give up on society you are giving up on the place and possibility of your redemption.Not the same author but I was always enjoyed this one: Jung and Marx - Alchemy,Christianity and the work against natureCyril smith is bad ass for a Marxist.Oh the dude was trolling. It’s a Hegel joke more than anything. German idealism and romanticism is an endless laneynth and when you get really neck deep in it you can kind of get stars in your eyes like magic man on YouTube here. SOMEONE FIND THIS MAN AND APPOINT HIM CFO OF SOTSOk I’m not a huge fan of Harry Potter but let’s face it, journalism is dead. Reality is made in a warehouse in Peking and bought and sold a million times over each day, by people like trump and people who like trump. Free energy.

The world is going backwards in history. We are returning to an engram charged thumos soaked neo-heroic age of both tragedy and opportunity. Everywhere invisible Spiritual virii float airborne. Can’t you feel it???!!!

Science and rationality have been exhausted. The Cartesian world view was ritually sacrificed at Hiroshima and we got a satellite in the trade. We are returning to myth. Why does the future now come at us? Just 30 years ago we were sure that the future was something we would cumulatively “progress” toward. Why is the future now coming for us?

Because the world is a blue marble. We now see ourselves as the stars did. Everything is inverting, reversing, reverting. Enantiodromia. We are logos wrapped in flesh. We are the word cum real. Full to the seam and fit to burst.

Since the enlightenment, we have existed in a voidal technical drawing. An exploded diagram. Pay attention. We are the ones who knew how the whole thing worked. Remember that when you make your nest of fetters and refuse inside the hollow of an abandoned highway billboard in 30 years. Remember we knew.

We have stopped moving and the abstraction has unmoored thus the future travels of its own accord. BUILD A WALL DIG A MOAT MAKE A HUMAN CHAIN MALE SHIELD.

We now stand still and our now unmoored fantastic plastic life sized neon landscape begins to hum and levitate and slowly starts gyrating. Deals within deals. Everything must go. Apocalypse pricing! Now is almost gone!

Welcome to the post-advertising era.Actually this is a legitimate question OP. Vigo the key master did not succeed nor did Hasselhoff. Everything is on the line and it is a fine line to be sure.

“Kant could not complete the system…” this man is a heroI think politics is the real techne of most socially locked gestates. They are “tenured” in their career if not place of employment and they need something to shake, something that shakes them up.

Politics is a weird Dionysian frenzy/ritual/festival. People wave their hands and gesticulate loudly about what really matters? And don’t we all need this? Don’t we need to scream into the public, the body politic, what is important if not sacred? FREEDOM! DIVERSITY! SOMETHING RIGHTS!

Elections basically act as this hyped cycle node that taps into the primal root of existence. It is a clarion call demanding one “freak” “out” - as it were- on their own “people”. Lay down the law, survey the scene with a compass and a canteen. THE NEW FORT GOES ….HERE! Displaying their erudite statistically probabilistic knowledge of “what’s really going on”, sister/brother proves their worth and claims their rightful felt hallway pennant. “Participant award 2016 election”.

it’s really unimportant who gets elected. It is status quo steady as she goes regardless. Child cannibal or Wall Street mercenary, ultimately the real glee is rejoicing in the fact that we don’t have to drive the holocaust oven for 4 years. Hooray! I’m not directly a psychopath! Let those best equipped, those made by the system be the ones to stoke the fires and squeeze the produce and source the sacrificial hearts. These people are literally products of the most refined refineries of the market. The purest of the puerile. Let them have it and do what must be done. It’s not about what you believe it’s about…Sorry I need to take this call…The printing press was the strange religious archetype upon which Industrialism and assembly line production was born. A weird xeno-glyph-ritual-cum-microchip ahead of its tome. I really don’t know and the solution, if there is any, may be only tactical. The only solution I see is this: be an unsolvable enigma. Live the life of an artist and be as unplugged as you can be, if you want to remain “human”. A life of art. “The art of life in the age of mechanical reproduction”.Yes that looks like it. I Havent read it because Mrs 100$ and I only buy pulp I don’t read pdfs if it’s more than 10 pages I print it off so I can make margin notations.

That one looks interesting but No she has one consciousness it may be transcripts of some talks she gave at lindisfarne or something. Nice.

It might then be interesting to you that Joseph Campbell introduced and edited a book called “the changing images of man” which is like the academic/off books alphabet agency directed study which influenced Furgesons work. She is a govcorp agent meaning she was paid to direct and reflect on “consciousness studies”. she has other work out there that is more interesting but perhaps less “mytholigical”.3 or 4 days ago I realied this is the matrix when they are all in their bubble placentas. That’s a “perfect world”~pacing smoking French cigarette nodding and smoking with excited eyebrows Lol.I feel bad. That’s a really common trope with Rove. Poor guy. that quote is actually something insanely brilliant simply because he is not some hand wringing academic nervously bellowing self-important aphorisms at the podium of some academic conference at 3 in the afternoon on a Sunday in front of 5 grad students saying “OMG this guy is so brilliant and no one knows who he is…!!”

This guy is saying “guess what, we are driving the cosmos tractor right now boss af… here’s why you don’t like it is because you know you ain’t doin shit ain’t been shit and we runnin this like pizza delivery main

What would you do if you were moral-free and driven by the 50 world wide most ruthelss murderous barking mad suicidal psychotic screeching bonobos with unlimited resources? How fast can get the Death Star going on the Autobahn bro?

Only the Purest madness of the empire will do! Horay we don’t have to drive the machine! This is a blessing. Could you imagine you as you are right now suddenly spending 30 seconds with Karl rove or Trump narrating their inner life in your head? That madness is colossal! Hug your cat

just lucky I guess A fucking classic. I’m sure Rove is over a barrel right now with a gag ball in his mouth cheesing out in front of a one way mirror which on the other side trump eats a delicately roasted baby hand and watches teletubbies pornOh! I like your 8 circuit riffing. What is your source? It’s been years since I’ve read Wilson and Leary. I found them informative but simple. I suppose I could revisit them but I’ve sold all that pulp. Can you summarize the eight circuits for me? What common epistemology does this map to?I like the mythological aspect of this. “Totally unexpected” etc. it’s like the Id of this country woke up long enough to mutter “nigger” and then fell back asleep. 538 etc all the pollsters were dead wrong. The cubbies won. I like the idea of trump I just can’t stand to hear him talk. But Trump is not merely a Caesar, A mercenary nor a lucky smart ass entrepreneurial buffoon reality star. He is a Tesseract dreidel spinning portal for sometning else. Perhaps a grand if clunky cosmological edit. A pawn of cosmogomic forces far beyond neckmage capacity.

There are only two paths for trump. The man is a brave lucky fool riding on the shoulders of Pepe and anonymous chaos wizards for now. The joke will be old very soon. He is a market Mercenary and let’s not forget he is shortsighted, racist and easily frustrated.

He will likely end up either in his grave or as a Gollum of Russia and China, lest we forget he has purchased countless Russian brides for himself and others, (Kek!) while our country and its oil interests play cold war 2.0 with gas prices right now in an attempt to shipwreck the Russian/Eastern European economy through resource inflation. Russia was at least partially behind Wikileaks and they are no doubt on the phone with trump already.

Dudley Moore finds the golden ticket and suddenlythis man’s life just became a living hell. this man is a market mercenary he always has been. He is for sale to the highest bidder and the bids I am sure are very high. He is probably the most hated American of all times and is not safe in public. He is not making any political choices of his own either. This is going to make for some great TV. The king is dead, Long live trump, king of the north.Yes once you can fully conceive the model it is extremely sobering. There’s another book that addresses this called “metaphysics and grammar” by Charlton. I came to this from deep occult research and had 0 interest in linguistics etc and now I am into philosophy of mind and biosemiotics and natural language and Chomsky. It’s beyond bizarre. And it’s like dropping acid or something.

This puts the furthest occult cosmogonies to shame as far as sublime frisson. It’s like seeing the world for the first time again. Conceiving of the phonetic alphabet as basically some kind of panspermic airborne xenovirus is one thing, finding heavy heavy correlation of this and to go from Plato and the Alphabet into information theory and cognitive neuropsychology in 6 months becuase it all unfolds naturally the more you understand the true cosmological implications of literacy thesis and in turn see it serpentine path throughout western culture is quite another.No it’s a modality, a peculiar taxonomy that is in contrast to ideogramic, pictographic, hieroglyphic etc. it means words were broken down into their simplest possible sound symbols as opposed to another relational matrix. It maximizes the left brain hemisphere more fully than any other taxonomy/relational matrix. The “alphabet and the goddess” by schlain and the brilliant but flawed “birth of consciousness at the breakdown of the bicameral mind” by Jaynes address this as well as the newer “master and the emissary” though I’ve not read this last one.

Phonetic is the most abstract taxonomy but also extremely efficient and versatile but the tradeoff is it is nominal, abstract and deferential. The book that got me into this aside form cornfords “from religion to philosophy” (Bruno smells discovery of the mind is way better) was “language and materialism” by Rosalind coward.sure I think it’s much more natural for women to access that capacity Precisely. There is a difference between sleep and dream. And dreams are rarely vivid for most. We do not know that it was a dream until we are awake. This is nothing new of course. The Vedic tradition deals with this in great detail. Gurdjieff goes over your head by appearing to be boring and simple. His teachings are attractive only to those who merely want to wake up and no longer concern themselves with the aesthetics and conflation of baroque occult imagery and more direct tools. Gurdjieff would say something like “first wake up then do magic”. It takes a lifetime to wake up in his system basically or one must st least be willing to work that long for the prize. Also the “8th sphere” correlates here.Please do not do that. I’m trying to formulate this fully and it is nkr yet operational though obviously it is close. Look into the work of Twyla Gibson. I just found her last week. She is the only one I know who deals with Plato and the alphabet in something approaching what I am talking about she has several papers online on academia.edu the one called “on translation” might get you there but to be honest with you I’m not sure that anyone has made this claim so directly and I think the reason why is because the conclusions are obvious. It points to something deeply unsettling and if you think about it A far more elegant way for a sentient life form to remain in the shadows. Walter Ong, McLuhan and Haveock all floated the vowel extraction theory as a possibility but probably unlikely. In other words the idea was dismissed with the hand wave nonetheless the same idea was mentioned in almost the same exact way by all three and dismissed the same way by all three. “It can’t be as simple as x…”. A desperate plea in feigned arrogance, a madmans clue for only the maddest among us, hidden in plain sight, dissapearing ink, manic stare.Another way to look at this vowel theory that I have presented is that it automatically inverts the common view of Platoo as this genius inventor of reason as if conjured from thin air by his sheer Apollonian intellect. This makes of Plato merely the first fool, succumbing to the seduction of “articulation”.

But what this also does is instantly again return us to myth (where we always were) by considering the pragmatic effects of standardized writing as self-organizational and thus supernatural. The entirety of “rationality progress and science” is now a gnostic mythology of a biological organism at war with a non-organic extra terrestrial airborne self-organizing parasite. “le parasite” of Serres i suppose.

And I think it is contrary to what one first might think, a healthy response to progress and “humanism” born of the “Greek miracle” not because it is merely “critical” of reason but because it re-orients us to a subtle shift in language that is in fact alien and should be treated and respected as such if we are to minimize our own self-punishing behavior that results from being trapped in such a mirage. i attempt to explain it in more detail here. This idea of experience, an always already happening, is an extremely difficult idea to articulate since I am articulating that aspect of language which appears to desire to remain undetected. Paradoxically the fact that someone like myself, an anomalous occult researcher and mere carpenter can stumble upon the very periphery of our current mode of being, means we are in a new mode of being and this awareness that I am attempting to articulate is a “hybrid medium” just as Platos dialogues were “written dialogues”.

I think we can say in all fairness that what I am describing is similar to “the matrix” but merely in an evolutionary/Newtonian sense. Like “this is how phonetic language evolves”. What we do with it is our problem. I am only articulating a theory of what this is. The theory is practical in that it makes an idol of the extraction and standardization of the vowels. It manifest the xenoarchic moment of word/thought conscioisness and allows us to hold the singularity “in our hand” so to speak. It is the bug sucked from Neos gut in the back of the suicide Lincoln.

Just as in myth the demi-gods were often archetypal embodiments of emotion or archetypal experience. Just as we never see gravity itself but only its effect, Zeus is forever unseen but Artemis will appear on this side of the veil of Isis, though the veil itself never be lifted.

By defintion due to the very nature of our expulsion from myth, we do not have the artifact that explains “clearly” where language standardization came from. In facts no one spoke this way of the phonetic language until the 1930s or so and it was not knowable in the popular sense until McLuhan in the 50s.

But literacy is a kind of obsolete software on an obsolete hard drive as far as the computronium seeking “information” based panhylic computational system is concerned. Newton, The enlightenment, Darwin, Information theory, Richard Dawkins. the one thing they have in common is the systematic meticulous removal of meaning from within the language and calculations. They are actively “semantic free”. This is the disease. Ivan Illich called it “amoeba words” which he got from someone else. As if there is a unit of “life”. Words like “environment”, “utility”, these kind of words are sink holes that suck context and meaning from the human sphere claiming to apply it to the “natural sphere” and in fact doing something altogether entirely different.

What Plato has in common with all timeless sorcerers, whose lineage he is undoubtedly from, is that he gives life to the “other world” in fact one could argue no other single one person in history has made the dreamtime/otherworld so palpable with their magic. The problem is that we have an animal body driven by millions of years of biological evolution, too. The “other world” of the symbolic has usurped this world, perhaps permanently. We are literally “awake in the underworld”. This world is a kind of nightmare due simply to all those “sleeping” in the profound and dire sense in which Gurdjieff used it.Lol. Great points but the internet isn’t viewed as a red light shanghai lost weekend and this perspective on “evolution” is insulting and short sighted. I’m not saying your wrong, i disagree but I like your synopsis none the less.The fact that I only have an iPhone is part of the challenge. It ALL has to be done from iPhone 5s. Thanks for the info!In short, I typed the above to say that I believe Ellul should at this point be considered in league with Freud, Bernays and Debord on the matter of the neurotic animalistic fundament of airborne images and their gossamer ecology.have you seen my thoughts on “post-advertising”?

I think propoganda is the future of statistical reasoning. The future into which we extrapolate our deductions is an ambient ubiquitous trauma field. Desire is obsolete.

Now why is this?

Chomsky discovered innate topologies in language which manifest themselves in certain ways. A language learner somehow intuits the basic rules of grammar and use for that language simply by learning it. So in a sense, according to Chomsky, we gain knowledge of the practical use of that language from the language itself because there is something like a fractal relationship between the language and its use and the rules which allow meaning to manifest in the language to begin with.

What does that mean? It means that language has internal demands that it makes of the user. It has resistance, tactile form. These resistances and valleys of flow manifest themselves not merely as our perspective of space but they literally become space itself. There is a guy named Edward T Hall who explored this among others.

A certain grouping of “language manifestation tendencies” that began with Plato, continued with Aristotle, finally emptied into categories beyond language with Euclid. Phonetic based language and it’s script (written language is entirely different from oral spoken language and becomes increasingly divergent from its inception point, software language, DNA, quantum computing are all examples of “logic” based evolution, logic here being the timeless,eternal “rules”‘of word use and interaction) is the highest abstraction relationship possible between sign and the signifier/signified “Mirror and or reflexivity” based relation between perception and perceived.

There was a famous Christian named pseudo-Dionysius who was made heretical and anathema 1000 years too late but not before he could inject the platonic chain of being into Christian theology. The great chain of being is an evolutionary schema based on the Neoplatonic combinatorial alchemy of Euclid, Plato, Aristotle and Homeric myth. Plato was considered to be God like and all the rest were intermediate pedagogical rungs.

The point is not whether the commentators/Neoplatonists/byzantine/Alexandrian philosophers were “correct” in their fantastical otherworldly notions and diagrams, the zenith of this combinatorial mystical philosophy calculus is embodied in Proclus’ - “elements of theology”- but more importantly it gave reflexivity, life and ecology to our tool-like use of process based abstraction. “The technology of diagram application”…

Western alchemy and western occultism spring also from this never ending diagram.

What is the point of all of this?

Plato was reverent towards language. Heidegger called this “ontotheology”. Aristotle thought language merely a tool and worked hard to reel in epistemology from the world of form and extract the logical maneuvers implicit but partially submerged in the Platonic dialogues. Focusing on the more empirical, rigorous and scientific aspects of the syllogism, the metaphysics, the poetics and the nichomachean ethics, Aristotle “perfected” the conception of “rigor”, drew a hard line around it and this is the birth of science for most historians.

Euclid took the axioms of aristotles postulates and aristotles more practical de-platonizing of Platonism and framed them in a new light beyond language by applying the eternal timeless abstract ideals to the world of geometrical form anterior (most think) to language.

In reality, none of this is separate none of this is isolate. And what is beyond the fact and supporting this fact is the continued expression of our relation to language with that of hierarchy and schematic.

The name “Plato’s problem” was given to the curiosity of language learning discovered by Chomsky. The internal apriori of primal/pre-human sentience in order to align with The self organizational structure laying seedlike in standardized written script, demands an allegiance to hieraechy. The “warring primate” schema.

Yet in order to legitimate, support, fully understand, articulate and participate in this relationship to language we must have deep access and implicit, unconscious and paradoxically preconscious access to the diagram itself, to the ideal world of forms, to the Timeless eternal realm of abstraction prior to its being “seen” in the array of signs and actions and experience that spontaneously constantly generate in ones life.

The natural order of relation between abstract and particular is what we call meaning. So to be embedded and engaged in a psychologically healthy manner with the world, One must locate their particular plot within an ecology of meaning.

In order for there to be relation between you and abstract participation with that world with that heaven with that ecology with that nature, there must be a hierarchy in someway manifest in the world at least subconsciously or implicitly such that one “understands ones place in the world”. The map must in some way imply or be implied by the terrain. And yet without a doubt our structure that we interact with and function in is based now on a “network” model a model by the way that begets madness For the ignorant and uninitiated. see gravity’s rainbow or the common metaphysical structure of any Rosicrucian or freemasonic organization is based in network as well.

What this means is that one must be aware of the arbitrary vector possibilities of network and of course how to use them.

Ideology and propaganda function on the “occulted network” model. You might even say the human species’ collective ignorance of the network model is what allows our ignorance to be a kind of free energy machine.

Marshall McLuhan said something like “no man in history has been more ripe for control by propaganda than literate man.”

“Literacy” is a kind of invisible yet tactile architecture. It not only manifests in people’s attitudes and expressions and gestures and notions and hunches but also memetically.

It survives through selection via legacy, generationally disseminated via the externalization of memory we call culture and it’s language we call something like institutions and cultural artifacts.

Therefore literacy as I am using it is a kind of manna or life blood of reality itself. The divine architect gave us a diagrammatic glimpse with Platos cave.

I am claiming there is also a further, lower cavity underneath the “known” cave, which one could call the “hermetic underground”. Today architecture would be considered the paradigmatic model of its (phonetic script) most uncanny and manifold expressions: facade, void and restriction of movement as aesthetic experience and at times, sublime wonder.Maybe the very end. Probably later. Probably Pythagoras. Orpheus seems to be the one who brought the vowels. Orpheus was likely a mythical figure and/or quasi-deliberate cipher of Pythagoras Which means the birth of standardized script comes from the shamanic/dream time realm.

Also literacy rates at the time of Christ were like 2% at MOST. And of that 2% not all could read AND write. This means that Plato/Socrates being fully symptomatic of literacy even if not fully cogniscent of the fact, saw everyone else as a zombie basically. Thus his hatred for the poets. They were the zombie lord zombie makers and had to be stopped. I was reading Eric Havelocks “preface to Plato” when I started this sub. It Granted me full blown sublime fascination toward the “Greek miracle”. But I didn’t fully understand it until 6 months ago.Wow great points here on Bitcoin etc. I didn’t get ceptr until our phone call the other day and I’ve known about it for a long time now. It’s subtle but implies extremely punctuated expansion, like vowels. NOONE EXPECTS THE GREEK VOWELS!! Holy shit I just saw this. Wtf is it? Yes, Neo, this is the primary problem indeed. Taoism (and alchemy/art) seek the only viable solution. Language is limited and not to be trusted as final arbiter. It’s only really a problem if your a political commentator or rabidly Political/religious though. Otherwise it’s just extremely curious. mosdefThank you I can’t wait to be unheard by millions thanks to everyone’s help! I’ll post a link There is a bigger reason why Plato banished the poets though he likely could have only been sublimely, if dimly aware of why. The body, gesture, mnemotechnics, haptic ritualesque public “pedagogy” was essentially theater, art, ritual, “philosophy” and religion all in one. It was a jumbled mess, yes but it was all that could be done prior to a standardized writing script which could in some way intimate the possibility of “standardization”, universal “timeless”, “eternal” truth.

Plato was just as symptomatic of this new script based latency fervor as the Homeric lineage poets were of the old oral. Prior to the pre-socratics (I believe the atomism and drastic shift in focus of thought and language was due to the dim awareness of the atomic aspect of the phonetic diagrammatic element of the alphabet once the vowels had been extracted), the very few who could read and write were poets. That was the highest accolade one could achieve in the telestic, priestly or cleric-like domain. There could only be poets prior to language standardization because all reading/writing and interpretation were by necessity poetic in that the vowels were not manifest for the most part but the partial number of vowels or marks that denotes them certainly weren’t standardized therefore the meaning of each word was an oral mythology. To wit: [Wht cn ths sntnc pssbly mn?] I don’t know, but the senior priest does.

Prior to the standardization of written language, all “meaning” of written words were local, provincial, and highly secretive, nor did script travel well beyond the bounds of clan, cult or natural geographic boundaries. What does this mean? It means that language was not internalized. It was not yet a technology becuase it was still “outside”. It was merely limited in range, embodied in the Speaker-listener dichotomy and those immanent meanings dd whn th snr prst dd.

There is one more major marked difference, the primal difference between written and oral culture I believe. In standardized, post-vowel culture, memory is externalized into symbol. This moment when human somatic rooted and haptic recalled pre-conscious memory can be efficiently triggered at will by any literate individual conveyed beyond speaker and crowd, into “future” generations, this is the birth of metaphysics, ontology and epistemology.

The definitive shift in temporal locution does not consciously manifest until the early Roman Empire and cannot fully incarnate until conversion/war-based institutional Christianity. All wars waged by Christians were not merely wars of conversion but were wars of translation above all. The Bible is an artifact of panspermic earthly conquest, an empty rocket fuel tank ejected at such and such an elevation at such and such a velocity roughly concurrent with the Protestant revolution (printing press).

I will be posting the writing which relates to this threads title in the next week or so. I will make a new thread. It will be a paradigm shift for all that comprehend it. Until then stay glued to your TV set.Amazing. I will order it at the end of the week. Thank you!!cool. Yes sooner or later they are going to figure out im not staying at the Hampton inn once a week! “Excuse me miss, the printer is out of paper…” Great breakfast thoughSweet office space pulpman! I came here to ask a printer question too. I am an independent researcher and I need to print off PDFs and essays and documents often. I am not concerned with the pixel quality so much that I would like the printer to print very fast for the ink cartridges to be affordable and for the printer to print on both sides of the page and for the printer to be affordable as well. What do you guys suggest? Again my primary use of the printer will be to print off black and white text documents. Oh cool. And I guess it approximates a yuga cycle. Artist could have put man on top of at least one hump thoughNihilists dudeHey I appreciate the thoughtful response. I agree and I used to feel exactly the same way especially when I noped out. I thought spectrology had flatlined and no one was doing anything relevant here and the same old posts and ideas were being recycled but there has for whatever reason been an upsurge in subscriptions to the sub and a flood of new interesting people, ideas and material. This is why I’ve started posting here more. The reason why it’s relevant to continue to return to the perennial topics of this area of thought and research is precisely because new interesting people and ideas have shown up. If people are engaging the worldview then I will participate in that even if it means repeating a bit but as you have mentioned, I’ve been getting into new angles and research and thus my personal interest in the subject has been rekindled.Your welcome. SOTS- personally relevant, almost always For instance, ask this person where he got his information from. The answer will be a mix of lame sources like David icke and “years of reading esoteric sources and hard to find stuff…” The whole reason we should make fun of people like this is not because we are the apotheosis of conspiracy myth and theory exegesis but for 3 most humble reasons:

A: it’s not good at all and people should know that

2: all opinions are not equal

LAST: people like video mouth should be challenged to learn more about what and why and how they are symptomatic of burping monkey syndrome. Burping monkeys spread viruses, please use your sleeve.All Hail! The great silval exegete! I don’t know it’s like red pill on jenkum there’s a sub named that The problem is this guy is a burping monkey. Literally. He is n+1 layers into the recursive loop but it just so happens that he figured it out more gooder. Why do I say this?

Because his entire speel is dependent on you knowing his pop culture references and assuming you agree with his monodimensional interpretation not to mention he has that horrible Santos bonnachi bullshit going on - “d sounds like dick therefore it’s a dick because it makes a duh sound” FUCKING REETAHDITGood idea!So bad it’s good. One of my favorites is

“When you become born you be able to see things…”

This guy is an example of language virus and he thinks he is “exposing” it but he has been exposed to it. Babbling burping monkey sees shiny thingy has experience tells other monkeys yayWhere’s the link? Thanks! Lots of stuff has been coming together lately. I’m outlining and getting bibliographies together now for episodes for a podcast that I will roll out hopefully in the next month or two Pathetic.

Stephen Laberge “proved” lucid dreaming with catscans and eeg and all that. He wrote a book about it. His research broke major ground in neuroscience research. Your prof is stupid.

See “handbook of states of consciousness” or Laberges “lucid dreaming”. This research on the role of dopamine in the fear extinction network is quite fascinating. This research isolates and affirms the most insidious hack ever to glitch the human species. Essentially, dopamine, a neuronal reward system, is also activated when fear is abated or “extinguished” hence extinction.

Previously dopamine was thought to be instrumental in rewarding learning, motivation and error detection. But something else is happening now.

Is our children learning? And if so, what at?

The medium is the massage - Fear gets you high.

I’ve mentioned before that Terrence McKenna said that the survival of the human race depends on differentiating shit from shinola. So far it looks like we are not doing so good.

I just made a post about this last week I guess, but I really want to stress this. This is potentially a new era of human experience, of potential statistical certainty. Propoganda could be set to corner the advertising market and literally permanently “shipwreck” the future.


This means that a behaviorist model of psychology such as the infamous socioligies captured in 1984 and Brave New World are absolutely possible and neuro-plasticity makes it so. This means the lazy mans mindfulness is simply burping triggers all day. MGTOW, red pill etc. is a weird form of meditation and neural network entrainment. Propoganda based pedagogy. Dopamine seeking fear reward based behavior as a pedagogical model of mass instruction. How plainly can it be laid out? Human nature is malleable. We are capable of devolving. Seemelssly, flawlessly with naturally patterned perfection. The great chain of being being reduced to nothing more than a stellar buffet for a luciferian cosmogony of cold existential dissapearance. This is a really bad cosmological idea guys. I don’t think we should sign on for this. Just saying.

Dopamine fear seeking reward based behavior Is the science that post-advertising will be built on if we don’t get off the jenkum.

What is post advertising? Fusing a post hyphen prefix on something is a difficult task. You pin it and it won’t stay on. You pun it and still you are often unsure if it really fits.

In this case it doesn’t mean something lazy like “advertising is everywhere so there’s no way to differentiate it from real life man”. We all know the difference between dreaming and waking. This is not not a philosophical problem. However post-advertising means we are likely to see a marked shift towards the sublime, uncanny and surreal in advertising or even outright fearporn type advertising should the initial findings become definitive and conclusive, which I think they will.

Post-advertising is the inversion of the basic assumptions of advertising. “This product will make your life better”. “Your future is less demanding because of this product or service”.

This research potentially marks an important cause for the ghoulish shift in the political landscape over the last 20 years or so. Fear seeking dopamine reward based behavior (FSDRB- contact your doctor if signs of elation, satiation, optimum weight loss or general ambient satisfaction occurs over more than a two week period) is now being given the green light for operationalizing, ie weaponization. If science affirms it, R&D will give it the go ahead.


I want everyone to keep an ear out in the conspiracy realm, especially JAY DYER because he seems to be lifting ideas from here (hi Jay!) and see if this idea doesn’t magically begin to appear in the near future on the conspiracy circuit. As far as I know no one has made this claim yet except me but they will now because secretly SOTS is super amazing and famous. Brad Pitt texted me for my autograph the other day.

This is proof that you can bind anything back on itself. This is the proof of alchemy. Evolution used against its own vessel. It’s beautiful.Whatever gets you off I guess. Looks exhausting to me. Seems like it’s a temporal shipwreck. “Destroying the future, today”. I would rather enjoy my life. This particular perspective seems to be the most difficult setting possible to play the game life, therefore I choose it though I know it means my doom. doommmmm I say! DOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!!Well the MGTOW crowd is probably working on that maybe? Everything is ideologically weird like I just discovered MGTOW just now following some poor guys comment thread. To me it reads like the Onions special on red pill philosophy. OUCH. How do you not end up extremely violent and resentful and super closeted gay/suicidal with that much hate? My point here is that there’s nothing wrong with being gay but these people are so militantly “masculine” it’s just so bizarre. Like it’s not sociological anymore these people are stewing in a vat of fear and hate hormones and forming echo chambers for it. And it’s not a psy-op you know? these things are spontaneous reactions to modernity, which I agree is fucked af but the problem is once you start drawing circles around the “problem” the circle starts growing once the hate starts flowing. But I guess I’m just lazy because I’m not working to create some hellish narrative about genetics cursing us into being cuck robots or whatever. It seems like A LOT of work is all I’m saying. It’s just so fucking weird.Wow friend. Your very sick. I just followed your comment history to MGTOW. Ouch. It must suck to somehow get masticated into that echo chamber. Your extremely intelligent too. Your in for a rough ride. If you ever manage to extract yourself from that hell you come back over here and give us your perspective on all that after you find your way out. ill be interested in hearing it. Until then your welcome to post here. I’m no sjw. But mgtow reads like a creative writing lampoon of red pill. How do you even get out of bed in the morning? I imagine that everywhere you look your just TRIGGER TRIGGER TRIGGER TRIGGER TRIGGER TRIGGER TRIGGER GAHHHHHHHH. There’s no way you can live in the moment and just enjoy some simple experience. Your future/past is like all fucked up and shit. Your participating in a negative ground of the circuit of the thing your against. what are you for? If the answer is men’s rights then you’ve lost. Your not for anything your simply a battery cell in a political taxonomy. That’s quite the syllogism! He is not wrong but he is a creepy guy for feeling the need to craft such a typology. This is as close as you can get to surrealism informed conspiracy theory. Its…. stupefying but impressive. Great find.Holy fuck. Lol. Sorry couldn’t help it. I can’t tell what’s a psy-op and what’s just some rambling idiot rifling for a dopamine fix versus selling the dopamine fix to others rifling about. Recursivity can kill you folks.

This guy is probably govcorp. “Culture war magazine”?? Are you serious?


And so the problem is that at a certain point you don’t know if this is just a reverberation of a ripple from a malefic stone deliberately tossed into the genetic code millions of years ago or some guy getting high off telling you the bad news about sodomy and banking.

This is operationalized analogy. A perfect metonym of the luciferian cosmos of post-advertising propoganda.

“Hell is a machine” ~ Dante > Your diagnosis of language is correct. However, there is a motive - to trick people into believing in “love,” so that the stories about social privilege can continue. If language is the ingredient, love is the cooked product. Love creates value in another and never fails to attempt to obliterate everything that is not that other, including the self. I’m convinced that all we have- technology and literature wise- in respect to domination over the planet’s non-human resources or other human’s lives is based on the lie of God’s love. More specifically, I believe that mothers are in an unceasing war with each other for their own children’s survival and reproduction. Men are accessories to this conflict. Masculine energy is a weapon by proxy. All genetic influences must necessarily prioritize pattern replication over any other element of existence. Long term survival is only useful insofar as it increases the chance of offspring replication. Every. Single. Organism. dating back to the first replicating pattern has this ONE SINGLE FACT in common. Then why must we have longer lives as we rendered nature less hostile? Are we selecting against ourselves or what? Many parents will do anything, and tell any lie, to maintain exclusive ownership of their children’s minds. To put it very simply, libido is all there is forever, it is the only real element. This is the original “magic trick/story/hoax/gambit” by the singular universal consciousness (God) to pretend at not being truly Alone - it split itself into these eternally irreconcilable forms, made to compete and war forever, and learn every imaginable manner of “teasing” until they find one another.

Damn dude that sucks. that sucks!. The whole FUCKING universe (see what I did there?) is out to get you the visible and the invisible. You must be an operationzalized super red pill asset then. Holy shit man. Holy shit. Your the most symptomatic person I’ve come in contact with potentially ever. Hey have you ever read the “conspiracy against the human race”? So you like Ernest Becker and Terror Management Theory stuff? Your life must be a living hell. Is it? Like crushing ceaseless despair? Does it invade your dreams, neo?

It’s quite a hypothesis and I don’t think anyone could argue with you from a Darwinian standpoint. You’ve also guaranteed that there can be absolutely no “semiotic bonding” either. This is a formula for extreme nihilism it seems. I’m very curious, where/how do find enjoyment, entertainment?Interesting.

>…Anything particularly unique


How so? What do you mean by this?Sorry your aware of the spectacle friend. It sucks don’t it? Your best bet is to get a trade or maybe drive for uber? I don’t know. Perhaps keep doing the same thing for another year or two but consider it part of a hard Knox education and become observant to all The things that bother you and then instead of flinching and turning away, enter into those very sources of discomfort to find what makes them so. This is a definition of wisdom by the way.

I’m a self employed carpenter and I have had up to 4 employees year round before. Kept two guys busy for 2 years and one carpenter I just let go was with me year round for over 3. I work solo now and do high end trim repairs like on the built in cabinets on either side of the chimney? Yeah people want tvs in the middle now. BIG money. “When can you do it?” \(\).

It’s taken me almost 15 years to get to this place though. I had a contractors license and built a couple houses did a lot of additions and I was even a superintendent for commercial construction building restaurants and retail spaces. All that shit sucks. High end repair work “punch out” it’s called it’s basically what everyone wants to do. that’s what i do now for the last 2 years or so steady. I have more A+ reviews than anyone in my category.

I fix shit that drives people crazy that the “custom builder” was supposed to come back and fix after they moved in etc. I basically pull splinters out of paws. And I can do it and make stupid good money sometimes doing it and I can do it all by myself and almost never ever be stressed about payroll, bills, scheduling etc BUT the 10 years it took to find and then thoroughly get established in my niche? priceless.

I know how to do basically everything. And I know out of all those things what I don’t want to do so I don’t have to be like, “oh I bet it’s better over there in that sub-Trade”.

But I know how to do them when I have to and since I hate them I charge a lot for concrete, metal stud framing etc. when you gain someone’s trust and you are fixing something someone said they fixed or something someone got paid really good to build and the error didn’t show until a year or two later, lots of times people will say “I don’t care if it costs more, I want you to do it”.

The people that I know in the trades don’t believe me when I tell them how much I make to basically piddle. I’m a master tinkerer. But it’s all the little weird things the “custom builders” said they could do but couldn’t etc. most these “custom remodelers”, contractors and trades-people I talk to, they won’t get out bed unless it’s a 15,000$ job. Will I ever get rich? Nope. But I’ll never get hypertension either. Or a pill addiction. Or multiple lawsuits or audited or etc.

What’s insane is I absolutely did not want to be self employed ever. I was halfway through a masters basically and I was like ftft and fy I’m out. I wanted to do something with my hands and I had moonlit as carpenter and brick layer and farm hand where I grew up. Found out the whole World is corrupt with greed no one will ever pay you decent people do shitty work for the most part that skates the edge of shit and “what I can get away with legally” and 99 out of 100 developers and contractors are engaging in choices that destroy wages, hiring immigrant labor crews etc. these people hate mexicans btw :) holy FUCK the hypocrisy and satanic xianity and ignorant rage informed economics and politics. I realized after a few years that I was going to be forced by the market to be a “business owner”. Then after a few years of doing what the dumbfucks are doing (the failure rate of construction business startups over a five year period is 99%) I realized even what I thought was informed business decisions about being a business owner got the majority of contractors etc nowhere and super fucked in life and body and finance from the stress and anxiety and attempting to maintain within constant high anxiety high volatility situations day in and day out.

And they spend their ENTIRE LIFE pulling their hair out trying to find cheap roofers and cheap framers to make some money on that “custom remodel”. They “don’t get it”. They seek work in a panic mode and subsist and persist in a panic mindset.

My point is trust the process. Trust that all of this is leading you somewhere and if you can do that and be receptive and curious about these people and this situation, then you will be in a sage like place to know why they are like this and this is like that as opposed to merely that it is like that.

The notion that we should find a secret path a secret job that pays us to do nothing, it is a function of boredom and this kind of boredom is a function of opulence. “Decadent boredom”. This notion is informed by the idea that we should be exhonerated from displeasure. IT IS OUR PRIVILEGE. What are the sources of the majority of topics involved in office politics? Inconvenience, impatience, discomfort of how things are based on how I think they should be. Your now is sick with transcendent future/past. Not you I mean the royal you here obviously.

Fortune corrupts but misfortune perfects.I FUCKING hate Hegel. Have you seen badhegel subreddit or some such? Shittyhegel I can’t remember. I can’t even stand that in more than small doses. Have you ever even seen a picture of the guy? OMG he even looks like a fucking bloviating pig. Like those weird things that did bad poetry in that scifi book/movie.Jain Perspective on Philosophy of Mind

Here is a great example of how the notion of uncleanliness or disgust or destructive karma etc can hijack a linguistic taxonomy and implant itself as a cosmological primal constant, constellating all of life and experience, language choice and thought around an arbitrary positing of such and such a religious notion glommed onto rudimentary metaphysical applications (theology).


Jain interpretations of core relevant logics

Jainism and Nietzsche’s Comparable Metaphysics

Jainist ontology of kinship

HA HA. And that would be why. He can continually be reflexive with language and thus reflexive with experience.

Here is a daunting exercise you can try.

Try to think the word you are saying as you say it AND see it written as text in your mind To be or not to be. This article is written by the Original creator of E-Prime, David Bourland jr.Transforming the 3 poisons

What I think is key to mindfulness, CBT psychology, magic, alchemy and mystical practice is fascination.

The mysterious inertia of “this cannot possibly be real… can it?” It is this “complex” state of curiousity which disengages the critical faculty of the language-mind encouraging mere “reaction” (kek), and instead dwells in the space of curiosity, that zone of potentiality where one decides to engage or disengage from that potential recogniscent pattern.

This realm requires a special kind of reflexive attitude toward language although often one would simply think they were being reflective of “the situation”.

An attitude which not merely questions the potential “pattern” one may recognize - “is this person attempting to persuade me of x so they can take advantage of y?” If you decide that is the case then that person becomes disengenuous in your methodology of that moment and potentially from that moment onward.

If you disregard the choice to activate And solidify that recogniscent pattern then the person continues merely to be an eloquent if precocious speaker whom fascinates you and invokes a trace of mistrust perhaps but mystery no doubt. (“I wonder if this person is a police detective or military intelligence… how could they know x…?”).

Because what are you actually reflecting on and with? Language. It is not i think therefore I AM it is I talk to myself and I call this thinking therefore I am. I language therefore I am. There is ABSOLUTELY no difference between thinking and language in your head. The only hope one has to escape this constant collapse and conflation of one for the other is to practice mondfulness and curiosity of the moment. What is going on here? What is it that I am saying to myself, what is it that you want here, me?

You are questioning the taxonomical typologizing character of language itself. To be kept ignorant of this realm of language is clandestine sorcery. CLICK NOW AND SAVE WHEN YOU SPEND 50$!! EAT MORE AND LOSE WEIGHT!!Gary Snyders buddhist anarchism. Gary wrote the paper I linked about e-prime.

Gary makes a very poignant observation about the “3 poisons” of Buddhism stating that basically the 3 poisons - the root of samara- are the virtues of western culture. I posit that utilitarianism is the modern mechanism which inverted such a timeless truth.

So what? What does this have to do with e-prime or general semantics or language?

The relation intimates a curious symbiosis between grammar, tense and language embodiment to reality itself. It is only really intimated -a gnostic clue to wisdom, a wink from the gods- but it is such that there is a generative capacity to language beyond its “scientific” enumeration and organizational taxonomies and typology.

Language creates reality because language and thought are intimately bound. This is one hell of a recursive loop to be unaware of.

I’ve referenced these things in the past as the “democracy of language”, “institutional grammar” and their main heading “Protestant linguistic ideological neurosis”- PLIN. PLIN is the pleroma of the unction toward novelty, one thing, one word. This sounds like it is an advance, very practical. It actually is not. This is an expression of the most fascistic notion inherent in platonic based grammar metaphysics (all philosophy is a footnote to Plato…) i.e. In all of western language each “advance” in the intellectual “progress” of western philosophy is in reality a declension because of this tendency and it is the tension between the monosemic valence of language and meaning and relation (PLIN) and polysemic valence of relations (everything not PLIN- Buddhist metaphysics, western alchemy..)Notes on “a linguistic note”

General Semantics was the impetus for e-prime. There was an explosion of reflexivity toward language in the early 20th century which led to general semantics, diabetics (very similar to general semantics but more an applied notion), information theory, general systems theory and of course cybernetics. Ivan Illich has also made great headway on this topic of language and reality. At the core of cybernetics is control. If you listen to the talks given by Stafford Beer on this topic it is made clear why control became the core function of the cybernetic metaphysic. Control was the practical birth of the query as well see Norbert wieners “human and animal…” Alfred North Whiteheads notions which led to the development of process philosophy are also central to the same concerns. Also note complexity broadly defined as it is known in the sciences today is basically an undulating liminal vortex/portal between chaos and organization. It is process as opposed to product and complexity is self organizing and basically “alive”. We are shifting back into a more primordial framing of truth and that is of a verb as opposed to a thing. Those who stand for the timeless changeless idolatrous Truth of the enlightenment and even the Bible are the ones who suffer most. This doesn’t mean you have to liquefy your genitals into a Fabian pink goo of course. Buddhism, yoga, alchemy, tantra all work intimately with the notion of “dissolving” body, mind and illusion. Xianity and the banal opulent do not have this notion nor access to its technique and they suffer gravely. They dissolve regardless. Redintegrarion. What you are attracted to and what you find disgusting ultimately informs moral political and social choices. But for instance if someone has let’s say some kind of genetic sequence that grants them OCD or some kind of similar in Boerne neurotic or psychotic type of personality then that kind of dispositional bias is also going to filter what you find pleasing, beautiful or repulsive and disgusting. Plato’s dichotomy of the tripartite self it’s a good touchdown but by no means definitive. Plato largely defines the good as a completely idealistic experience rooted in the abstraction of his ethical epistemology though he does make basic distinctions about things that please your body convincing your mind that those things are good because they offer a pleasurable experience and so on.I know yeah that’s what makes it more powerful strategically for him it’s true I guess too but the problem is your not getting the toothpaste back in the tube with that one so it’s just pipe dream.He also say Protestantism is best form religion, for cape eat allism.Yrotsih Ni Esrever friend. Conspiracy theory is contemporary mythology.Yeah wasn’t it twice? Both elections were contested weren’t they?There’s a great book about this called “catching the light” I believe and goes through this questionable history of lights equivocation Your notion of desire is merely the operationalized greed which utilitarianism unleashed.

There is a book titled “money and the Ancient Greek mind” I believe. The author based his argument on Sohn-Rethels analysis of value. This is the real Marxist critique of value in my opinion.

Desire is a curious affair. When Decoupled from the body, the mind finds endless hypothetical desires, logistics not withstanding. So desire is realistically a disastrous metric to filter scarcity. Of course there is endless desire! How many desires does one really need? This is the secret question that all ideologies and compulsions attempt to clandestinely exonerate.

Marshall McLuhan popularized the notion that the alphabet and specifically the vowels essentially “activated” the mind. The post-vowel extraction, phonetic (abstraction based) alphabet is basically a software that fully operationalizes language and the mind-such that language and the mind become self organizing-* and welds the two together. From that moment on we are forever “inside language”.

This xeno-endometric void has curious demands of its own. They present themselves through language which has been forever permanently “organized”- grammatically and logically- by standardized written script. This xeno-endometric realm is the fundament of conlang and the burgeoning AI and skynet field of darpa and govcorp.

Marshall McLuhan remarks of Plato in The Gutenberg Galaxy of Platos dialogues being a “hybrid” medium- that is a zone where orality and literacy meet.

Twyla Gibson has some papers on academia.edu about this. “Plato and the Alphabet” is your query. Do get the Ryles and Gallop stuff as well if possible.

Plato was the first threshold, the primordial threshold for “MIND”. The media studies argument is that the alphabet and specifically the vowels are responsible for this radical “clarification” which magically transformed all poets into clerics, all shamans into secretaries.

The second threshold was the Renaissance and the third was the satellite. We are on the verge of the fourth. What is it? I predict it will be the “ur-hybrid”. We likely will not be able to reflect on whether it is or is not. At some point history will dissolve just as it came into being.

The author of money and the Ancient Greek mind argues that when the presocratics and Plato were speaking reverently about the new force which dissolved all into “air” or “fire” or “water” etc they were actually talking about money though only symptomatically, unknowingly.

I argue that Plato speaks of language and truth in a similarly theological or sublime reverent way. Heidegger called it “onto-theology”.

The point is that something “mathematical” happened at around the pre-Socratic moment that caused the “Greek miracle” and that miracle included not only the beginning of recorded non-religious history but also math, geometry, music, numismatics, architecture and many other disciplines.

“Literacy” then becomes not merely education but the sustenance and perpetuation of these various fields of knowledge as well as their cultural manifestations.

The printing press is what invokes utilitarianism and especially printed money (natch).

But we are now in a post-information society which is rapidly phasing into post-literacy as well.

What does this mean?

It means that we no longer generate, filter nor process the information we imbibe.

Post-literacy means we no longer are required to be educated in mass to sustain the aforementioned perpetuation of the categories of math, architecture etc.

This has grave implications for money (equivocation) as well. Money will suffer the same changes as middle schools. We no longer progress: The future now comes for us. Your actually absolutely right. I do slightly prefer the occult vector becuase it keeps complexity slightly more complexified. But your spot on.Value is a metaphysical construct. The Marxist critique of value and labor theory of value have basically been spot on. It’s something that can be argued endlessly either way just like von Mises and the Austrian economists claims of the origins of taxes etc it’s all rooted in mythical or metaphysical mysts.

What’s interesting is that technically we are already in a post-scarcity age. Science technically could deliver us but ideology proves it is more powerful than science so instead we will devolve into pink goo and psychopaths. Capitalism is the demon seed of utilitarianism and utilitarianism is the deification of the 3 poisons of Buddhism. The printing press cameos as al puccino esquire. It’s not really something worth arguing about. For instance the notion that trans/LGBTQ is some kind of cultural Marxist Fabian deployment can also be squarely correlated with capitalism via utilitarianism, Hobbes and Freud. our genitals are being homoginized because products must be scalable at the global and solar market level. Homogenization and equivocation (this is the core of the metaphysical source of value) are just as much to blame as cultural Marxist sjw. Both arguments are valid I simply hate the legacy rich more than I do the legacy poor.presentation on Ian hackings “rewriting the soul”I finally outlined some thoughts via voice to text todsy on this topic. I will outline it and type it up in the next few days for anyone interested Big ups to u/duncanthewonderdog !

This idea that capitalism is a form of sorcery was instrumental in forming this subreddit. This kind of idea is a blast to explore. While I no longer consider myself in any substantial way informed by Marxism, Marxism has a lot of anthropological content just below its surface and the critique of capitalism generated from Marx was largely correct, not to mention Marx being a ground zero seminal economic thinker. They had to rename the entire field to escape him. Nonetheless Marxism fails much like any other criticism enterprise, there is a reference towards rigorous scientific language and explanation which ultimately Handicaps practical action. Neo-reaction and cultural Marxism/sjw are no different from each other in this regard rewriting the soul: multiple personality and the science of memorynarrative construction of emotioncognition, narrative and emotionnarrative approaches in qualitative researchfundamental assumptions in narrative analysisbreakaway civilizations can also be considered hyperobjectsOk I could see that argument being made. InterestinkFor sure.

Another great example of a hyperobject is the “breakaway civilization”your in the j…cool. Hempel should have a podcast or something. He has ruminated on ufos and Nazis and what not as well.All things extant now or ever participate in being. Dirt, trees, animals etc.

All things knowable and known participate in being.

Many things participate in life. All living things. This group of “all living things” is a slightly smaller subset of “all known or knowable things”.

Of this “all living things” subset, some also participate in Mind such as squirrels and squids and snakes. They can make decisions and instantaneously navigate a hostile environment. They can be trained.

Of the mind subset Even less participate in “intellect” such as humans and perhaps dolphins? humans are “higher up” becuase they are more rare, participating in Mind. You get the idea. Recursion and rarefaction.

But being is “all there is” in that sense. To be aware of this totality, to attempt to grasp this as a millisecond frame between frames of all frames is to see all processes flowing into and out of their respective recepticals, both prior to and following that flow at the same time.

The relations of a recogniscent pattern are really just what “proper” significations and qualities our dogmas and ideologies “allow” certain artifacts to house. Think about the icon of an American soldier. To Iraqis the image of an American soldier is seen quite differently. That image which is a sign pointing to this phenomenon, is in reality loaded with all possible meanings if you exhaust all possible interviewees, nations and ethnicities as to what that image means.

Thus true awareness is the simultaneous acceptance and denial of all potential recogniscent patterns which constellate an artifact whether that artifact be a thing or a concept.

Being is of course beyond all of this and all possible enumerative attempts but to approach being is to be aware of all the things that you must let go of or detach from the constellation of “being” as such. “The soul is made through subtraction”. This apophatic construction which holds all to release all is the limit of being.

You often have something before you know of it. To know of it is simply to imply conscious reflection on doing and having. Reflexivity, a turning back on the experience to “frame” that experience within a logical framework of an interrelated, intersubjective “body of knowledge”.

However, No taxonomy or typology can contain “all that there is” therefore awareness is an utterly sublime humility which bestows humor, grace and synchronicity in equal or unequal measure as it sees fit. Knowing is on “this side” of doing and having because it is a mortal or “lesser pursuit of intellect” type of habit. A “higher pursuit of intellect” would be to meditate on being or to seek it or whatever. Some holy, lofty, monkish type shit.

To persist in knowing for the sake of possessing the known is having. To persist in having in the attempt to master having is making….and so on. The lazy revolutionary merely purchases the proper recogniscent pattern of signaling artifacts and dons his or her rebel uniform and thus arrives at appearing. Each one is a deliberate, calculated recursion on the last, though each contains a part of the other. Being = 1/awareness. Or rather awareness is a subset or lesser gradient of “being”. That’s why it’s a diminution away from being into appearing.Not really. I read a couple year ago and enjoyed them but didn’t get much out of it. Castaneda is mentioned a lot in cybernetic and NLP literature. What do you think of his work?I amended it. I added “making”.here is an interview on the religious studies podcastIt’s happening Ron Paul jpegTrueSome great ideas. Your not exactly right though either. Donald trump is a clown though he is far from a Hermes type figure, Loki, trickster etc. he has zero of what is called metis. You’ve never heard of it. It’s the type of cunning that only a female can teach really. For many of us, there is nothing to be extracted from the antics and sociopathic psychosis of trump. Have you not read his biographies? His autohagriophies? Where he is doing cocaine off the ass of whores while watching an orgy at a private in club 54 during the disco hay day? Is trump in fact not the archetype of Midas- the embodiment of anhedonism?

I am no fan of urban culture, multiculturalism etc but there is a reason why white people are reviled and it is their mass studious arrogant ignorance. Consumer culture inverts Buddhism and its “3 poisons” instead of using the 3 poisons as markers of extreme error on the path, we have made the 3 poisons civic virtues, perfectly embodied by Donald trump and the millions like him who merely want to serve as Wall Street mercenaries taking a fun ride in the revolving door.

I’m no leftist but the anxiety and neurosis driving white reaction was earned by the clueless middle class pleasuring themselves like animals with all their toys and status signals. Political correctness and the Neo-feminist reaction and the mindless Marxism/communism is stupid af for sure. But to insinuate that trump is in any way comparable to an archetypal trickster figure is to debase the mythological primordial timeless realm from whence true wisdom teachers come.

Trump is closer to an imp or demon of shiva, a golem unleashed momentarily whose soul purpose is to soften the transition, the page break of a sub-story of a minor character (not trump) who is destined to dissapear from the subplot, all within a much larger endless myth. It’s clear you are a cogent thinker but your reaching. Trump is not Pepe and Pepe is not Atum. So much for conservative heros. At least William f Buckley was intelligent and articulate. The desperation of people like you who feel they first of all have to have AN politics opinion or philosophy and secondly need some kind of political icon to revere, it’s sad. This notion of having someone in the public sphere which embodies political ideals has clearly come to an end and people such as yourself are being steam rolled by the change. No different on the left. These people trump, Hillary etc are toxic mutants, colostomy bags chemical dumps of fear and desire and potential and logistic possibility of future acquisitions of status and money. And you and your ilk are part of some anti-human/inhuman cult. Only science fiction can save us now.

buy the ticket take the ride. Trump will fuck you and sell you into slavery by proxy via one of lemmings. but we do deserve both Hillary and trump. It’s quite a season for television! Super relevant to this pentagon video: Archdruid Report: The Future Hiding in Plain SightThe sacraments have lost their potency, sir! We must recharge them with the tormented and murdered bodies and souls of a million non-believers just as they were charged in the beginning, sir!So memetics/memes are a byproduct of this abatement which is really just short hand for people are created with an inborn need to exchange information and communicate and a byproduct of alienated labor and culture is instead of being abated, it is being operationalized as a sort of emiserative externalition windfall. A sort of guaranteed “secret profit” or dynamo guaranteeing basically whatever is offered will be taken. I’m using a voice to text platform so be aware of that. Yes you’re correct I somewhat sensationalized the data but as you also stated it inns up pragmatically supporting the same ends.

It is much easier to harvest suffering then it is to harvest joy because joy comes with the experience of contentment and being satiated. In a way the data presents something that’s even more sinister than an actual net gain dopamine reward for passing on memetically negative narratives because it claims that one must expel the antagonistic chemistry in order to abate the pressure on the chemical system.

The system demands abatement of this chemical load. If it’s not discharged then I assume this is a primary factor in the development of heart problems, hyperstiton etc. sex of course becomes a discharge outlet so it invokes a sort of satanic tantric aspect as well. Regardless, the philosophical, political and cultural implications are that evolution is being slowly twisted into devolution/against any notion of “survival” in the sense in which most people construe such a word.we got the results back from the lab. Your now is sick.

TOMORROW IS A DISEASE.provocative Holy shit that paper. SOTS MATHS 101. Now it’s getting spoooooopy! I would totally enroll in a SOTS maths classI mean that prior to standardized writing there were only myths, metaphors and signs and ecstatic/emotional experiences. With standardized writing comes the possibility of standardization itself. Suddenly something has to go inside the word. Standardized writing is the birth of metaphysics and ontology. With the birth of the symbol is the birth of the space inside the symbol. This space is what I am referring to.Where does it come from question man? A computation theory of language which is what I am proposing here basically is that Plato did not invent a gawdamn thing, he discovered it. He processed it. The majority of manuscripts did not even have spaces between the words until around the 12th century. The spelling of words did not even occur as something that should be standardized until the encyclopedic project of the enlightenment. If Linear B or whatever it is you want to claim as a source for abstraction based writing is approximately 4000 years old, how accurate is Wikipedia really? Just because your research can present itself now as crisp and cogent does not mean anything about the actual topic. Something happened to Plato. I propose it is literacy. Since the English alphabet is the most direct and complex and dynamic evolution of the geeek and Hebrew source (phonetic) then we are still inside of whatever it is that happened. The presocratics signaled the early days of alphabet standardization this is why there is an epochal shift in thought because who are the first people going to be to know about changes in writing and idea/story transmission? The poets and the clerics and the scribes.

To Be honest with you I’m tired of your lazy questions. Read Derrick de kerckhoves “the skin of culture” and you will be somewhat up to speed. Your starting to appear lazy?Sex and fear conflate at a primordial level. Malignantly entrained responses to fear and sexual stimulus can be installed similar to software programs through repeated systematic exposure to certain catalysts and experiences. Behaviorist based “mind war”/psy-op/spectacle can, through repetition, permanently alter your personality via embedded memory and the recall function. Sex sells most advertising and fear sells most political narrative. There is some overlap but the difference here, and this is the point of me posting this stuff, is that once this dopamine seeking fear reward mechanism is operationalized in the media as it has been for 15 years now, it means that we are on a devolutionary path. The age of advertising is long gone. The operationalizing of this dopamine seeking fear reward circutitry is the essence of the age of memetics. The Memetic era is the advertising age all grown up. What’s the solution? TURN YOUR TV OFF. QUIT SOCIAL MEDIA. DROP OUT OF FANTASY SPORTS LEAGUE. CULTIVATE A HOBBY WHICH IS DEFINITIVELY “OFFLINE”.

The implications of the memetic age are far more sinister than anything else I have come across.

The gist of this research is that passing on fear based narratives gets you high. Conspiracy theory is the Petri dish for this but it spilled out into “infotainment”. The conflation of news and entertainment axiomatic on fear based dopamine rewards is the definitive condemnation of any notion of technological progress. Our animal body has a “race memory”/collective unconscious which has evolved to reward us for passing on bad news basically. “There are tigers near the third delta in a cave by 3 palm trees do not go there.” “DID YOU HEAR? MUFASSA SAID THERE ARE TIGERS IN THE DELTA DO NOT GO THERE!!” Etc

The telephone game has been weaponized by ambient doom. HAVENT YOU HERD?

This means that we need a new “theory of propaganda”.Role of dopamine neurons in fear and aversionThe thin line between desire and dread: dopamine controls boththe fear extinction networkheres a review of the research

The link to OP seems to be down today basically. Euclidean geometry is a great example. Plato —>Aristotle—>Euclid. So within a hundred years or so we go from the sublime reverent theology of language in Plato to the Aristotelian extraction of logic and the syllogism etc from Platos more religious toned idealism and from Aristotle the new subterranean/hermeneutic form of language jumps into geometry which then informs architecture for 1200 years or so. There is also the Judaic strain which tends to contain it in religion qua religion.

My point is that once this new modality of language begins to resonate in key places then society entrains to that pulse. “Global” Literacy or even national literacy is impossible prior to the printing press but first we were literate only via the Bible it took another 300 years for literacy to take hold and create a middle class. Fiction had to be propagated as well and other forms of literature aside from the Bible. The Protestant reformation could not have happened without the printing press and notice that almost immediately it not only toppled the orthodox catholic structure but religion itself. In other words the Bible was no longer robust enough to act as carrier wave for the virus.

It breaks free by creating a space where “each person” can read the Bible and have a direct relation with god. In reality this creates a critical orgy in which the possibility of “each person” reading the Bible results in the possibility of each person reading the Bible wrong so then incorrect positions on the Bible now had to be “corrected”. The content for print tripled almost over night even though it was still “biblical” in nature. The clock industry but especially the printing press were the first mass-production assembly line style processes where different textiles and metallurgic materials and specialists had to be first sourced then centralized. The alphabet is an alien virus. The conspiracy of all conspiracies. Our communications pass through a chaotic sea of letters and numbers both literally and on the hypercosmic level of software language and coding then reappear out of that soupy chaos as “words on the sots subreddit” etcim not sure the relevance of your statement necessarily I’m just explaining the ontological experience of the two modalities.oh¿ missed that wow. I need to read Elluls theory of propaganda Very nice!This is really really good. It speaks to exactly an idea I’ve realized regarding all this shit and cybernetics is definitely key to understanding what’s going on. cybernetics is the opposite of Armageddon. This is so crucial to understand. What does this mean? It means that status quo steady as she goes is the end of the world paradoxically. Armageddon would be liberation from the matrix but the matrix is now making the decisions in our posthuman “postpolitical” environment. We are in a “post-information” age because we are no longer producing nor processing the vast majority of information generated, the networked nothing is. The network was programmed to survive and in order to survive society must continue on the business as usual path. Societal breakdown on a radical scale is the loss of currency value and this introduces the threat of systemwide shutdown via large rolling or indefinite grid-wide blackouts. Skynet needs electricity. Energy.

It’s funny. I ragequit this sub a couple times because it seemed like no one knew wtf was going on and it was just like 4 of us having the same convo over and over again forever sprinkled with occasional “what is the spectacle?” Lurker threads. Seems like this place is finally coming into its own.Hermeneutics is the notion there is something more “inside” the letter or word beyond the prima facia.

However a culture must transition into literacy before Hermeneutics can truly exist.

Essentially (pun intended) we are talking about vitalism when we talk about hermeneutics. What is the “hidden” message?

Hermeneutics is axiomatic on symbolism.

Whereas a sign merely points at something else, a symbol carries it.

A symbol is chthonic, telluric, hollow- like a grail.

Hermes is the threshold messenger. God of thiefs.

Why thiefs? Becuase he can both hide what is not his in something else or extract what is yours, unseen.

God of merchants. Why?

Because money is a powerful conversion mechanism. It makes fungible anything into conceptual value. Value here is really equivocation. It mediates all things essentially to number therefore it is an ensouling process according to Platonism. Hermes as the god of the merchant sees “what’s really inside the object” the soul number, the “true” value.

Hermes as messenger. this one is more obvious. He communicates between the hypercosmic and encosmic realm. Mercury along with Venus and mars is a “lesser” or minor planet therefore it is in “our” realm but midway roughly to the heavenly sphere, the empyrean and the undying stars. “as above so below” Hermes is the mesocosm between micro and macro. Hermes as the god of travelers.

Hermes in this role represents movement or more esoterically process. Hermes is always in motion basically. All objects are in reality in some form of decomposition or fruition and completion. Ripening and decaying. Therefore this aspect points at the becomingness of all things.

Hermes is often portrayed as being dual gendered. In this regard Hermes is most equipped to fully embody the body and the mind/spirit. In this ur-sexual role Hermes is the comprescence of embodied opposites. Myth and philosophy. Science and magic.

“Fortune corrupts but misfortune perfects”. This is the mantra of Hermes.Sound encompasses you and come from behind you or out of sight. You are always in the “middle” of sound in a social environment or otherwise. A visual based culture which is the result of literacy (think Euclidean/Roman) then you are always at the edge of reception. You have to be present and focused in the direction of the target for it to be real but oral/sound pulls you in, makes you turn your head. Oral culture is also mnemonic moreso in the haptic and somatic sense that is the Memory and it’s re-membering/experience is primarily an emotional and body based experience. Roughly oral culture equals myth and literate culture equals philosophy. Myth roughly equals body and philosophy roughly equals head.The glowing one in your hand. The pile of inert matter shot through with receptivity and low-grade sentience.The title alone of your entry is precisely why history is ending and the technology assisted collapse of the various Cartesian vectors into “time-space” is why we are going backwards in history to an animist/mythical epoch. He mentions guy debord, his experience as a high school bully and Michael Aquinos mind war. The guy is obviously lifting all his material from me and the elect of SOTS. No surprise there I guess.everyone wave to the camera!